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Narsha ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ MV released in full!

The full MV to Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s solo debut ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ has been revealed on 8th July!

Now that you’ve listened to the full song and seen the MV, love it or not?


19 Responses

  1. it is definitely NOT lady gaga. lady gaga would have UFOs and mad stuff like that this is very eerie and yes reminiscent of tim burton. i like it! i did’nt realyl like the song when it was released but it’s growing on me thanks to the music video.

  2. Lady GaGa? No, more like, Tim Burton-ish.

  3. It has a creepy carnival feel to it, its interesting and different then whats currently on the kpop scene.

  4. okay i hated the song yesterday but its stuck in my head right now.

    its funny how an mv can change everything. i still get the lady gaga vibe of course, but who cares.

    i still dont think the song is all that great, its jst very catchy.

  5. more of a tim burton style than lady gaga..

  6. creepy and artistic.

  7. nice MV.

  8. Awesome mv!

  9. it DOES NOT look like lady gaga

    its like that one cartoon horror movie style.

    i like it

  10. She would do and be more appreciated in the japanesse market. Her video reminde me a bit japanesse concepts. Koreans are wayyyy into pop shit to like her song.

  11. im really tiring with people like this, always compare something like high fashion or fierce concept, electro music with lady GAGA.

    • YES! People need to stop that! Lady GaGa DIDNT invent that stuff, she’s just the person that less informed people can compare to & they’re wrong.

  12. Seems like everybody is doing Gaga.

  13. Narsha unnie looks like a horny girl 😦

  14. The MV is awesome!!!

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