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Jo Kwon and Jung YongHwa to be new MCs on SBS Inkigayo

Singers Jo Kwon and Jung YongHwa will be the new MCs on SBS Inkigayo.

It has been announced that 2AM Jo Kwon and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa will take the places as the new MCs to Inkigayo together with current MC Sulli from 18th July.

An official from the production team for Inkigayo told MTStarNews on 11th July, “Jo Kwon and Jung YongHwa will be the new MCs for Inkigayo.”

This follows the leaving of MCs TaecYeon and WooYoung on the show on 11th July.


35 Responses

  1. yay kwonie!!!i will surely miss wootaec but im seriously anticipating this!antis get the effin out in here!

  2. yes…i really love jo kwon..if u guys wnt to see other..that yo bisnes..kwon ah lo ve u..n younghwa..gud luck~!!

  3. just add nichkhun.

  4. they’re really putting these two every where huh.. i was hoping for some CNBlue bassist love sometime soon xD

  5. husbands to MCs!!! cool!
    And its ok if anyone got sick because JoKwon is everywhere, because I’M NOT! lol.
    I love JoKwon! And he is funny.. And wow, YongHwa! Good luck!^^

  6. yes for Jo Kwon but no for Yonghwa cuz i think he’s boring lol

  7. Haha Well, they definately wouldn’t be happy in America where the majority of ‘singers’ can’t sing. 😀

  8. jo kwon AGAIN? Jung Yong Hwa AGAIN? I’m so sick of seeing them. can’t give the chance to their members? OVERRATED!

  9. hahah i think yonghwa kinda developed a fear of emcee-ing after his epic hosting with shinhye and heechul at last year’s gayo daejun! BUT I WISH HIM ALL THE BEST!! hope he won’t be as nervous as the last time! xP i’m sure kwonnie will do as well as usual and he’ll definitely guide yonghwa along!! haha the MBC husbands hosting on SBS

  10. WooTeac was awesome, i’ll miss them, i’ll anticipate this two.

  11. Both current and future male MCs for Inkigayo are awesome 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the two WGM husbands MC together! 😀 and YongHwa gets another chance at MC-ing too :):)

  12. 2AM JoKwon and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa = MUCH MUCH BETTER (AND NICER) THAN Taec & WooYoung aka TWO B.M. FROM 2PM !!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  13. do they really need a MC one is enough they don’t do much anyway.

  14. Praise the Lord!!!! SBS decided to do a major cleanup finally put the trash out and put fresh new clean bags!!!

  15. Honestly can they pick a fresher face sick of seeing Jokwon everywhere he has enough jobs

  16. Urgh, you’d think that Jokwon and YongHwa were the only males left in Korea if you flick through K-TV.

  17. Jo Kwon again how many job his doing i thought his a MC for Mnet countdown men i think Kwon is on TV 3 or 4 times a week.

  18. Ha no more Taec at last. YAY for Jokwon such a funny guyyyy~

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Nathy, Valerie Samantha, Z, Affilah Reffee and others. Affilah Reffee said: Now, this is goooooodd! ❤ RT @sookyeong Jo Kwon and Jung YongHwa to be new MCs on SBS Inkigayo http://twurl.nl/7dk25i […]

  20. Hell yessss!! Good Riddance bye bye Woo Taec no one will miss you

    • Hhell yeah!

    • dont start it. be more mature pls. though u’re not a fan of both soon to be replaced MCs still no need to start the fan-war. aish~

      • oh yeah im bout to start it im get this this article poppin’ with this comment alone…let the fan wars begin isnt that what kpop fans love to do anyway bitch and defend their idols against other fanclubs…its about to go down

  21. 2 husbands form a team of MCs. LOL

  22. at least they’re better than WooTaec…
    bb WooTaec!!! Damn why am I so happy right now?!!!!

    • yep they are better than WooTaec.
      BUT jo kwon again???? what about the other 2am guys???

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