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TaeYang, “I had a blind date with Yuri, and we are getting along well now”

Big Bang TaeYang’s surprising statement, “Through friend’s recommendation, I had blind date with So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri last winter. Even now, we still keep in touch.”

Even though there are many stars who confessed on which other stars they meet up with, this will be the first time a popular idol confesses that he had met another idol through a blind date.

This was revealed during TaeYang’s appearance on SBS Strong Heart filming on 8th July. TaeYang said on the show, “I have not been in a relationship even until now. But for this year, I really want to meet a girl whom I really like and have my first relationship.”

Member SeungRi who was also present said, “We want to help TaeYang get a girl too. But without telling anyone of us, he actually went to So Nyeo Shi Dae’s concert alone.”

Taking SeungRi’s hint, MC Kang Ho Dong asked, “SeungRi’s really a good friend of ‘Strong Heart’. Thank you.” and to TaeYang, “Why did you go to SNSD concert alone? Did you receive anyone’s invitation?”

Flustered, TaeYang said, “For the 1 year I worked on the album, my mind was only on work and I didn’t go out much. Seeing that, a friend came forward and told me ‘I will introduce someone, go meet her. She has a good personality. It would be good if you can get along well.’. And the person turned out to be SNSD Yuri.” which had the other star appearances on the show shocked.

TaeYang added, “I was invited to SNSD’s concert by Yuri. After that we kept in touch and got along well. And this year, SeungRi became schoolmates with Yuri at JoongAng University and he got to know about me and Yuri.”

Hong KyungMin then chipped in, “Talks like these are talks we would not have dreamed to do on shows during our times.”

TaeYang also said on the show that day, “If I my relationship with Yuri is very deep, I don’t think I will confess like this today. We talk a lot about music on the phone these days. I look at us as close colleagues.”

And SeungRi then gave a hilarious comment, “It always starts with friends right.”

The show is set to air on 20th July.

S: DailySports

108 Responses

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  3. […] K Bites var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; a2a_config.linkname="Taeyang and Yuri went on a Blind Date"; […]

  4. ohmy!!! right now, im admiring taeyang for telling that.
    i think taeyang suits all kinds of girls, esp. yuri. i think they’re great together.
    and i agree to seungri, it all starts in being friends.

    i hope they end up together. i just wanna see kpop artists having a social and love life. πŸ™‚

  5. LOL SEUNGRI!! Way to dish out those secrets!

    I think Taeyang must have gotten really flustered to have revealed this much. I hope that Yuri isn’t going to get too mad at him for it and that they will stay good friends (or maybe more, kekekekek). I mean, it’s like Taeyang just set a crowd of rabid fangirls on her…

    • “Taeyang just set a crowd of rabid fangirls on her…”

      Not really. Most of Taeyang’s fans are in their mid 20s and very quiet as well, so I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem with him dating.
      They are very supportive of Kim Ji Hye (his dance partner) though she touches him more than any other woman in the whole world. xD
      So really. There is no need to fear for Yuri.

  6. Poor Yoobin, good for Yuri and Taeyang.

  7. i can say No to this relationship.. if Taeyang likes her, I can’t say anything…

    But…since they are not officially dating after the blind date, then… I have nothing to worry about.. πŸ˜€

    By analyzing the partner trend in YG Fam… I have no doubt that TY would find a celebrity partner who would probably be from other agencies..

    But.. I want him to find someone he could be comfortable with.. I don’t see a playful Taeyang anymore.. like the time before they debut..

    I don’t have problem with someone who work hard.. but sometimes, we need a fun time to balance up the pressure in life..

    All good luck to Taeyang.. I hope you’ll find your ideal girl who you would treasure all your life…

    • what? he’s been so playful and happy lately. If Yuri is bring that out in him then I’m happy. To be honest though I kind of wanted him to be with his amazing dancer. Such chemistry. oh well.

      • Did I miss that? Sorry…

        I too like him to be with his routine partner.. but everything is decided by Taeyang.. we could guess and daydreaming about it.. but everything on Taeyang..

        Well, I guess.. if he’s happy, then I should be happy too, right?

      • I don’t know why.. but it would be nice if Taeyang and his wife dance on stage someday.. πŸ˜€

  8. wow wow Taeyang and Yuri together??? that’s awesome !!!
    I love both of them. such a cute and hot couple.

    TaeRi jjang <33333~!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL Who’s with me?

    • I am!

      I saw a lot of people saying their managements wouldn’t approve, but Taeyang has said before that President YG is okay with him dating since he needs the experience to be able to compose and sing anyways, so all they would actually need to become official is SM’s seal of approval. xD

      I doubt anyone would hate on them. I mean, Taeyang is known for being pure and shy and Yuri is awesome like that.
      Plus they would make a hot couple. <33

  10. no kwon yuri!! not youngbae!!! i want you with eunhyuk! Although youngbae is cute too and charming…

  11. we forgot Kim Taewoo. Awwwwwwww! poor him. he have to be sad. Lonely bear

  12. we forgot Kim Taewoo. Awwwwwwww! poor him. he had be sad. Lonely bear.

  13. I’m all for idols having their own lives but somehow… I don’t really see the 2 of them together? As in, they’re each really attractive in their own way, but they’re not 2 individuals that I’d pair up in my mind, you know?

  14. I like him with IU. She’s such a dear.

  15. wow, the comments in here are actually REALLY good!

    when i read the title, i was like “GET IT TAEYANG!” proud of him. Yuri is probably one of my fav SNSD members, and she’s so down to earth. i’m glad he’s making a friend in her πŸ˜€ its adorable.

    there needs to be more soshibang. srsly, big bang with anyone is good. Wonder Girls, 2NE1 the whole DBSK thing.. everyone is tired of 2PM and SNSD, but i think Soshibang would be.. kind of refreshing, seeing as they seem so different. just my opinion anyway..

  16. LOLOLOLOL, i can imagine the numerous idol fangirls’ hearts breaking.. Yoobin…IU… who else? Haha.

    Hmm Taeyang’s most prolly the guy who we VIPz have been all waiting for to get a girl quick. Heh, go Bae Bae!

  17. I would be so happy if they both started dating for real.
    And if they married, they could be the next Sean/Hye Young couple. xD

    They’re both hot and nice people.

    Who else wants to see them dancing together?
    I hope Taeyang invites Yuri to his next solo concert.
    Omg. I need not to get ahead of myself. xD

  18. LOL I love his confessions. Well, who knows if Taeyang also a SONE besides he came to the concert because of Yuri’s invitation =D
    I hope they’re going well.

  19. hm.. i seem publicity stunt. wasn’t news just out that taeyang’s new album ‘solar’ sinked the ship, guess he’s hoping on the ‘sosi related’ ship, anything linked to the girls are guaranteed to make news splash. smart scheme yg. wouldn’t be surprised that these 2 lovebirds get together, they do match both buff and great dancers. just hoping this ain’t no publicity stunt

    • no is not he really went to SNSD concert they talk about this on HaHA Mong show here the video

    • Don’t think negatively.
      FYI, Taeyang’s album doesn’t flop.
      it’s just released like 2 weeks ago?? How can it be considered a flop?

      He didn’t even reveal it him self.
      Baby Ri did… I don’t blame him. Seungri did the right thing for spilling it up.
      Everyone knows that Taeyang went to SNSD’s concert anyway.
      I’m not so surprised if they’re connected. SNSD members are friends with Sean who is close with Taeyang.

    • how can his album be a flop when he sold 30,000 album already and his number one on Hanteo right now beating Super Junior here the link http://www.hanteo.com/default.asp

      Taeyang , Super Junior, SNSD so far sold the most album this year his album is not a flop.

    • oh please. that was a stupid article. if solar was a sinking ship, how could he have sold 30,000 copies of the more expensive version of his album in less than a day? yesterday he won m!countdown, and his album is topping US and canada’s itunes r&b chart. this sudden revelation is not a publicity stunt.

      a publicity stunt is making up or exaggerating something that isn’t necessarily true. but taeyang really did go to soshi’s concert and that was quite a while ago. sorry, i love the soshi girls, but taeyang nor any YG artists don’t need to ride on soshi’s popularity to sell album copies and his music. his talent alone does that pretty well.

    • It’s not a publicity stunt eventhough I feel like it’s kinda is like marketing strategy to spill this as it kinda match with the “I need a Girl” theme thing….but still, he really did went to SNSD’s concert. Sean is friends with SNSD, so I’m sure there are many ways TY and SNSD are connected….GD is close with DBSK too, so that is a connection also.

      And um…his album is not a flop…It’s still No. 1 on Hanteo chart, what are u talkinga bout?! Not only that, it’s topping Itunes chart!

    • only one thing need be said:

      it is not a publicity stunt.

    • so, have u buy Taeyang’s ‘sinking album’ after u heard this ‘sosi related’ ship news? u should! support soshi by supporting taeyang!! lol!!

  20. Heh..Taeyang and Yuri , who would`ve guess???
    Being a sone myself, I never thought SNsd had gone on any blind date…THis must means something…Sooyoung had admitted she went for a blind date once, i Wonder who else in SNSd went on blind date too..
    Wait, this could mean perhaps some of them is dating??
    LOL, too much assumptions..
    Hope SNSD girls happy with their life!!

    • I’m pretty sure all the idols are secretly dating, SNSD is no exception. They’re young and pretty, why wouldn’t they ?

  21. Shocked by the YG-SM connection??
    Sean is prob the mutual friend or that choreographer who gave yoona’s number to HyeSun…. hahaha.

    YG people are friends with SMers…
    the christian group with Sean’s family, Siwon, Sooyoung, Tiffany, hyoyeon, Yoona, minji…
    Goohyesun-Yoona connection.
    Seungri-Yuri as univ friends.
    Now taeyang n yuri…
    Plus BB n SNSD are under Universal Japan now… different record but under one big label…XD

    So the rumor i heard about Taeyang in SNSD concert was true all along. it was like a bolt from the blue. But I love Taeyang. Mr. Nice Guy!!!

    For now i think they’re not in a relationship… But it will slowly grow and who knows what the future holds.
    Yuri has the opposite of Taeyang’s quiet personality. She’s more active n I think she’s perfect for him. She’s also caring n funny. plus like lyrics in INAG… A girl who’s pretty in jeans more than skirt. That’s so Yuri… In SNSD there r 2 members who almost never wear skirts… Sooyoung n yuri…lol

    Honestly Taeyang n yuri are prob members whose fans r not overly protective. ^^
    Unlike GD’s, TOP’s, Seungri’s, Taeyeon’s, Yoona’s, tiffany’s, jessica’s… LOL Those with the biggest fanbases.
    So all the best to them!

  22. whoa who ever knew

  23. shocking lol…i cant really imagine them together…never in my mind id think yuri would go for someone like taeyang…

    taeyang is nice guy though they would make a cute couple…

    these idols their secret dates kekekek…

    i dont think seungri was the one that set them up? could be someone else? a mutual fren? hmm wonder who

  24. omggg yesssssss!!
    i really hope they date in da future!!! <33

  25. OMFG! totally shocking! O.O

    I really like Yuri and Taeyang, they are so cute, funny and hot.

    Yuri + Taeyang <33333

  26. they both have sexy dark skin and are good dancers are part of korea biggest idol groups and seem to be good relaxed people if they were an item i dont think their would be any reason to be against it if they arent one well i guess thats good 2 as long as they are happy i hope antis do not go after them for this

  27. hehe yuri and taeyang!! so compatible!!

  28. awww poor my yoobin hehe
    But this caught me by such a huge surprise.
    never would even imagine it.
    really shows that we dont really know that much of what happens behind close doors. haha wonder who else are close to each other and dated before or dating now???

    • poor yubin ):

      its okay! yubin is great friends with taeyeon which means she’ll hit it off with the rest of snsd as well. all goood

  29. Ahaha even though I don’t like snsd; especially Yuri, I really want Taeyang to have a gf. Yuri seems like a nice, cool girl when she’s not trying so hard to be all sexy.

  30. Well thats a shocker….no offense but isnt there a height difference? lol.

    • yeah, I’m pretty sure Yuri is much taller than Taeyang. Could be awkward.

    • they’re the same height

      • i see, but even so, its always better to have girls that are a bit shorter than the the boys Lol. or wthe way yu can tell the height difference.

      • katie holmes is taller than tom cruise

      • actually Tom cruise’s wives are always taller than him. Look at Nicole Kidman..@_@

      • haha I didnt know that XD Im such a big fan of Tom Cruise and i didnt even notice. Lol.

      • how can’t you not know that if you’re fan =_=

        anywayz, what you said is really stupid and stereotyped.
        i hope that ppl will start to be more open minded about relationships.
        if there’s love, then height or age doesn’t matter.

    • Well, my mom is waaaay taller than my dad and they’ve been happily married for 29 years.

      Height is the least of your worries when you are in love.

  31. aww I wanted IU and Tae Yang >_____<

    • Isn’t she a little young for him ?

    • I wanted IU and Taeyang too!

      Oh well, I’d have never have thought of Taeyang and Yuri together, ever. Sneaky aren’t they?

  32. im actually surprised by this confession. when it comes to yg performers, they tend to keep stuff on the dl.

    im glad yb is interacting with other celebs! take him out of his “introvert” like self and enjoy the glamorous life and who better to befriend than yuri!!! that girl seems to always smile and brings out the joy in others too

  33. i’d ship them.

  34. im still surprised abt taeyang’s blind date with Yuri.
    This couple is HOT as hell πŸ˜€

  35. lkjflaskflkasjf
    so jealous.

  36. Go re-watch his Just a Feeling perf on Music Core last week. He keeps looking over at Yuri. Seems like everything is making sense. Haha mong show, why he went to a SNSD concert, and also why he’s all so hyper all of a sudden. Kpop world just got a lot more interesting.

  37. OMFG I’m still surprised abt taeyang’s blind date with Yuri…that hit me pretty hard xD

  38. Yuri & Taeyang are a hot couple <3333

  39. OMG!!! after reading the article it get me a bit excited…awww.. this was just makes me happy for him.
    Yb is just so brave confessing this…I Just trulY hope YB will have a GF this year its either Yuri or other girls he likes. I will be happy for him.
    So YB get on your knees and throw away that shyness and Pursue that girl u like……Yuri.
    I love IU too.

  40. I love seungri in variety shows
    he’s always hilarious
    not a huge big bang fan
    but I always liked taeyang and seungri

  41. wow.. I think they’re the perfect match! =D
    They’re both hot &their personality can complete each other. keke~ OMG this is so good to be true! I wish they will date for real though..

  42. Seungri! Its all your fault! Lol!

  43. O.M.G. wow :O

  44. I’m huge VIP and I’m so happy for Taeyang oppa.
    Taeyang and Yuri Fighting !!!!
    (K.O blackjacks)

    • last line is unnecessary..

    • K.O Blackjacks? BlackJacks Fault that they just FRIENDS?! Dont put us here…. This one is about Yuri and Tae oK!……. Im happy reading to all the comments but you, only you mention BJ!

      But anyway YURI is my fav in the group…..

    • To rosi….And remember that VIP and BJs are supporting each other…. YG Family ok!

  45. thats cute~ but i wont ship it! because the only girl for taeyang is ME! ahahha! just kidding~

  46. Hmmmm…..

  47. That is cute

  48. haha…seungri always clever..
    i like yuri, but i don’t think they’re suitable each other *no offense*

  49. lmao @ how random this is.

    but awww @ everything else XD They’d be cute together.

  50. sooo jealous, even if they are just friends!

  51. get it taeyang

    yuri has a nice personality and sexy

    suitable for shy taeyang

  52. hahha Taeyang is a SONE but omg thats hella cute how he went to their concert alone hahahah

  53. OMG

  54. noooooo!~ haha, i can never imagine youngbae with a gf for some reason, or is it just my jealousy thats flaring? lmao at seungri’s comment

  55. How lucky Yuri is and Seungri is really a good friend πŸ˜€

  56. Ohhh! My poor IU’s heart. >.<

    lol. Well… He's gotta start somewhere with his dating life. xD

    • lol

      your comment is a win.

      bless IU’s heart ): but im sure they talk too! secretively, and you can take that to the bank!

    • Yeah, I think IU & Bae would make an insanely cute couple πŸ˜€ But only time will tell~

  57. it’s seungri fault

    • LOL

    • LOL

    • Most people say It could have been Seungri but honestly, there’s a lot of connections. Jaeson Ma, Sean, his wife, hit the same church.. shoot as old days the pastor or even Wally the Mnet dude. But I’m banking on Sean’s kids setting this up tired of seeing their 22 y/o brother lonely.

  58. That surprised me, hahaha! It’s cute. πŸ˜€

  59. Omona!!!

  60. thats adorable

  61. OHMYLAWD!!!
    Love it They Look cute together but there colleagues now so awww
    i think they make a HOT couple lol
    they would make some Gorgeous Babies

  62. Wow, i didn’t ever guessed
    but they’ll make a hot couple even they’re just friend

    • you remember in the first ep of HAHAMONG where Sooyoung said Taeyang went to their concert.

      I bet she didn’t know Yuri invited him there LOL.

  63. Aw! This is so adorable πŸ˜€ But I can’t really imagine them two being together. But OMO, THIS IS SUCH WONDERFUL NEWS ❀ *JEALOUS* X)

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