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Onew’s word of warning to Jung YongHwa, “Don’t hurt SeoHyun’s heart”

SHINee Onew gives a word of warning to C.N Blue Jung YongHwa.

Recently on KBS late night variety show ‘Night Star’, C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and Lee JungShin were guest appearances. And it was revealed that Jung YongHwa and Onew are close friends of the same age.

Onew is also close friends to SeoHyun, make-believe wife of Jung YongHwa on MBC We Got Married. On the show that day, Onew said, “Don’t you dare hurt SeoHyun’s heart.”

Gil then said to Onew, “It seems like a scene where friends fight over girls at drinking places,” causing laughter during the filming.

The show is set to air on 11th July at 11.15pm.

S: TVDaily

18 Responses

  1. […] Onew’s word of warning to Jung YongHwa, “Don’t hurt SeoHyun’s heart” […]

  2. Haha. onew you are so cute and sweet !
    awwwwwww ~ sarang hae onew. cant wait for your comeback ! 😛

  3. dont worry Onew oppa.. he wont 😉

    SweetPotato couple jjang!

  4. Lol.
    That’s cute.
    Sweet Potato are my favorite couple on WGM.

  5. dont worry onew. i know u worry about ur sister. but yonghwa will never hurt seobaby. SM family love! hope cnblue n all SM family get along well. aaawww fans dont be too jealouus.

  6. Don’t think that I’m jealous or something but idols are free to talk everything about their love feeling these days? Yes, you may say ‘they are human, too”. But they chose to be a celebrity that means they belong to the audiences. LMAO I don’t believe there are so many girls out there do everything for them and then they hear their idols say love to another girl. I think this stuff should stop please be old-time idols who never even think about girlfriend

    • Wtf???
      Yonghwa and Seohyun are NOT really dating, it’s just for WGM,you know?

    • so u want ur idol to die alone? that audience can chuck them away at anytime. doesnt take much to change someones views does it? they should date. fans like u are pathetic.

  7. just imagine yong hwa being intimidate by snsd sister in law, shinee brother in law, and super junior ‘big’ brother in law…^_^

  8. LOL Poor Yong~~
    As if the intimidating SNSD sister in-laws are not enough of a challenge. Now he has to face the brother in-law.
    Onew is just one of the 20 something brother in-laws in SM TOWN! LOL

  9. Love you very much my onew.^^

  10. BIG WORDS from a little SHRIMP Onew!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  11. Onew said, “Don’t you dare hurt SeoHyun’s heart.”
    awwww SHINee & SNSD <3333

  12. and I thought only Minho and Seohyun are really close. I didnt know onew was a close friend too.

  13. haha i thought they are fighting over seohyun;pp

  14. They’re just playing around

  15. thts cute<3

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