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SBS Inkigayo 11.07.2010 – Super Junior wins Mutizen with ‘No Other’!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, Super Junior won Mutizen award with their 4th album followup hit song ‘No Other’!

In addition, this episode will be the last episode that TaecYeon and WooYoung will MC-ing for on the show. New MCs will join Sulli on the team as MCs on the show next week.

Also, go under the cut for the rest of the performances cuts.

Comeback Specials

  • ZE:A “Level Up ”
  • Black Pearl “Go Go Ssing”
  • Son DamBi “Can’t you see+ Queen”
  • OneTwo “Very good”

Hot Solo Debut

  • Brown Eyed Girls Narsha “Bbi Ri Bba Bba”

Hot Debut

  • Teen TOP “Intro + Clap”

Take 7

  • Super Junior “No Other Person Like You”
  • Taeyang “I Need A Girl”
  • CNBLUE “Love (Rock version)”

Hot Music

  • Infinite “Come Back Again”
  • Sistar “Push Push”
  • Baby VOX’s Kan MiYeon ft. MBLAQ’s Mir “Crazy”
  • 4Minute “I my me Mine”
  • miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Fresh Music

  • Girls Day “Tilt Your Head ”
  • Young Gun “Going to Let You Go”


33 Responses

  1. I love No Other! After watching this yt vid I’m absolutly more nuts about it! Smiling like crazy ever since…

  2. its not a surprising anymore if they’re winning.
    hopefully other singers will get one too. Fighting!!!

  3. damn…tae yang so hot~~~
    his perf make me speechless…..o0o0uch….fallin’ over n over again with him~!!!!

    maybe suju members were tired….mybe they hve some schedule b4 do the perf….dats why their perf not really…u know what i mean….its ok….let’s hope they will show us better perf next time…

    (+)ve thinking ok…elf~!!!!hwaiting~!!!! (^____^)

  4. Congrats, Super Junior

  5. […] This follows the leaving of MCs TaecYeon and WooYoung on the show on 11th July. […]

  6. MISS A?

  7. We HATE to see you, GO! Taec & WooYoung! Both of them, especially Taec looked like he was “copping feels” with SiWon(Yummy!), LeeTeuk, and Heechul, though ShinDong was giving WooYoung the “eye”!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  8. why are teacyeon and wooyoung leaving!?!?! =(! ……and i don’t really think suju is half-assing their performances per say…but i think it’s just that this song is supposed to be a lil more light-hearted and the dancing isn’t as strong as their others…

  9. So cute… Suju & CNBlue are wearing pink today.. They matched with ea other.. 😀

  10. u know.. i like suju and i like the song, but this week, their performances are really half assed =\ like they’re not even trying anymore cuz they’re so popular.

    girl’s day.. one of them looks like sulli.
    i’m pretty sure it was their debut on inki.. and they only get 2 mins? i mean they’re not great, but that’s kinda sad.. they weren’t ready, but i hope they get better and comeback with more support

    tae yang.. amazing as usual.. i actually think he’s getting better by the perf

    • oh! i thought i was the only one who thinks that way about SUJU’s perf. lately..i’m not hating but i do feel that they aren’t on their performance level if i have to compare it on their Sorry Sorry days.. i do like the song No Other but their performance is plainly mediocre..

      seems like SUJU members think that no matter what they do, fans will still buy on it! oh well, it was always their personalities and good looks that sell and attract a lot of fans not their music nor their live performances..some of the fans might find my comments offensive but i don’t think that’s a bad thing at all…i find it as their advantage as a group..

    • How does it seem like they aren’t trying. I hope you know that the members actually do work hard on their albums and performance. The reason why they are able to have fun on stage, is because they know the song so well, they don’t have to be serious all the time in order to show how hard they work.

      • The song is suppose to be lighthearted and funny so obviously they would behave that way on stage. So if you mean that they are not trying because of the goofy things they do on stage, the reason why they do those things is because they are trying to make people laugh and smile because the song is a happy song so they do goofy things to help make people smile more. The dancing isn’t supposed to be all hard and strong like BONAMANA or Sorry Sorry or It’s You. Its suppose to be lighthearted and fun so don’t say they aren’t trying just because you don’t understand why they are performing in this way. The song is lighthearted and is meant to bring a smile to peoples faces so ofcourse their performance is going to be the same

      • wow butt hurt fan calm down

      • @lol: no offense, im no big fan of any particular kpop act, but to me, the comments that sound most retarded and butthurt are the people who ridicule fans defending their idols.

    • Agree. only fans of them buy their albums bcoz of their looks and personalities but musicality hmmm they’re too far from it and they seem too overrated to me.

      if someone replied to me and correct my comment. lay it, I dont care…

    • @duhhh!: Yeah, cuz you have proven to be ignorant so many times. So why should you care, if someone wants to inform you?


      • I know u would reply. am not surprised.
        SJ butthurt fan.
        ignorant, as if you’re not.
        I may sound “sarcasm” as u say but what I said is the turth.
        youre just getting Lame!

  11. congrats

  12. […] This follows the leaving of MCs TaecYeon and WooYoung on the show on 11th July. […]

  13. U can tell girls day were sad. I that they are still trying to put on a brave face.

  14. i can’t find a video of teen top and miss a performances

  15. Congrats Suju<33333
    I just love Narsha's and Son Dambi's songs!
    Great Inki today!

  16. why suju always win ?

    • “always”?

    • “why suju always win?” Hmm… lemme guess…
      Because they have great fans who support them all the way, not whiny fans who can only protesting and blaming others if they favorite artists didn’t win :).

    • All the groups that promoting right now, no one can’t match Suju’s album sales.

      Just wondering, who can sell more albums between Suju and BB per album?

    • because fans buy there album thank god album get more points than digital Super Junior digital points is pathetic i think only Taeyang can challenge them his album is selling well.

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and others. Eileen Teo said: SBS Inkigayo 11.07.2010 – Super Junior wins Mutizen with 'No Other'! http://wp.me/phE2s-9IF […]

  18. Wow, SJ on the roll :). God I should be sleeping now

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