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Nich Khun, “I want to beat WooYoung… Victoria I will not visit clubs anymore”

2PM Nich Khun complains with the comments by other 2PM members WooYoung and JunHo about him.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 10th July, Nich Khun and Victoria were having a date in Seoul HongDae to celebrate their ‘marriage’ when WooYoung and JunHo paid them a visit.

WooYoung had told Victoria on the show, “Nich Khun is a club maniac.” And Victoria asked, “So does Nich Khun just drink at clubs?” WooYoung then answered, “He goes straight to the stage.”

Nich Khun then defended himself, “WooYoung was just joking. I don’t mix around with girls. I just dance with the guys.”

And when Victoria said that she doesn’t like going clubs, Nich Khun reassured, “I won’t visit clubs anymore.”

Meanwhile, during the interview on the show that day, Nich Khun talked about WooYoung’s comment on him going to clubs, “I want to beat him.”

S: HanKyung

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  2. Should we have a confetti to celebrate the statement he made? I don’t know who to blame. Nichkhun or the script writer…lying is bad for a relationship especially when you are on the first date and easily giving up something you usually loved to do. That remind me of my ex. The more promises he made, the more hurtful and disappointment I get. God, I need to remind myself again, this is only for entertainment…

  3. It’s good if Khun stops going to clubs. Vicky seems like a nice girl, she deserves a good guy who doesn’t go running up the street n come home late at night.

    I dunno if Khun tried to protect Vic from feeling disappointed but he should stop lying n just be honest.
    It’s apparent that Khun likes clubbing judging from how he was so disappointed not going to clubs in Wild Bunny.

  4. wtf????woo n junho juz joking..dun take it damn criuzly guys…

  5. “WooYoung was just joking. I don’t mix around with girls. I just dance with the guys.”


  6. aaaaaaaaaaw, i just watched that episode.. their sooo cute .. cant wait for the next episode when their going on their vaccation ! uuuhuuu ❤ ~

  7. on that photo..they are like twins! ^^

  8. 2pm who? Lol

  9. ” I don’t mix around with girls. I just dance with the guys.” LOL
    that’s a lie.
    c’mon dancing with girls is not wrong ^^

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Aninditɑ Chɑirinɑ and others. Aninditɑ Chɑirinɑ said: :') RT @sookyeong: Nich Khun, 1cI want to beat WooYoung 26 Victoria I will not visit clubs anymore 1d http://twurl.nl/2lgtve […]

  11. Haha, this is so cute. Nich Khun got worried when Victoria said she doesn’t like going to clubs.

  12. NichKhun is getting the SAME shit-back-stabbing treatment from JunHo and WooYoung that JayBum Park got. These NASTY 2PM creeps REALLY need to have their faces punched in. Go for It, Khun, give those 2 creeps WHAT FOR!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • ^You know that show is heavily scripted right?

      • Proof?

      • Hard concrete proof I don’t have, but conjectures I do have 😀

        They have scriptwriters for variety shows – I’m pretty sure they’re not there to sit and look on. Though they probably don’t have to follow it to the T, but there’s a script to guide them. Like for example, Nichkhun should already have known that Victoria is his wife in the very beginning but pretended that he didn’t for show’s effect.
        If you’ve watched enough variety shows, you should have realised by now that there’s way too many ‘coincidences’ lol.

    • “…need to have their faces punched in.”

      so do you.

    • You really need to let the past go and move on.. All the boys including jay moved on and working hard in achieving their dream.. So stop the hatred!!!

    • umm you misinterpreted this completely , if you watch this its obvious they’re joking and they even say they are

    • wtf are you on about? let it go

    • Well I don’t particularly agree with your statement but I don’t like them very much after the whole Jay incident either yet I am not the type of person to go bad mouthing them in public or the internet. However I did watch this and like someone said if u actually watch the ep u can see that Junho & Wooyoung were just joking around & teasing Khun. Khun was embarrassed that’s about it. Just take in everything with a grain of salt when it comes to READING the media. If u don’t believe any of us go watch the subbed/unsubbed version on yt. They’re just teasing him in a “guys like to tease their friends” friendly way. Afterwards I don’t remem. who but Junho & WY said they were just playing around w/ Victoria.

  13. actually junho was the one that said khun was a club maniac
    and wooyoung said he goes straight to the stage
    and khun said he wanted to beat both of them lol

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