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TaeYang releases 2nd version to MV ‘I Need A Girl’

A new version to the MV for TaeYang’s comeback title song ‘I Need A Girl’ and also ‘You’re My’ featuring Sandara Park has been released on 9th July.

Which version do you like better, this or the first version?


72 Responses

  1. it reminds me of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – MY LOVE MV concept. i mean the DANCE concept. ❤ taeyang!

  2. it reminds me of JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE – MY LOVE MV concept. i mean the dance concept…<3 taeyang!

  3. 2ne1’s like my biggest bias in kpop right now, but I’m never really a fan of Dara’s ‘expressions’, especially in videos. With dancing, I would give her more leeway because she might look ‘stiff’ sometimes but there’s a huge improvement in there.

    Dara really knows how to work the camera but she tends to overdo it sometimes. It’s just me, but there are instances (well tiny bit) wherein she would smile on scenes when it doesn’t really call for it. Same with their performances sometimes.

    Anyway, I think this version is dope. I might have that 2 paragraph thing about Dara but I still think overall, she is the best representation of the girl in the song. And my Gahd, Taeyang and GD!!!

    • The INAG girl character “acts shy but knows how to be bold”. That is DARA and her expressions specifically her smiles.

      Observe the contradiction: she is dressed like a vamp in a short tight black dress and fishnet stockings but smiles bashfully at seeming intervals in the video. Her smile is not only infectious, it is a character of its own! It communicates! Just when you are starting to feel her hotness, she suddenly breaks into that smile splashing cold water on your face as if telling you: “You were starting to feel the heat, were you? Not yet…I still have other things to show you! Rawr!!! ” The character is a tease actually : honorable when in front of others but in front of me “aing, i don’t know!” Poor GD, don’t know what’s coming to him! LOL

      I think Dara got the characterization down pat and communicated it to the audience effectively. The dancer may have, technically, performed the dance better but artistically it was Dara who captured the essense of the character the best!

      • i like your comment…

      • I still think she is the best representation of the girl in the song and I still think that overall, she did well. I just can’t help but express my feelings about how she tends to overdo some expressions when she’s doing just perfectlyw ell on some scenes. I’m sorry if I’ve come across as a fan who did not appreciate her best efforts here but I’ve always had this observation ever since IDC days and I just had this personal wishful thinking about it. And I said it’s just me.

        Hell yeah of course I know about that contradictions she were portraying you were saying. I’ve seen it. She did fine.

      • And oh, to add…It might sound wrong to you guys but on this case, I personally think Ji Hye did better. And not only because she’s a pro dancer and all.

  4. iiii liiiiikeeee it .. but i dunno . i kinda expect something different ! something diffrent for me the live performence.. cause it is exactly like the same just with the actual dance partner its sandara instead..
    dunno .. buut i stillll loveee it ! hehe

  5. Dara…looked really pretty in this vid! 🙂

  6. I don’t know why I see comments comparing the two girls. There’s a reason why one is a dancer and the other a star. The dancer is expected to dance well and the star is expected to shine brightly. And they both did their job well!

  7. I could of been just the editing of the first one but I liked this one because it was more cohesive per say then the first one. This one seemed to make sense while the first one, albeit cute, seemed liked pieces of the video were just stuck together. If the first one had better editing and flow I probably would of liked it more.

  8. oohlala..that “tapping the stomach” scene at 03:44 just killed meee!!!
    i am turned on by on this mv..
    i am turned on by taeyang and his lethal charms, tsk tsk tsk, definitely talent baby, that makes him sexier..
    i am turned on by dara and her sexy body wave..and dang! she’s gorgeous in those bangs!
    i am turned on by their undeniable chemistry..
    i am turned on by shaun evaristo and those back-up dancers..
    i am turned on by that oozingly charming rapper known as gd..
    i am just convinced that yb’s really need a girl..no matter how simple the mv is, the concept and those moves are spot on..splendid job.

  9. omg~ dara’s so hot @.@

  10. Dara is cool, but I keep imagining the dance between YB and Yuri

  11. Even though i dont like dara
    i find the mv not bad at all….

  12. I love Dara’s leggings!!

  13. i love the first one better…it’s cuter..

  14. i love both MVs … but the second one is much better since we get to see Dara dancing with Bae, it is unfair to compare Dara to Ji Hye (that’s the dancer’s name right?) though it is natural and quite inevitable for us to do so since we had seen Bae doing the dance with Ji Hye first. Dara may not be as fluid as Ji Hye but she’s doing fine in the MV. the boys are looking hot as usual and i love that YG adds You’re At at the beginning.

  15. Dara is so Hot!!!!!!!!! TaeYang is lucky boy!!!!!!!!

  16. I really like this version better than the first one because I enjoyy watching the dance rather than him just flirting with her against the wall. Or where Dara is just sitting their with that colorful thing on.

    And oh myyy! I love You’re My!

  17. oh to answer the q, i like the first one better.

    not because the first one was any better, but solely because it was the first one. i would’ve answered both but you know, thats cheating, haha.

    i also like this one too though! just the first was first anad thatas my reason… i know lame but i cant come up with a better reason “/

  18. I love the second part of the video (the dancing part).. if only they take out some scene from the first video and put them at the first part in this, then it would be awesome.. make it as the 3rd version of the mv.. hahahaha

    I may not be a big fan of Dara, but.. she looks so beautiful here.. I like her acting in the vid… she tries to push Taeyang away, but he keeps on coming an flirt with her.. hahaha.. so adorable…

  19. dang! why does you guys always say things like “she should eat more”, “she can’t dance really well”, etc.. why don’t you just enjoy the MV than criticize. I know everyone is entitled to have there opinion but it kinda get irritating and repetitive!

    I love the MV taeyang and dara ❤

    • *do

    • agree with you…. I’ve look Dara’s past movie and show in the (Phils) internet… she really skinny, so shes been like that ever since…. so we xpected that she really like that… and all the people who know’s dara as well says…. My cousin is like that, shes a teenager but even tho she eats a lot, she cant gain weight…. I’ve learned to like this girl and her group… shes pretty tho…

      But i really like this MV…

  20. it was good! 3:43 was my fav 😉

  21. one word: HOT !!!!!!!!!

  22. OMG TAEYANG IS SOOOO SEXY!!! i had the biggest smile on my face while watching this! every lil move he mad..was just hot! the smile, the cheeky looks…and not forgetting using dara body as a piano!! jeez i’v never envied any1 b4 but damn dara is a lucky chica!!

    this is sooo much better than the original more dancing and jut more of TY hotness. i prefer him with dara than the other girl….he acts like he REALLY actually like her.

    but….damn dara is soooo skinny like she’s uber skinny it’s not nice. she needs to start eating more. when i saw her on 2NE1 tv exercising like mad with the other girls, i was like why? she doesn’t need to. she looks like those girls who are just naturally skinny… and when these types of girls excise to much they start to look anorexic…not saying that dara is tho.

    anyway this video is = FTW!!

    • she needs to start eating more ? do you maybe live with her to see that ? no, and me too. and Dara is always skinny, it’s not something new…

      geez.. it has been now 1 year that she debuted in Korea, why ppl always talk about it like if it was new =_=

      • calm ur self sweetheart…

        i no dara is skinny but she looks more skinny to me recently. i’ve never commented on her weight b4 so chill. why u making it out like dara is the only celeb that gets comments on her weight.

        every time i see ur comments it’s always like ”don’t say this or can u prove that” …every heard of freedom of expression. SMH

        and FYI she had a lil bit more meat to her when she debut.

      • @babya Right. people like her who keeps saying about Dara’s body is just irritating at all. It Isnt something to be surprised noh!.

    • She’s exercising to gain stamina.

  23. Pretty good. *ignoring the falsetto part* lol
    I think Dara did great but I would have appreciate her more if I seen this first before the live performance.
    Overall I like this one better but if they fuse this one and the first mv then I think it will be much better-)

    • I’m a 2ne1 fan,but YB and dara has no chemistry.. jihye is much better.

      • haha.. jealous much?

      • jihye is a dancer… dara is an idol,,, i think YG needs to go who is..people know… dara’s part i think shes good for that MV..1st and 2nd ver.

        So who do you think is the best partner of tae xcept the dancer?

      • if jihye is in the mv instead of dara,that would just be an ordinary live performance..

  24. he always wanted to put out a second version of the MV right? i remember him saying he wanted “you’re my” to show himself singing in front of a mirror, topless in his room where hes most comfortable. or, a scene signifying something like that.

    dara looks cute here. she did look a tad bit stiff but its because we’re spoiled by always seeing JiHye dance so professionally and comfortably so its unfair to compare.

    gd and yb look boss in their suits and chairs. i think gd should’ve been on the left and yb on the right for GDYB but thats a little tidbit that doesnt matter much. oh btw, taeyangs been working on his expressions! his expressions seem much more lively now than ever.

    foreshadowing. it seems pretty inevitable now that dara will dance with yb one of these days during his promotional period

    • Well, according to Qui who was in Korea at the time:

      Dude… dara is hot and sexy with her movement in this video -_-;……
      I think she did damn goood because i saw her practice with young bae and shaun evaristo to prepare for it but considering she learned it in a short period of time where she practiced the dance for like a few hours for two days, all the while learning her new dance with 2ne1, which I have to say is freaking awesome and Mari Martin choreographed it. I think she was uber tired after practice but I got to eat korean bbq with her and Se7en =D

      I was in the room when YG took down the music video the day it premiered and I was like why?! in my head…all teddy said was he didn’t like the shots and what nots and not enough dancing, I was also in the room with the director who shot this music video and he was talking to YG but i didn’t understand korean ahaha.
      but I don’t know… i like it

      • reading this, i almost had a heart attack!!!! OMGOSH! MY ULTIMATE DREAM! First was, Keone & Taeyang working together and NOW MARIEL MARTIN & 2NE1!!!! OMYGOSH! She’s like my freakin’ idol!!! Go watch her guys. :))

    • WTF!!! so much whining of you…as if you were the director of this video.

      1st thing..YG ddnt like the mv coz it ddnt much show the choreography…and Dara as the main lead of this mv it should be nice to see her dancing to this song.

      2nd…as Yb said on the interview they try to find a Model to be his leading lady yet they ddnt find any and considering they’re more comfortable working with known friends or artist they chose Dara the Comp. itself did.

      3rd….the “As if” fans of Dara or Yb here should stop blurting their mouth of by saying this and that, that Dara is so skinny…Damn S*** we all got see her pics everyday on fansites and her body is always like that…Arent you still suprised!? WTF!!!
      we cant do anything bout that, only time will past maybe she’d get more fats.
      that thing should keep itself coz it Isn’t an issue at all!

      4th….To the “AS if” Fans here better read some more updates of your IDols If You were truly their fans….And Not coming by here Whining, Bitching the Artist. AS if You knew behind the story!!!!

      5th….bout that lead dancer of YB. Yeah Whatever! she’s great but then Dara is the Guest on the mv Yet she cant be onstage dancing with YB everyweek coz we know she is a celebrity and bz doing something else. If You Use your Head hopefully You’ll get what I mean.

      Enough of that shit of you…better critisize more other Idols acting on MV’s and shows! Get lost!

      • wow….

        calm down. . .it’s really NOT the serious.

      • huh????????????? chill…..^^;

        @alife: was pretty much complimenting taeyang. why are you made like as if s/he was bashing taeyang or something? maybe you don’t understand? i mean, i don’t even get what you’re…..trying…… to say??

        calm down ok? be nice^^

      • *mad not made. sry.

      • Lol…laugh at myself…I know, Im always calm down…but thats how I write. get used to that. 🙂
        well its the first that I did write like an “essay”…nahh am not the only who can write like this.

      • No offense, but right back at you – so much whining. alife hardly bashed or whined, you were the one bashing him/her and whining away. Please read the comment carefully and use your head to think whether alife deserved your bashing.

        It vexes me when fans get so overprotective of their idols. It’s slightly more understandable if you’re replying a hater, but he/she wasn’t being one. What’s wrong with laying out a casual observation that Dara looks stiff? I think so too. The lead dancer is obviously more professional and had more practice. At least Dara seemed more relaxed by the end of the MV.

        Also, I have to say that I don’t agree with your insinuation that other idols can be criticized but Dara can’t be. As long as it’s not mindless bashing, why not?
        Sorry but I couldn’t resist pointing out the many loopholes in your comment 😀

      • @vex pace13 already admit his/her fault. just that some people are just totaly irritating for keep saying those words. that made her burst. Don’t add onto it. theres’s no point.

      • But actually i agree with you LOL!

      • @gay – Um, I admit to not having the best comprehension skills in the world, so I still can’t see the ‘admitting fault’ part in the later comment. More like saying we should get used to his/her style of writing. If I had interpreted it otherwise, I wouldn’t have launched into my own essay 😉

        But I think I need to write another essay to explain myself, feel free not to read. I don’t usually comment back on people being overprotective of their idols, it just happened that pace13’s comment was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was slightly indignant that non-hater/anti alife was bearing the grunt of pace13’s wrath (mistake or not, I don’t know). That, and also most of the people here are not insulting Dara mindlessly (so far for now, or maybe I have selective memory) which makes the outburst seem weird to me.

      • Nahhh!! lol weird?
        well not trying to defend her. but I think mostly some of the comments on the past and todays are just like her who writes like this and — You. bleh!

      • thanks guys (: but im not really upset over pace13’s comments. partially due to the fact that i didnt understand what they were talking about and that isnt a knock on their english because i understand not everyone who’s first language is english.

        i did grab a few points from their rant though. its quite obvious the tone of pace13’s comment isnt a good one, “WTF!!! so much whining of you”, and “Get lost!” but like i said, im not upset because i knew i wasnt bashing on the mv or anything related to it. but um the blunt of things i understood from pace’s points were just a culmination of all the different “complaints” people had. pace just probably used my comment as the door so to speak, to open up and rant about the complaints people seem to have.

        but all good, pace13 did say “Lol…laugh at myself”. and you know what they say, laughing at yourself lifts yours and everyone elses spirits

  25. You could have just used the official MV from the YGE channel. ^^

  26. sandara’s shoulder is so stiff and tense.

    what is she smiling about? taeyang is seducing her and yet she is smiling. bad acting

    • and how should someone act when a guy you like is flirting with you? wouldn’t a girl smile and giggle and act all shy? that’s exactly what sandara’s doing. it’s good acting.

      • well said – haters on the left.. 🙂

      • heh … i guess this person is comparing to the kind of reaction that she would’ve given when someone is seducing her. like you know … all bug-eyed with saliva dripping from her mouth.

      • if sandara looks flirting (more), or dancing like a dancer in the club… they said shes so like the dancer in the club! you didnt kno what is right or wrong, if she want to wave her body more she can, but its ok coz she just needs a simple body wave for this MV … Poor Dara…. even tho she dont want to be involve in this MV, she can’t… YG want her to be here as taeyang GF/Partner…. aaahhh criticism….

    • Actually that’s just Dara’s natural body structure. She has extremely small shoulders which makes it look tense even though it’s not and the song is supposed to be a light and happy.

      I liked both MVs. Each one had its enjoyable moments so I can’t really pick but Dara’s body wave was so sexy lol. She’s looking really hot and gorgeous. ^_^

    • i agree with u about sandara’s shoulder. i prefer the previous dancer, just saying. i like sandara though, she has down to earth personality

    • Honestly I’m not feeling Dara in the MV at all
      too stiff for Taeyang and no chemistry :s

      • Totally agree.

        dara was okay at dancing but i think JiHye is way better overall its a new mv and dara jux took place in JiHye position! but i like the 1st version BETTER!

        Taeyang <33333

  27. Hot! XD

    • Taeyang was Hot but Dara was -___- thought her moves weren’t… smooth ?

      • im sure taeyang wouldnt look so good dancing to “i dont care” either.

        yb practiced the routine plenty of times whereas dara hasnt. hope that explains why she isnt “as smooth” as yb

      • yah @alife is correct… she would look like a back up dancer if she does the move more smoothly…she just stay with the story line…

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