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Se7en for singer comeback on 21st July, great anticipation for the ‘great transformation’

Se7en will have his singer comeback after 3 years and 8 months in Korea on 21st July.

This is according to YG Entertainment on 11th July, “Se7en will release his new album on 21st July. And from 9th July, a teaser page that resembles the movie ‘Matrix’ has been opened.”

It is known that for this album, Teddy is one of the producers in charged. And the agency also involved other new composers to showcase variety in music. A YG rep said, “There will be a great transformation in the image for Se7en since this is his comeback after so long. And we have also roped in all the producers in YG to work on the album for a long time.”


Meanwhile, here’s the teaser revealed recently:

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  1. This sounds sooo good! And to all the haters saying this sounds the same/blah blah Teddy blah blah:
    1) No offence, but just because there’s a bit of electronic sounds DOESN’T mean that it fits into the same genre’s as 2NE1’s Fire etc. This has a more electronica sound as opposed the reggae/hiphop style.
    2) You don’t even know if Teddy produced it. So STFU.

  2. Alright just 10 more days. I can’t wait for Se7en to return. The prince of k-pop will finally be back after so long.

  3. Teddy is seriousley getting overworked. Taeyang album, 7 album, then Big Bang and Taeyang.

  4. excitedddd~

  5. Choice37 remixes are awesome

  6. i think using Teddy’s name is just a front act of YG but the reality is there are a lot of people working behind a single song/album..i don’t think Teddy has been doing all those stuff by himself..

    anyways, i’ve heard that Big Bang’s next album will be produced by Perry so to all the whiners out there, i hope you shut up now! Just let YG do his own thing! he knows what is best for his artists!

    • If this is true then i’m excited. Perry did an amazing job with Lexy’s third album.

    • Perry? Not GD anymore? When is 2NE1 comeback? Before or after BB?

    • ikr? i mean, get a grip ppl. just because teddy is one of YG’s main and not to mention most famous producer, doesn’t mean he fully works on everything. i think the most he does is give advice on how to switch up the beats or show the producers what he would do with a song and let them interpret it how they want.

      ppl just trippin.

      @hyon: INAG is doing quite well for a song that sounds absolutely nothing like the current popular songs. not to mention it’s topped the international itunes charts. and please, as if ppl don’t do dance versions of their MV’s anyway. as far as i know, this is YG’s first dance version MV. so it aint like he’s doin it to catch more attention.

    • Perry? That’s exciting~ where did you here this though?

  7. Lol I for one agree that Teddy should have a break but not because of his songs, just coz I think he needs a rest.
    I don’t think all his songs sound the same. People just like harping on him lol. Solar and HOT sound nothing alike. Both those albums and 2NE1’s don’t sound the same. Uhm Jung Hwa’s album doesn’t sound like any of the above.

    Anyway, I’m hoping for a Teddy x Kush co-production on one of the songs. When those two create songs together, its dynamite. And hopefully from other YG men. I’m looking forward to hearing songs from other composers as well.
    I think this album is going to be something unexpected since it seems like Se7en’s sound is deviating from his early stuff.

    I hope this comeback really puts him on the map again. It would be good to see a successful male soloist in the 2nd half of the year since in the first half of the year we had Rain.

    Plus, it sounds like he has some pretty awesome choreography by Keone so that’s making me even more pumped. Aaaaaaaah, I can’t wait *_____*

    • Keone is awesome Se7en is in good hands thank god Shaun bring him along and Mari both of them are awesome dancers and Mari is doing 2NE1 choreography just look at this choreography they did on Body Rock 2010 is one the best group dance i ever saw.

  8. don’t live up to the hype haha you can say that to Super Junior to there song No Other did even made the TOP 10 in most music charts but they sold a lot of albums.

    can’t wait for Se7en comeback the teaser is nice.

    • “No other” is not even their main promotional song so it’s not really expected to do well is it. INAG was TY main song and well, that’s failed to capture much of the public’s attention since it’s just not that great (but who knows, maybe when the 3rd MV for the song is released it may get more attention…).

      • then what about bonnana sorry i forgot what the song called it did not even stay #1 or did even reach #1 and that song is out of the top 10 in few short days to only album sales save Super Junior.

      • Honestly, INAG is a much better song than Bonamana or No Other. is anyone else sick of this kind of concept from them? When I watched their performance, I was like BARF. And Bonamana sounds pretty much the same as Sorry Sorry. You know that, right? Obviously, they went with what was a hit and what was safe. They didn’t even attempt to change up their style or evolve or anything like that. The only and only reason they do well on the charts is that they have such a strong solid fan base who will pretty much whatever crap the SuJu boys put out. Really, I feel sorry to those fans because in 5 or 10 years when SuJu are not together anymore, they will kick themselves in the butt for spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the same music. But with Taeyang’s music, sure, it might not be #1 or anything, but it’s music that you can listen to for years to come. I still listen to HOT even now, and I know I will still listen to SOLAR in the years to come. The reason it might not be popular with the public is probably because it’s just not mainstream k-pop, nor is it some repetitive hook song. There, end of my rant.

      • @Tina: Hey, I actually treasure my Suju albums.
        Their albums actually don’t sound the same, Suju isn’t known for sticking to one genre. Sure Bonamana was similar to Sorry Sorry, but the whole album itself is different.

        People were expecting too much from Bonamana, but I knew it wasn’t gonna top Sorry Sorry. So I didn’t find myself disappointed in the end.

  9. Teddy’s songs sounds the same? Oh yeah, cuz 2NE1 and TY’s album all sound the same……

  10. Don’t live the hype? Don’t think so. Teddy songs sounds the same? Hmm, yes. Fire and I Don’t Care sounds the same. 🙂

  11. Here goes YG, the hype machine. Always talking big in news paper articles then releasing songs which don’t live up to the hype. We all know Teddy songs all sound alike anyways.

    • You’re back YG hater? Stop commenting on YG related articles if oyu don’t like YG.

  12. I seriously don’t want to say this, but I just have to say it again, I feel like YG needs to have Teddy goes on a break…he’s been working and working…I know he’s a great producer and all, but his music is starting to sound the same and not as great to me…..I seriously hope these new producers and Teddy and YG as well is doing this album a good job, cuz I was pretty disappointed with TY’s album…eventhough there were a variety of songs to choose from….

    Anyways, I’m still excited for Se7en’s album cuz it’s been 3 years now…finally, we get to see him again! After him, it’s 2NE1’s turn then Big bang…so longgg…I want BB already…

    • Teddy was full in charge of Taeyang’s HOT which was a GREAT album but Solar where he did like only two songs and the rest was other producers didnt turn out as well as HOT so I dont see how they sound the same.

    • um, if you are talking about this teaser, we don’t know who produced it and with Taeyang’s album, Teddy did not do a lot of producing at all.

  13. alamt forum’a di mna??

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  15. woooooooo
    cant wait

  16. I cant wait for his comeback

  17. se7en.. come back faster =D i need more than that teaser xD

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