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3rd concept photo to SHINee’s comeback 2nd album featuring Onew revealed

After members MinHo and TaeMin, the 3rd concept photo to SHINee’s 2nd album comeback featuring Onew has been released on 10th July.

The photo was released through SM Entertainment, and Onew was featured for a tough and sharp image in it.

More concept photos are set to be revealed before the boys’ comeback. The date for comeback, originally set for 16th July, is yet to be confirmed as MinHo is nursing his calf injuries from a recent filming.


The earlier revealed concept photos


87 Responses

  1. ermmmm what’s with onew’s style?
    the hairband is a no-no and is that a middle parting i see?
    where’s my cute dubu? 😦

  2. why is it that I feel amongst SMe, the senior like Super Junior and SNSD gets the more normal concepts, and the juniors like f(x) and SHInee gets the weirder concepts? Hmm.. Honestly amongst SMe current idol groups, Super Junior has the most un-weird concept :p
    Can’t wait to see it though! 😀 but SMe should really fire SHINee and probably f(x)’s stylist.. It’s well umm..wow, can’t even describe it x_x
    Welllllll.. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for the best? :p

  3. This is what I heard, SHINee’s concept is based on the
    chinese elements.

    water – Minho (explains the blueness of his pic)

    earth – Taemin (that explains the green on his face lol)

    metal – Onew (explains why he looks a little 80’s rock)

    wood – Jonghyun (pic has been released already and you can tell he is wood, due to the wooden frames)

    fire – Key (obviously since it’s the only one left)

  4. what is the concept!!
    I just they don’t get humiliated by this new concept.. Onew looks like a motorcycle gang banger and Minho is like a Indian chief.. Taemin I don’t even know, but I HOPE please don’t make jonghyun into a I don’t even know! Don’t take away they cuteness please!

  5. Oh my… the stylists must have been on drugs! x/D

    Poor SHINee Boys… I’m sure they would have chosen another concept, if they would have had a choise….

    However, I still love them! SHINee stays SHINee no matter how the look like~

  6. I think Onew looks hot. Judging from the comments, it seems like I’m the only one who does. Oh well lol.

  7. Hey, now that i look at all photos with the elements concept in mind, it actually makes sense! still confused but somewhat hopeful. I mean, they can’t possibly mess up Key and Jonghyun, right??? lol about the avatar deal, what if they shave his head? that’s not gonna happen, right?? So scared, but i’ll still like them-they’re SHINEE, that’s why 🙂

  8. The first picture revealed was pretty cool but the second was odd and the third isn’t the best in terms of photo quality. Lighting looks odd. Unprofessional.

  9. omg its like 2010 remake of the Village People!! lol
    shinee always have the weirdest fashion and concept.
    man cant even imagine what key will look like.
    he always has the craziest one out of all of them lol

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by fa660m, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: 3rd concept photo to SHINee’s comeback 2nd album featuring Onew revealed http://bit.ly/cJV0Vr […]

  11. de concept looks kinda weird 2 mi..i dig jonghyun’s hair in ring ding dong..i hope he wil haf a nice hairstyle 4 their comeback stage..plus,de concept might look foreign,but i dun care coz im positive dat de song wil so b rockin my world like hw ring ding dong did.. =p

  12. what will Key look??
    he always the craziest so anticipating

  13. I kinda saw the direction they were going with Taemin and Minho, but Onew… he just looks like their gay STYLIST or something. I hope Jonghyun and Key look better.

  14. I really, really, really hope that SM fires Shinee’s stylist.

  15. At least this one’s a bit normal. the previous ones were, uh, weird. I’m w8ng for key’s. He always surprises me though taemin’s my fave

  16. Sorry but I really laughed out loud when I saw this.
    At least it’s better than minho’s one (no offense!!)
    But give it a break. Ss501 photos are weird too but they can pull out the concept really well!!
    Let’s see what they have in store for us!!

  17. I have no idea why every time i saw onew i just laught..and this is the klimaks..but i don’t know why i’m so in love with shinee..SHINee OPPA SARANGHAE..

  18. he looks like he took it himself! come on SM you could do better!

    • Yea SM could do better. But still, am looking forward for their new release album. It will be MUCH better, i believe 🙂 .

  19. Special,artistic,taemin’s hair style is nice. A good change for SHINee

  20. LSM is out of his mind…

  21. Lol the headband gossshh…

    still trying to figure out the concept… We got someone from the gayparade, a girl and someone from the 80s? Ummmmm

    WTF & ROFL

  22. Off to listen to HOT’s Candy. The picture just made me feel like listening to it.

  23. People, you seriously need to stop bitching about the pictures!! -.-“

    • well you cant blame us for bitching about it cuz i bet half of the people that is commenting here disliek the concepet/picture already.. an so we are just sharing our opinions about it …. dont get all butthurt just becasue we are bashing on your SHINee’s picture.. cuz seriously no offence but they look really gay/weird…

      • if U call bitch people who think normally..
        what a hell are U?
        normal people think that is sooooo gay/weird
        so, probably U need to chek ur brain~

      • what’s the problem with looking/being gay?
        seriously haters to the left plz

      • @YGBB2NE1

        well, no offence, but honestly Gdragon look REALLY gay too.

      • @shawol5 SO? we are talkign about SHINee here….. O.O why are you mentioning GD is here? …… lolz

  24. Onew looks like he’s ready to go “What a feeling! Bein’s believin’! I can have it all, now I’m dancing for my life~!”

  25. they said the concept is a bad guy..
    they have elements~~~

    Minho – water
    taemin – earth
    onew – air
    Key – Fire
    Jonghyun – the avatar.

    • they don’t look like bad guys to me if i base them on there pic.

    • i loled at Jonghyun… ahaha

    • if jonghyun teaser look like avatar i think SM lost it or they just like playing with this boys they always give them weird concept.


    • XD I literally rolled on the floor at Jonghyun. xDDDDD
      Bad guy? 0.0

    • IS THIS TRUE? :O lol jonghyun = avatar. oh man, i love this concept so hard. it’s so different! SHINee Hwaiting!

    • EEK avatar??? for jonghyun? Oh, I’m scared now……what to do? I mean what if they shave his hair off??? I would still love him, though. Good luck jonghyun!! scared for you T_T.

      • what AVATAR? grr sm is just a fucking idiot…. i’m so not liking the concpet already…. i’m just waiting for the songs to come out… SHINee deserve better stuff than this crappy concept…

    • “Minho – water
      taemin – earth
      onew – air
      Key – Fire
      Jonghyun – the avatar.”

      WTF !!!!! ROFL hahahaha
      deja las drugs

  26. I’m scared…..

  27. What’s the freaking concept! He looks like key and more normal than the other 2 photos xD.

  28. I hate the colouring of all the pictures. Look’s cheap. I remember FX had similar style pictures too. Also i can find no link between the pictures, they look like they’re in their own world.

  29. I’m scared what Key is going to look like……

  30. SM has ran out of ideas…they give good solid concept to seniors and experiment with weird stuff O_O with juniors like fx and shinee LOL

    is it just me or onew look like key there ?

  31. whatever it is, we will still continue supporting them right^^ Onew ftw! SHINee Hwaiting!

  32. he frickin’ looks like the karate kid! the original one.

    • i thought that too~ o_ó
      maybe karate kid production had a garage sale cheap and sm bought all xD
      but, that dons´nt explein minho´s gay festival costum o_ó

  33. SHINee will always change! They are a contemporary band xD
    But I won’t judge them just by their looks! I will wait for their new music!
    SHINee Fighting!!

    Shawol = Always Shawol no matter what!

  34. This looks like something out of a gay magazine.
    SM, what the fock are you up to?

  35. what did they do to Onew? such a downgrade from his awesome hair 😦 Boy was fine..Shinee stylists, I really think you’re going out of your mind these days..I loved how Shinee looked when they debuted..But everything went downhill from there…


  36. OH! Gosh, this is so weird

  37. lol are we back to the 90s lol but hey look at the bright side he is not wearing makeup and he doesn’t like a girl

  38. Is SM losing money or something, cause I swear their concept is heading in the direction of “Who can use recycled materials in the most creative way” LOLL…

    I liked those fruit loop pants on them better; inexpensive too since they can share with SNSD

  39. wtf! they look all gay here. I disagree that the article says “featured tough and sharp. sm is trying to say “something new” but the boys concept looking NOt impresive at all.

  40. what is this….
    onew reminds me of H.O.T hairstyle -__-!!!!!

  41. OMFG SHINee boys look more gay than ever.

  42. Kickin’ it
    Ooold skool yo ~ !

  43. haha WTF is SM doing to this boys.

  44. oh come on…. stick into the same concept for two times is better than trying a new weird one. whats wrong with sm stylist these days? after fx..now shinee

  45. Minho’s picture has something to do with Poseidon, Taemin kinda resembles a tree frog, Onew…. well, I dunno about him but it looks like he’s about to break out into song, Glee-style.

    I guess their concept has something to do with the elements? Whatever it is, I’m really anticipating. =]

    • Haha, I like your guess about it possibly being about the elements. So if that was the case, Minho’s probably ice and Taemin is earth. But then you get to Onew and I have no idea what element that could be. XD

    • i totally agree with the tree frog comment! i thought i was the only one!

    • ughhh Onew looks like some pathetic gay.
      can’t wait for key, he is really manly.

      • you are a stupid, idiot and you’re the only gay and i think you stink.Son of a bitch

  46. What in the world is their concept????
    I was kinda hoping for a more manly concept
    but this is a bit weird XD

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