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T-ara’s agency denies speculations of group crisis following JiYeon and HyoMin’s tweets

T-ara’s agency clarifies on recent tweets by T-ara members which had sounded like they are trouble, “The members are just complaining, rumours of crisis for the group are groundless.”

T-ara’s representatives reveals on 8th July, “Twitter is like a media for the girls to post messages to friends like your mobile phone text messages. It seems there has been some misunderstanding with the tweets the members posted without second thoughts after their busy schedules. We checked with JiYeon on the tweet she posted and what she had meant, she had meant for the tweet to be just complains after a tiring day of schedules. Even JiYeon herself finds it ridiculous that her tweets were seen as signs of crisis for the group.”

JiYeon wrote on her Twitter page on 7th July, “It’s like I’m just running straight. Please stop now.” Another member HyoMin also tweeted, “Why is it so hard to survive, did I make such a big mistake. I don’t have the energy to live enthusiastically.”

Seeing the tweets, many netizens raised speculations on ‘T-ara group crisis’. But T-ara’s representatives have denied the rumours, “There is no problems in the group. Please do not take the words of these young members too seriously.”


10 Responses

  1. […] agency also spoke up about members HyoMin and JiYeon’s recent troubled-sounding tweets, “The members are just complaining from their busy schedule. Rumours of T-ara’s group […]

  2. JiYeon eye’s…..

  3. i seriously hope they’re okay and the management isn’t covering up bigger issues. they’re both young and overworked. haven’t even debuted a year ago and yet they’re already running around like crazy. song promotions one after another, dramas, movies, cfs, variety shows….it’s nonstop. give them some rest!

  4. we all know how the korean industry works by now haha

  5. too much work??? T-ara have been receiving a lots of love this year, so maybe the company are keeping them in track with the hype. but i hope both of them are ok! πŸ˜€

  6. I hope they’re really ok and just venting out their frustrations for a moment.

    But honestly, I’ve seen my friends post such gloomy messages before, and I feel that way too. Sometimes, life is just stressful so we just need to get it off our chest and move on.

  7. exagerrated. lebay. hibol.

  8. Full of lies and bs

  9. β€œThere is no problems in the group. Please do not take the words of these young members too seriously.”

    LOL @ semi-panic-stricken cover-up response.

    if there weren’t any problems in the group, why would two members be tweeting “FML”? It may not mean they are disbanding, but I’m sure the T-ara members are enduring some sort of BS, and i’d be willing to bet their company has something to do with it.

  10. I just hope they are okay and not overworked!

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