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Jo Kwon, “SISTAR is one of the best newcomer singers”

2AM Jo Kwon sings praises of newcomer girlgroup SISTAR.

On MBC TV ‘SaeBaGwi’ aired on 10th July, 2AM Jo Kwon together with SISTAR members HyoRin and BoRa were amongst the star appearances on the show. The girls performed their debut song ‘Push Push’, and heated up the atmosphere in the studio with their cute and sexy dance.

With that Lee KyungSil commented, “They are both sexy and cute.” Park MiSeon also said, “They are beautiful.”

Jo Kwon was then asked how he feels about SISTAR, and his answer was, “Honestly, I think SISTAR is one of the best newcomer groups around.”

Jo Kwon also did his kkap version of SISTAR’s dance on the show that day.

S: TVDaily

22 Responses

  1. sistar is more like a one girl group, only that one girl with the cap can sing.

  2. Until Miss A came, I also found that Sistar was one of the best new group this year along with C.N Blue.

  3. you guys do realize it says “.. ONE of the best..” meaning they arent “THE” best..
    and isnt Miss A from JYPE.. saying that they are the best when they just debuted would make him sound bias..
    && even if he does really think that its his opinion.. we can disagree.. i sure do for now.. not loving their song at all.. >.<

  4. You guys do know that entertainers don’t ACTUALLY mean what they say. If you have noticed, whenever a guest comes in a show. The regular people on the show shower them with compliments just to make them feel welcome or try to get on their(and the netizens/fans) good side.

    By the way, I agree with him. They’re lucky they have Hyorin (Y)

    • i do remember rain telling uee on strong heart when put on the spot, “you are a really good singer.”

      if i were drinking at that time i would have spit it all out. wtf!

      but then again hyorin is awesome, so jokwon’s got a point somewhat.

  5. well this was probably filmed before Miss A debuted…

  6. Pst…please….Miss A can beat them any days!! Miss A ftw!!!

  7. Sistar 😀 Can’t wait for their next songs!

  8. seeing hyorin at sistar’s stages reminds me of how i see CL at 2ne1 debut a year ago. 1 powerful singer, surrounded by the other just-ok members. just my opinion.

    • i like this. =))

    • if minzy is just an ok member, i don’t know how to describe members of other idol group. bom is a powerful singer so as minzy who is also a great dancer. sandara is ok.

      • at debut minzy and bom were not that outstanding, compared to the leader. but now theyve proven it. maybe in future the rest of the members of sistar will prove how good they are as well.

  9. Miss A got them beat but SISTAR is ok.

  10. I agree on hyorin.
    but not on the other 3.

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Jo Kwon, “SISTAR is one of the best newcomer singers” http://bit.ly/bCPHeg […]

  12. He’s wrong. They’re not the best!!! They sound terrible live!

    • well its not like he could respond any differently even if he wanted too.
      if he said so and so were better, jo kwon would be bashed harshly by netizens and fans.
      If he said they were a decent group, thats not really nice to say infront of them and on TV.
      i cant say if kwon actually likes them or not, but its TV/idol etiquette.

    • They aren’t horrible live.
      And I’m not a bias fan. If you heard them sing in the radio shows you know.

      Also, their performances are good. Hyorin can definitely sing.

      Ms.A is also ONE of the best newcomer singers too.
      So to some of the Ms.A fans, stop spamming the page with your rants.
      I’m a Ms.A fan as well as a Sistar fan. But some fans on this page just give other fans of the same group a bad name.

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