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Son DamBi ‘Queen’ MV accused of plagiarising American drama ‘Alice’

Coming back with her 3rd album, singer Son DamBi’s new MV get slammed with accusations of plagiarism.

A netizen have pointed out that there are some scenes in the MV which looks very similar to that of American drama ‘Alice’. The netizen also posted up photos for comparison between drama ‘Alice’ and Son Dambi’s MV ‘Queen’.

After seeing the photos, other netizens commented, “That’s not plagiarism but parody right? Because the scenes are exactly the same”, “The peak of plagiarism”, “Exactly the same. I didn’t know you can plagiarise a drama” etc.

It seems that at this peak time period of plagiarisms accusations, Son DamBi who just had her singer comeback, cannot run away from the topic too.

S: TVDaily

Here’s the MV:


65 Responses

  1. […] The MV ‘Queen’ first revealed on 8th July, was under criticisms of plagiarism by netizens after some scenes were said to look very similar to that of Ame…. […]

  2. […] The MV ‘Queen’ first revealed on 8th July, was under criticisms of plagiarism by netizens after some scenes were said to look very similar to that of Ame…. […]

  3. her come back is dissapointing…

    1. doesn’t sound as good as i expected.

    2. She have alittle issue with english Pronunciation

    3. She try to be Kesha (blah blah blah + TikTok)
    a. Used blah blah blah’s beat.
    b. try to copy Kesha’s singing style (example starts from 0:33)

    no disrespect but koreans need to create ur own style-_-

  4. it’s a HOMAGE to the “ALICE” movie because the video’s concept is similar to the “Alice in Wonderland” story. it’s SO OBVIOUS that it’s a HOMAGE. that means you are paying tribute to something by copying it ON PURPOSE. that’s ALLOWED.

    that’s NOT plagiarism.

    people do HOMAGEs all the time in music and in movies where they do a take-off on something in someone else’s work.

    • idiot they did not say it was a homage. besides they would had said something for the start.

    • usually homages are that and NOT plagiarism because the original work is credited somehow or another (as in, they tell you straight out, “based on —” or “adapted from —” etc etc). in this case, there was absolutely no credit or acknowledgment of the original work (“Alice”). this is plagiarism through and through. also, sometimes if really famous people/celebrities do homages, they notify the people holding the rights for the original work. I’m sure that Syfy had no idea that their work had been copied for this MV.

      i would get kicked out of college for this if i tried to turn it in for directing class or whatnot.

  5. not just the MV, the beat sounds eerily similar to kylie minogue’s love at first sight ><

  6. I think if u have Alice as your MV concept is okay as long as it is not a copy of the original scene unless u have the copyright of somesort. I pity artist nowadays finding the hard time looking for originality and uniqueness. I’m not a fan of dambi since i dont find her voice amazing but she is a great performer as she dances well.. Next we will listen to pledis excuse or reasons about this matter and we all judge again from there ;p

  7. Plagiarism aside, Son Dambi is overrated. She is an awful singer with no personality. I still don\’t understand why she is so popular. This song is awful but cause she\’s popular its still gonna be #1 on the charts which is a sad thing.

    • ^This.

    • well, i believe SDB is underrated. She’s a great singer (her voice is very stable) and is an amazing dancer. She also has great command of the stage. This song is great, catchy, nice melody which is easy on the ear. I hope it gets to no.1 too.

      Also i love how people make a big deal out of less than 20 seconds of similarities in an MV than 8 songs of an album being plagiarized (more people were alot more sympathetic to Hyori on that case). SDB has no control over what happen in the MV, heck even American artist hire people to make their MV’s for them. The blame for this should lie with SDB. If the song was plagiarized than that would be a whole other issue.

      • i was not sympathetic to lee hyori and sure as hell not sympathetic to these companies.that keep having their artists have a song that is plagiarism or a music video or some dance that is stolen.

        do not go around claiming you worked so damn hard when all you did was search on youtube for ideas to steal. these people need to stop stealing. it is not that hard to come up with something original.

        the only time i put most blame on companies is when the artists dont go around in interviews claiming they worked so hard. lee hyori claimed in interviews that she worked so hard on the album. therefore she gets some of the blame.

        what a lot of american artists do is actually look over on what they are going to be singing and promoting. since of course it is their rep on the line. they dont just be like ok whatever i will sing this and do this. they at least try to be involved in the production and everything else.

      • 20 seconds of similarity or exact is still considered plagiarism if you do not credit the original source and pass it off as your own. You can still get sued for 20 seconds worth of stuff.

        Plagiarism can be either when you take an idea or work from someone. Even one paragraph copied without credit from someone else is plagerism.

        The scenes are exactly the same as the Alice drama.

      • how the fuck is she underrated? she cant sing and dance to save her life at all… did you watch her comeback perf.????…. i thought it was pretty good but after i watched the MR version guess wat? she was only singing half of the song and she wasnt even dancing much… 3 word for you: SDB IS OVERRATED

  8. it’s an adaption of that mv…… everybody does that. most american music videos with a storyline are usually taken from movies. why are they making a big deal out of it???

    • um because they never said nowhere that they took the scenes from the show. only because people found out about it that now they have to come up with some lies.

    • It’s not an adaptation. They should have put credits at the end of the video if they did have permission to adapt the series into a MV.

      Plagiarism is not small or pointless. Copying is not a small deal. Would you want someone else getting credit for what you worked hard for saying that they made that and also worked hard for it when all they actually did was look at your work and, voila, next thing you know you are looking at your very own work? Ask yourself that simple question and you might understand why plagiarism is such an ugly issue.

  9. Ha, finally gave the MV a watch and yeah, the scene’s identical to the scene in Alice…

    I’m surprised people in Korea even know what Alice is, cause not many people have even heard or seen it unless they watch the Syfy channel… o_O

    • and the only way to watch that channel is through satellite? i only now see that channel because i have directtv

  10. I love DamBi, but not the song.
    I might get used to it later. It relies heavily on the catchy, repetitive, autotune lyrics/beats.
    And the high pitch/annoying pitch (sounded like Hyuna too) is so irritating!

    I couldn’t get past the song, let alone the MV!
    The only good thing (I see) so far is her look, I’m lovin’ the new look/concept.

  11. this is just ridiculous. there’s plagiarism issues every single day in the news. when will ppl learn? you’d think that with all of these cases, ppl will be more careful next time but no. they just keep on coming.

  12. Son Dam Bi really wants to be the next “Queen” of Plagiarism.
    Proclaiming yourself the Queen and do this. How dumb and the song is awful too, not to mention very similar to a few songs out there.

    • lol a smart way to blame on the singer. it’s the producer. and I bet you, Son Dam Bi doesn’t even know about Alice – like I do 🙂

      but seriously, kpop needs to be fully aware of this issue. I don’t blame on the singer. I would rather blame on the producer. but this issue should not continue stirring up the media. It’ll tarnish kpop as a whole.

      I hope the government take initiative to prevent this, because kpop is one of the biggest contributors to their economy.

    • i have nothing against Dambi but when i saw the title QUEEN…I was like..hmmm Queen ….Queen of what ? Even talents with great calibre has yet to my knowledge proclaim themselves or their album title etc..as “Queen”

  13. haha but u know what? she took 1 and a half year to preare that song

  14. Haha very funny hahah

  15. The one who thought about the concept of the mv is really stupid if he/she is thinking that the plagiarism will not be noticed. Everybody uses YouTube and a lot of foreigners like Korean entertainment so even if the concept may be really cool fir someone who doesn’t know or have never seen Alice there is still a way to catch the plagiarism. I’m tired of all this plagiarism In Korean entertainment. They should be more careful because It’s not like the first time it happened in Korean music an tere is always someone who catches the plagiarism and cause a lot of problems for everybody especially the idols because they are the ones that gets the criticisms
    someone would point it out bcoz

  16. dang, Pledis has been hit with a lot of plagiarism issues lately.. =/

  17. another one.

  18. Haiz, another autotune song.. I can understand why they copied Alice story now.. The song named Queen so that can be related to…
    Personally I think Son DamBi doesnt have a great voice, most of her songs are dance songs with autotune…

  19. not surprising. always some plagiarism some how some way when it comes to kpop.

  20. The whole issue is that as an artist they should be aware of everything that is being put out in their name. It is hard to believe that she didn’t see the video or know of the concept before its release.She may not have known the drama Alice ever existed so she really can’t be blamed for not knowing about the concept being copied. I follow a few korean singers and i know those talented singers write,produce,know every aspect of their music and videos. That’s why it’s confusing for me that some artists don’t know what is being put out in their name.In the end it should be about the song…forget the video,the fashion,the other fluff…nothing would matter if the song is good…that’s when talent counts. I wouldn’t worry…like Hyori did i am sure Dambi will get #1 at some music show..that’s just how it works..her management company is tops in promotion…the controversy just became another promotional tool for them!

    • Unfortunately, no every artist is a Michale Jackson…most rely on professionals (especially for MV) to do some of the work. In this case, we are talking about 20 seconds of a MV…not that entire concept…Alice in Wonderland is simply to broad/universal to think copying…

      An artist’s primary responsibility is the music, choreography, and maybe image. Beyond that, they should be able to trust professionals to be professionals…

      • Actually…i do have the same perceptions with Sqd on the need for true artistes to be anal about the production of their album to the MV etc. Honestly, I am glad that Korean netizens have been very particular to detect such plagiarism. Though it could be few sec or so. but that few sec. is the brainstorm of the originals hardwork.

        As for this case to be hitting Dambi now just after Hyori,
        it is a significant proof on how Kpop talents now are somehow in a rush to feed the ignorant ogling fans needs. If not for the great eyes of the netizens these plagirism will be considered genius ideas by their fans…aish.

        True artistes in Kpop now is very much hidden…sad ! and autotune artistes will be in major league. So regardless, I bet Dambi will get #1…Pledis will work it to no.1. Sad yet true…

  21. now i get why some ppl called her the next hyori….

  22. Not happy with Pledis on this…regardless of how this comes out or what happens…this is a unnecessary distraction.

    This is definitely not Dambi’s fault (Director (80-90%) and Pledis (10-20%).

  23. yeah Looks really similar….
    blame that to the Director…If they dont want to be accused of Plagriazed then better start thinking of something “original” coz in the end the Artist itself is the one’s suffering!!

  24. Well, this is bad. What were the MV directors thinking, i mean they could have easily left out those scenes and the MV would still be just as interesting. Anyways at least her album isn’t plagiarized. That IMO would be worst because in that case it would be the artist fault too and reflect badly on SDB.

    And before people mention Tic Tok, i don’t think this is plagiarized of Tic Tok. In fact Tic Tok sounds more like California girls than this song and i don’t see American netizens going ape shit. Thats because songs can sound similar to each other (since they’re following the same trend) but no be identical.

  25. Raymond why are you blaming hyori?she is not the one who directed the MV as well as she admitted that they did something qrong qith the copying the song eventhough she is not aware of that since her producer was the one who stole it or copy it..Yes we can say that somehow artist’s has their own faults for not being aware but seriously why blame hyori and why you want then to be after her?Maybe you are one of the netizens lol heheheh maybe son dambi’s song was a soundtrack of alice since she uses some of the clips. Or scenes from that drama nyahahahah joke..

  26. from the screencaps, it looks similar.

    excuse me, but what is Alice? i didnt even know americans had drama… lol their closest thing to drama i thought was the Office or Gossip Girl or something.

    about the issue, those particular netizens should give it a rest. if someone was paying them to nippick, yeah i understand but their jobs as consumers is to enjoy whatever theyre consuming, not trying to fault the product, whom they like (an idol).

    • Alice is actually a two part movie that showed a while back. (We americans do have dramas – we just don’t emphasize them at all.) Alice was a retelling of the story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (I watched it when it was showing)

      I hadn’t realized noticed the ‘plagiarism’ until someone pointed it out – as being someone who watched Alice I really don’t care. That’s just Dambi’s concept for her comeback, Alice in Wonderland.

    • LOL….your comment seems pointless at all. it ddnt get the main answer of this article.

  27. Why do K Pop Singers like to copy and steal original music or lyrics, etc. from original Western sources? Talk about a lack of originality and creativity, not to mention copyright infringement? Why has no one mentioned Lee HyoRi’s OUTRIGHT STEALING of the late great James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming’s book and film title CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG about a magical flying car? I think I shall also forward this to the Ian Fleming estate so they can go after HyoRi and teach her a lesson!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  28. Really I am tired of plagiarism issues 😦
    Where is the problem if there were similar scenes???
    This absurdity, so that the viewer is also similar silly
    After all, the video was strange to me

    • dude…. are u blind the pics aren’t not similar, there EXACTLY the same. like no joke! they didn’t even try to make it a lil different…lol

      • Lol, agree with maligurl. xd

      • Plah Plah , no dude …. i am not blind , i know what you mean but you dont know what i mean ??????
        i know it is the same but where is the big dael ???
        not like someone is die 🙂

      • It is also not her fault, it’s her company’s fault and director

      • i don’t really care abt plagiarism issues when it’s just suttin small…but this is on some next level.

        i wud be pissed off to, if i had to come up with some really creative ish and then some next person just came along, stole it and used it as their own!! not cool at all, imagine if some1 did that to u, wud u be cool abt it?

        it’s all comes down to principles. why be a director if u don’t have the creativity to make up your own ideas? so lame! dude just took the easy route. the thing that makes me laugh is, that ppl who plagrize things in korea must think to themselfs…

        *man i can get away with is this ish..ain’t no one gonna no where i got this shit form…hell who watches ”Alice” in korea, we only watch korean shit!..so it’s gonna be cool* loool

        like seriously….crazy netizens are like the CIA or FBI wen it comes it plagiarism they find that shit so easy to spot! so why bother…lol

  29. Haha Wow, nice. And I’m taking the ‘parody’ remark by one of the netizens as sarcasm, right?

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