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GDragon reveals, “SeungRi wants to get married”

Big Bang GDragon exposes a lie told by youngest member SeungRi.

This was revealed when Big Bang was featured for an interview in the midst of a photoshoot on KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 10th July.

During the interview, member DaeSung was asked “When do you want to get married?” and his answer was “I don’t care about when, but I want to when I meet someone who is right for me.”

And SeungRi’s answer was, “Until now, I have no thoughts about marriage.” But GDragon responded with, “Last time, you said you wanted to get married. And you said you were troubled over it.”

After the show, netizens commented “GDragon catches maknae”, “SeungRi is a liar haha” etc.



13 Responses

  1. maknae u have me, hahaha. im ready whenever u want to XP good GD he exposes the real intention of SeungRi hahaha now all girls are waiting in line

  2. ” Sengri is a liar” haha

  3. ❤ so good to see them all together laughing again! They make me happy seeing their BB love!!

  4. ❤ big bang. come back. i miss their humor. haha.

  5. aah, all i saw was trampoline jumping and top acting like a dork as usual ❤ xD

  6. lol i love seungri

  7. i think Seungri was shy xD

  8. GDragon always thick-lips! hahaha, but it makes him cuter!!

  9. lol g-dragon likes to reveal stuff about other members XD

  10. seungri so funny! 😀 😀

  11. Cute. GRi is my favourite BB couple.

  12. There’s always me.. LOL

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