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Netizens on Davichi HaeRi’s recent features, “She looks prettier and more feminine”

Davichi member HaeRi’s recent photos revealed garner great interests from netizens.

The recent photos of vocal powerhouse HaeRi attracted the attention from many netizens who commented that she has grown prettier and more feminine.

More photos under the cut.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “Cute”
  • “I really like HaeRi”
  • “This person, she really can sing”
  • “It seems like guys like Kang MinKyung while girls will like Haeri”
  • “It is important to have personal management. I remember the days when Davichi just debuted, and they have changed so much now”

My favourite Davichi song

10 Responses

  1. on the first pic she looks like SNSD’s tiffany..or is it just me?! O_O
    but she’s really really pretty! and her voice is wow! ^^

  2. haeri has always been skinny. and she looked even more feminine during wonder woman promotions. the bangs really make her seem older.

  3. 🙂

  4. she looks a mixture of sunmi and sunny. But she is really gorgeous now. She was pretty before, but she is perfect now. I love her!!

  5. wow she looks so pretty! she was cute before but now shes pretty. don’t lose too much weight!

    i love her voice too.

  6. ooo she lost weight and got so much prettier!! (not that she wasn’t pretty before)

  7. She is looking a little different., more like her band mate MinKyung.

  8. when they first debuted and for a while (until their most recent comeback), i thought she kind of looked like an ajumma…but no longer. if i met her in rl she’d def be in “that” list 😉

    on another note, i’ve always loved her voice. powerful & refreshing

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