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4th concept photo to SHINee’s 2nd album comeback featuring JongHyun revealed!

A new concept photo to SHINee’s 2nd album comeback featuring member JongHyun has been revealed.

The photo was released by SM Entertainment on 11th July, and it shows JongHyun in an unique hairstyle and fashion. Many netizens were also attracted to the sexy backview of JongHyun in the phoot.

This is the 4th concept photo revealed after photos of MinHo, TaeMin and Onew were revealed earlier.



59 Responses

  1. I like these pictures. I find them artistically interesting. Though the concept wouldn’t be practical for a performance, of course. Jonghyun looks especially appealing. I’ve always thought he has the most masculine and sexy appearance since he has muscles. The others are too skinny.

  2. wheres key??

  3. I can’t wait. My lover jonghyun is really sexy. But why you don’t show your face. I really love shinee nas. I hope that your songs will be success cause your appearancces are too strange from the other boy bands in korea.

  4. i honestly, DO NOT understand their new concept…is it like …..i dont even know?
    but jonghyun is HOT, but that pic of him is not. his hair is UGLY what hes wearing is just weird…alll of them look really weird.
    i just hope their songs arent as bad as the concept…but i still love them..
    im very anxious.

  5. hmm.. O..kay.. They’re concepts don’t really match with each other :s can’t wait for key’s! Bet his is gonna be the most eclectic :p
    Btw thought jonghyun was wearing ripped pants, then I read the comments and just realized that those are knee pads..
    Can’t wait for their comeback though 🙂 will be staying tuned!! 😀

  6. jonghyun is the best!! 😀
    shinee fighting! ^^

  7. maybe their concept is something do with movie or animation
    minho-jungle boy
    taemin-green alien
    onew – jerry yan (meteor garden)
    jjong- final fantasy
    woow.weird but intresting!

  8. Jonghyun looks hot although i prefer him bein topless den backless.. =p De concept is kinda irrelevant 2 mi..mayb sm was thinkin of tryin a unique concept 4 shinee bt somehow it ended up lookin out of place..However,i dun think de concept is dat important.. Hopefully minho wil recover fully frm his calf injury soon so dat de 5 cute guyz of shinee can put up a great comeback performance..Praying dat their new song will b s daebak s ring ding dong.. =)

  9. lmfao i’m glad i dont like them anymore.

  10. wow this is so weird

  11. This is too weird, they make him wear a leg brace and a skirt??

  12. Shinee is an idol who dare to try deferent, and it fit them well..life is too short to keep a standart style..COME ON!!
    ps: people who call shinee gay is an ugly,,they jelouse with how everything fit shinee so well..

    • Wow, I didn’t know someone can be “an ugly.”

      Anyway, thanks for being biased and finding an excuse for SHINee to make yourself feel better.

  13. Images that appeared before that were very strange
    But this picture (the first), very funny
    I can not stop laughing
    Any concept should be reflected in this picture?

  14. seriously I can’t bear it anymore. why all the people can’t understand that it’s just PHOTOS and that they DON’T CHOOSE THEIR CONCEPT! i’m more interested in the song that their looks. they have great voices so i’m waiting for it.
    ps: i’m not biased!

    • ps: i forgot to tell you that Shinee is a CONTEMPORARY BAND! so it’s pretty normal that that do things others won’t!
      And i don’t undertsand some people at all. if a group release their concept photo they will say “oh no, that’s not interesting… they copied… it’s always the same……”! at least shinee are different so don’t bash them just because they have a different concept. Shinee are always good and i can’t wait for the mv!

  15. The one thing that popped through my head when i saw this picture is GAYYYY

  16. THE BEST.

  17. on a different thought, why do ppl stereotype gay ppl and think they all look like this?? i’ve seen some pretty manry gay ppl out there. they are still pretty much intact with their manly side. i mean, the fact that they love the same gender don’t mean they all are gonna act girly or dress girly or weirdly. that’s messed up, yo. i’ve seen some real FINE ass dapper classy gay men out there. and i’ve seen perfectly straight ppl dress like this too.

    i mean, i’m not saying this look is easy on the eyes. i do admit that i’m a bit irked and disturbed by this concept. but repeatedly calling them gay over a concept they have no control over is just… not nice.

    they don’t choose their concept, the company does. keep that in mind before you make fun it.

  18. cmon they’re teen idols, what more “man”ly name could you expect? gay or not, SHINee still have my full support =)

  19. i think i know what their concept is. in all the photos, one thing is pretty consistent. i think they are art sculptures in an art studio.

    i dunno what sculpture onew is supposed to be, his concept looks the most out of place except for the painting behind him. but the others give off a sculpture vibe. taemin looks like one of those hanging sculptures y’know? with the strings and fabric.

    i think i’m weird for thinking that they’re sculptures, but it ties in dontcha think?? all of the pictures have paintings and the lighting that looks like they’re in an art studio.

    i dunno…. maybe it’s just me. lol.

  20. Well, with a name like Shinee i guess i was wrong to expect anything manly/decent from them. Even their group name screems gay. So far all the pictures are as bad as each other, they all look ridiculous. I may laugh at them on stage it they’re wearing anything remotely close to this. They tried to gain more fans by showing more skin but just look stupid.

    • Biased 🙂

    • So You’re a Fan of a group only based on their looks??? SHINee is just trying to be different than all the current kgroups …their concept is unique and I won’t judge them by their looks but I am waiting for their new music!

      • You want perfect idols? Go buy Ken dolls and name them with names that you think it’s manly.

      • I agree it’s bad to like idols by thier looks, but in defense of lissi, I think that she knows that they are good looking in person, but the concept makes absolutely no sense.

    • You want perfect idols? Go buy Ken dolls and name them with names that you think it’s manly

  21. I just LOL’ed…

  22. Jonghyun’s the BEST ❤

  23. now i’m much more excited for Key’s photo! lolololol…

  24. I just noticed something ithink there’s a naked lady O.o

  25. THIS IS SHINee!!!! -.-

  26. Alright SM.. Pranks over! Now show us the real Shinee ok?

  27. Yea…umm idk what to say. Actually I like the skin showing but he look like a homeless person (no offense)

  28. WOAH! both jonghyun and Minho r pretty shirtless here *gets hotz*

  29. Okay and um uhh what element is that supposed to be

  30. i dont understand……………… -_- if shinee is a newcomer now, noone would pay attention to them

    • umm what exactly is that suppose to mean?..

      • That their concept is beyond gay and if any newcomer were to release such pictures, they’d be ripped apart by haters for being so weird (not in a good way). I mean look at his legs, what is he wearing. His top is also extremely camp. Their is no common theme in all their pictures so far.

      • oh ty…. so true…

  31. he look like a final fantasy character.

  32. A knee brace…
    lolwhut ?

  33. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: 4th concept photo to SHINee’s 2nd album comeback featuring JongHyun revealed! http://twurl.nl/nb6ffn […]

  34. yes this this one is better but this concept remind me of mardi gras in Sydney last February they fit right in with those guys.

  35. jonghyun’s concept is the best:D

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