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MBC Music Core 10.07.2010

Son DamBi performed ‘Can’t U See’ and ‘Queen’ for her comeback performance on Music Core today!

There will be other comeback performances by aritstes such as ZE:A, and debut performances by Teen Top and Girls Day!

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

Comeback Performances

Son DamBi with ‘Can’t U See’

Son DamBi with ‘Queen’

ZE:A performed ‘Level Up’

Debut Stages

Teen Top performed ‘Clap’

Girls Day with ‘Tilt My Head’

Normal Stages

TaeYang performed ‘I Need A Girl’

Miss A with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

Super Junior performed ‘No Other’

4Minute with ‘I My Me Mine’

Orange Caramel performed ‘Magic Girl’

Infinite performed ‘Come Back Again’

D-NA with ‘Stumble Stumble’

SISTAR with ‘Push Push’

Black Pearl performed ‘Go Go Ssing’


YuRi and Tiffany’s MC cuts

28 Responses

  1. Choreography of Can’t You See looks like it’s ripping from that one “So You Think You Can Dance” Bleeding Love routine…it was also a partner dance and the moves are pretty similar…

  2. Girl’s Day.

    I don’t even.

    No, just no.

  3. Teen Top’s debut is pretty good.
    I guess I’m one of the few people who like Son Dambi”s “Queen” song. I adore her dancing for “Can’t You See.”
    Awwww, no Narsha. Hopefully she’ll be on Inkigayo.
    Finally, my Suju babies<3333
    Heechul looks so happy, since it was his b-day and his happiness was radiating on stage<333
    Cute Leeteuk for shouting out "Heenim Happy birthday!" Which is funny, because he's older and is calling Heechul by an honorific.
    Cute nonetheless<333
    Poor Eunhyuk looks a little down, cheer up<3333

  4. Black Pearl is back! Hopefully it’s their year to shine!

  5. teen top.. i see glimpses of again and again 2pm in there.. it kinda gets me excited xD but what happens when they’re not teens anymore?

    tae yang ❀ sexy as usual.

    maybe it's the song, or the style.. i don't like miss A.. at least not yet. they can sing and dance, but they're not memorable… no stage presence.. i mean one of them has pink hair, they should stand out.

    hmm i gave son dam bi another chance.. it's not working =\ she's absolutely gorgeous, but i don't think i'll ever be a fan of her singing

  6. i love son dambi’s Can’t U See performance! absolutely adored it. i really like the idea having a partner when dancing. maybe it’ll be a new trend? its very dancing with the stars like.

    but as much as i loved Can’t U See, i hated Queen. I dont dislike Son Dambi at all, but i hated the song. whoever produced that song needs to retire. actually, now that ive listened to it some more, it isnt THAT bad. the beat is catchy but the lyrics are the worst ive ever heard.

    please dont tell me its brave brothers… if it was, i lost all respect for them. but i doubt it, brave makes some nice beats. but idk, the song sounds okay, but not for someone like dambi. it isnt showing off her talents at all and its just a song that sounds like its for someone of 14 years old to sing

  7. Dambi’s song should be called “Wake Up” or “Ah Til Le Side”~

  8. I like Son Dambi’s voice unlike Girls day. They sound like chipmunks and their company is retarded. They’re very talented but WHATS THIS! -.- Teen Top was Cool and cute xD.

  9. dambi,i like ur voices.i hope u wearing this skirt often so that i can easily see ur ass.what a hot girl yum
    dambi hwaiting

  10. wooah. i never recognized it .. but D-NA is hellaaa cuteee ! *.*

  11. I Don’t know why but i don’t like Miss A and their song

  12. Love 4minute outfit . I hope they will do well with IMMM . It’s good to see a cameran who is not focused on Hyuna. The girls are strong today ^^

  13. Teen top will make it big. They got strong voices, powerful dance and their pretty alrighty looking ^^

  14. I’m in love with Queen, such a catchy song and Son Dambi is just gorgeous.

    Miss A are still doing great with Bad girl, good girl. A class rookies indeed.

  15. Debuts and comebacks this week definitely weren’t as strong as last week.

    • did you watch actually Teen top’s debut stage? I guess not πŸ˜‰
      this is how a debut stage should be.
      simply awesome.

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