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Son DamBi under criticisms for vocal capabilities with MR-removed videos of ‘Queen’ performance

Singer Son DamBi goes on the netizens chopping board for her vocal capabilities coming back with new song ‘Queen’.

Son DamBi had her comeback stage with her new title song ‘Queen’ on SBS Inkigayo on 11th July, showcasing a set of powerful and sexy dance routine.

Meanwhile, with the MR-removed videos of her performance of ‘Queen’ was posted online by a netizen, which had Son DamBi under the criticisms for her live vocal capabilities. Some of the netizens’ comments include, “Please practise more before you come out”, “I’m disappointed”, “A singer who can only dance” etc.


What’s your take on this?

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  1. […] Meanwhile, it has been a smooth comeback for Son DamBi with criticisms of plagiarism for her MV scenes as well as criticisms against her vocal capabilities with the MR-removed videos of her performances revealed. […]

  2. […] Meanwhile, it has been a smooth comeback for Son DamBi with criticisms of plagiarism for her MV scenes as well as criticisms against her vocal capabilities with the MR-removed videos of her performances revealed. […]

  3. Well, Am I the only one that doesn’t really care that much?

    You can be great live but do u have charisma?
    The way Son Dambi does her performances are enough for me to watch and enjoy.

    She’s a performer. not just a singer or a dancer.

    That’s why there are so much great singers out there that can’t make it to the big stage.

  4. oopss mistake..i mean leave not live..resrs

  5. i agree with carol..i’m not a person who are somebody anti-fan….but yuri ,yoona ,sohee and hyunah..they really can’t sing…and they are make a super successs..so live son dambi in peace..guys…who cares…

  6. Man, this woman is having a bad comeback! Still, keep fighting Dambi~~

  7. even from the beginning i saw nothing special on DamBi 😐

  8. I dont get it… it didnt seem to be that bad..Is it because of the parts she wasnt singing?

  9. i’m not really surprised
    she can definitely dance, one of the best female dancers

    but as for singing, it has never been her strong point
    she was a backup dancer before and they picked her, kinda randomly, to debut as a singer

    they should have at least trained her more vocally

  10. I’m not a fan of Dambi and I’ve never thought that she was a good singing but well the song itself sucks. How on earth are you even supposed to sing it lol. It’s not even singing, it’s more like talking.

  11. Well, she’s not a good singer to begin with…

  12. LOL who cares !
    for me she makes up for it when she performs Can’t U See 😀

  13. she isn’t a singer at all… she’s what you call a big JOKE!!!!

  14. This is why DBSK needs to get thier act together…

  15. i agre with ana…sohee can’t sing..yoona..yuri too..well i can tell a big list …a lot of people can’t sing in korea….just saying the true guys..don’t hate me..rsrrs

    • lol don’t say Yoona and Yuri can’t sing dear 🙂
      Yoona doesn’t sing that well compare to the other members but she can sing 🙂 Yuri too 🙂

      • dear that’s your opinion…to me they can’t sing…other members can but these 2 no…sorry..

    • For Sohee, i agree. But for Yoona & Yuri… they’re pretty decent IMO.

  16. hahahha

    she actually improved.
    look at the MR removed of chitty chitty bang bang. hyori is worst than her. she shouldn’t be saying that son dam bi has a long way to go. shes in the same fricking category as her.

    • you probably only listened to that one MR of hyori right? So before you go on, can I just tell you to stfu? If you listened to her other MR removed videos, you can tell that she can dance and sing her ass off. You Go Girl mr removed video (If i can find it on youtube anymore) was basically flawless. And she was dancing A LOT more than the little hand gestures that DamBi was doing.

      And if you think a 12 year veteran who has won countless of awards/daesungs is in the same category as a 2-3 yr artist who hasn’t won any daesungs, then you’re just a delussional anti.

  17. I already knew about this, lol.
    My TV oddly amps the voice of the singer and what not, so I know when she’s not singing and everything, it sucks.

    Its not big news.

  18. half of korean singers don’t sing well..are just pretty faces and hot bodies…like sohee from WG ..everybody loves her..but the true is she can’t sing as well…just relax guys..rsrs

    • totally right…
      Sohee cant sing at all but some of her delusional teene fans defens her blah blah blah…and what I noticed too she’s not a very appreciative celeb unlike her members. a vey cold person that I dont think is not good. dont get me wrong just saying my view on her.

      nahhh….only few koreans can sing live at all the rest Sucks!!! they only get famous bcoz of their faces and dancing skills but erhg! singing voice! really SUCKS!!!!

      not suprising to me….when I watched her comeback stage Its FAILs to me even her R&B song. Pass.

  19. You all barely found this out?
    I love DamBi, she’s pretty and she can dance her butt off, but I know as a fan she can’t sing……

  20. I didn’t think it was that bad…
    I thought it was like Girl’s Day bad, but it’s pretty okay…

  21. Just incredible on the 1) energy and effort it took for someone to do the video in the first and 2) the vitrol and anger directed at Dambi for no reason. Ridiculous.

    She did fine…it’s called context people…she is performing which means visual and audio. With a MR in the background Dambi’s focus is on the visual part of the performance. She sang just about the whole thing except for the chours.

    She has sang unplugged before and did well:

    Stop hating

  22. You know what, i’ve listened to the MR version 5 times now! And i cannot find anything wrong with her voice. The parts she does sing sound EXACTLY like the mp3 version! Her voice is incredibly stable. The only part she didn’t sing is the Wake up part. Maybe some of you guys are confused by the long silence during the dance break part because i have no idea what half of you are talking about.

  23. not surprising. most idols are like her.

  24. how dare she use the title Queen if she’s gonna be like this?

    hyori was right… “she’s got a long way to go”

    i can only think of two people who can truly be called queen:
    BoA and Lee Hyori.

    • Pss…as if Hyori can sing better. I rather have SDB as queen than Hyori who couldn’t even have an album with ORIGIANL songs!!!

      • Are you stupid? She did NOT know that the songs were plagarized.

      • well Son Dam Bi’s Queen song is hell not original. Such a ripoff of California girl and Tik TOk. And her MV is plagiarize too. Don’t tell me SDB is original girl. Not that I care, she bores me to death on stage.

      • @Teenie: Like that’s an excuse? She can’t play the victim card here because it’s her album. It’s her responsibility to make sure the songs are all hers.

      • hyon i think you need to stop being such a pathetic fangirl/fanboy or whatever you are… cuz obvisously hyori is a much better dancer/singer than your QUEEN SDB.. .. and @Eltoshen umm yeha it is her responsibility to make sure the songs are all hers but the producer gave her the tracks and she was told to record it and how the hell does she noe that the song was plagarized i bet she doesnt even noe the orginal singers/song so it is just like SDB mv you guys all said that it wasnt SDB’s fault and shit and you all blamed on the director but when it is hyori’s case you blamed on her?… just WOW…

      • @ABCDE: What the fuck are you talking about? I never said I was Son Dambi’s fan, you fucktard.

        I don’t excuse plagiarism, no matter the artist.

      • Yes, dambi is soooo much better where both her SONGS AND MUSIC VIDEO WERE PLAGARIZED. Damn, we all know that Pledis and Dambi-fans were salivating at the mouth when they think DamBi could overthrow Hyori, but if you want to copy Hyori that much, at least copy the good points about her LOL.

        And dambi fans..just a hint..stop calling her Queen..you’re only inviting for antis to hate on dambi..and frankly it is embarassing.

  25. dambi’s queen is heavily autotune. maybe she’s dunno how to carry it live (?). anyway, she should learn how to sing it live. thats her job as a singer. not dancer. hope she sing well next time.

  26. I think this song doesn’t need to sing a lot ’cause there’s a lot of autotune.
    She did do a good job in Can’t you see. Anyways, singing and dancing at the same time is not that of an easy job, so netizens need not to overact.

  27. is this the reason why Hyori commented that she (SDB) is not ready yet? o_o

    • will hyori isnt that good

      • woah!

      • well hyori was never a good singer from the start but to me much much better that QUEEN SON DAMBI.. cuz hyori was dancing quite much in CCBB but she still mange to sing 8/10 of the song and if i compare that to SDB’s, queen dance move was like the easiest that i rememberd along oh!… and SDB was like singing 6/10 of the song and not to mention that hyori is like in her 30s already… so obivously hyori is a much better performer than SDB in my opinion…

      • @ABCDE: I LOVE Hyori but I don’t know how can you say she sang 8/10 of the song =)) Well, maybe it’s just me who is deaf? Perhaps that. I agree with you on the rest that she’s older and the dance moves are quite harder than Queen. But this actually disappointed me much. And DON’T say “because they dance” or sth like that. If you choose to be a singer then please manage to sing live good before going for dance moves like this.

      • I think it’s the way the audio was removed…some of her voice was removed along with it…


      • people need to stop posting that stupid video.

        It doesn’t prove anything besides the fact that the sound system sucks, the person who did the MR took out some of her voice along with it and did a bad job at it (why did her voice sound like a damn robot?). Have you guys seen the MR removed of Hey Mr Big or You Go Girl? Hyori was basically flawless in those performances.

        And stop bringing Hyori up whenever DamBi is being questioned. DamBi has a long was to go before she can even be mentioned in the same league as Hyori/Boa. All of Dambi’s fans are dellusional just like her record company into thinking that she has the chops to be the “queen”. And no we’re not reading too much into the “queen” thing, Pledis know what they’re doing by making a concept like that and they know what type of reaction they’ll get.

  28. myb she sounded like dat coz the SONG is SUPPOSED tp sound like dat

  29. I actually like this song. Yes, I know she was never that great of a singer and this song isn’t all that difficult.
    I still like it, but when the music isn’t removed lol

  30. why are the netizen like this???
    She is not the only one who can’t sing in kpop, there is SNSD, Kara, WG, Hyori…..etc…so why only talk about SDM and leave those other artists???

    • agree

    • Lol SNSD can’t sing? Have u listened to their mr versions yet? They can sing!

      • yes, i see that they can’t sing, is there a problem ?!!!!!!!
        just taeyeon who can sing, and don’t tell me that yoona or that “dancing queen” can sing…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @ Nana
        I’m so sorry, but you’re deaf 🙂

      • @notahater

        LOL, so do you call that voices!!!!!
        plz!!!! everyone know that SNSD can’t sing!! only taeyeon!!
        yoona..does she actually sings? in oh! she doesn’t have any parts..or if you consider (malhagu shippu) is a part 😛
        she is just the face of the group, even though she is not that pretty there are a lot of girls who are prettier than her!!!!!!!
        why are they popular?? o, i forgot ajussies love them!!! that what SM said by himself!!

      • @ Nana

        Yes, they CAN sing. Hatred can make you deaf & blind. Just sayin’ :).
        “everyone know that SNSD can’t sing!!” <======= Really??? Everyone?? Or just you and antis?

    • I’m not surprised at all that antis/haters would think SNSD can’t sing :). And yes “that” dancing queen you’re talking about can actually sing 🙂 don’t believe me?

      you’ll be surprised to see Hyo actually got a nice voice.

  31. ok she really bad, barely sung, just horrible
    what a fake artist

  32. well it took people this long to realize that she cant sing? wow….
    her engrish was terrible “until you decide” if it wasnt for the lyrics i wo uldnt believe she was saying that & i still dont actually.
    and why is she so damn skinny? its scary. her face seriously looks like this -> V …. O__O gross.
    the choreo wasnt even all that hard so you cant even blame that, and even if the clothes are her concept they’re ugly. nothing special here.

    • sdb is isn’t fail in english. the ‘until you decide’ line is actually in korean which was made to sound like until you decide. the lyrics actually say if you still 아틸리싸이 (a-til-li-sa-i).

      And about her being Skinny, pss… now your just trying hard to criticize anything right. Many kpop artist are skinny (all of SNSD nearly), it’s considered attractive. Just coz your the size of an ogre no need to be jealous.

      • umm @hyon personally i dont find being a stick attractive at all……..well if you like stick figures then ok thats not my problem.. but just becuase some people likes to share their opinion it doesnt always mean that they are jealous….. i personnaly think that SDB is a little bit too skinny too but does that mean that i’m jealous NO!? i htink ou need to stop replying to every comments that is bashing your QUEEB SON DAMBI(pshh if BOA comes back son dambi just needs to sit back and learn how it is done correctly) becasue not everybody agree with you..

      • Unfortunately 아틸리싸이 is not actually a word in Korean. This particular line in the song confused people such that there are news articles wondering what it actually means.

        Turns out the ‘아틸리싸이’ that we all see on some music shows is just the Koreanised ‘Until you decide’… basically whatever you hear her singing it as.

  33. i love SDB. she’s very pretty and she can dance and even though she didn’t sing all of that song. she can sure as hell sing better than me. lol. if i tried to perform that song i’d look like hot S$@T straight from a monkeys azz. SDB Fighting!!!

  34. im more surprised by ppl realizing just now that she cant sing.

  35. There are many takers in Kpop do not have sounds good, so this is not strange 🙂

    Special teams of girls, most of them are just pretty faces

    On these teams are only one girl could sing [ secret – snsd – t-ara – rainbow – miss A ]

  36. Not surprising ! Netizen should have realized earlier about that ! No need a MR to find out lol.

  37. thats kpop

    not surprising though lol

  38. HAHA. some people really expect a lot huh? this song is so autotuned and you expect her to sing really well? she’s dancing while singing. i think she did really well. and it is not her fault that she want to promote this song. the company chose this song for her to promote.

  39. But isnt singing an afterthought these days for the current “stars”? Isnt it all about the appearance? So why criticize her when she’s doing what everyone else does.

  40. i think her voice is not bad,she can sing
    in my opinion most of dance singer sing less in their performance

  41. I actually think it’s the song that doesn’t give her any justice. It’s hard to sing type of song and the autotune…
    At the very least she tries her best!! Come on!

    • yeah i’m more dissappointed with her title song than with her singing
      i dont think anyone would take her seriously with this cute-autotune song
      her other song is better,she should promote that song

    • i agree with you! it’s not her fault. at least she tried to sing her best. it’s tiring to sing and dance at the same time.

      • I agree. It’s not her fault her singing abilities suck and that she has to use her body to sell.

  42. I don’t see why anybody should be surprised that she can’t sing. She is one of the most overrated singers in kpop and definitely doesn’t deserve any of the awards she has won over her singing career. The girl has absolutely no range in her voice and needs autotune to cover up her shortcomings.

    • so true…

    • Whatever, SDB is UNDERRATED! She’s only from a small ent company and isn’t that well known but i’m glad to hear that some people think she’s overrated since it means that they’ve started to notice her more.

      Her singing is good. Not great but certainly she can sing.

  43. she may not have the best vocal but at lest she was singing in tune..her singing is not that bad at all..
    if netizens said she can’t sing, what more for the other kpop artists out there! *cough*

  44. Is this really any shock? Pretty much AllKpop Artists would sound like this. It is why they play the BG music so damn loud. It is also one of the main reason no Asian Artists have done well in American. They can’t sing live well.

    • Korean Idols ≠ Asian singers.

    • don’t generalize asian singers.
      remember Charice? she’s getting there.

    • No Asian artists have done well in the States? Hmm. Do you know Apl de ap? Nicole S? Arnel Pineda? And oh, Charice.

      • True, they are not household names but they can definitely sing live.
        Miss Saigon Lea Salonga
        Jasmine Trias
        Charice Pempengco

    • well, in my opinion, DBSK not only can sing live, but they sing it well.

      • Too bad they can’t stick together though….

      • @lllo..that’s kinda mean! i guess they have tried but SM opposed!

        DBSK is really good in live perfs..they blended well together!
        Big Mama also gives superb live performances..

    • don’t generalize all asian..
      Charice made it to Glee and she is ASIAN!

    • Are you kidding me? (Most) american artists can’t sing for their lives–always depending on auto tunes.

    • Wonder Girls sing extremely well live.
      And I’m not just saying this, I’ve actually BEEN THERE.

  45. The song isn’t about great vocal abilities, I mean it’s not a ballad. And her vocal are great here. Netizens who said that he/she was disapointed needs to upload a vid with his/her vocal, that we can see and say what we think about it
    Let her alone

  46. Wasnt it obvious those parts where there were no voices were playback? sheesh..

    • lol yea thats what i though as well, but honestly her voice isnt that bad and the song isnt so good either,
      and she was never that great of a singer in first place

      normally its okay for artists to not sing the chorus, the only reason it’s disappointing is the fact that the song already doesnt have much singing parts and yet she doesnt sing the chorus which is already half the song cut out

  47. Well, i thought her voice sounded really good. Actually it’s very loud which is rare since most MR removed version show that singers sing quietly.

    Well better than this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgmDy3Jx3tE

    • first of all the person who edited that can’t really edit..=/
      cause the background+static were still there..
      but other than that i agree with what you said 😛

    • agree with you
      but every one is going to make an Excuse for hyori and other artist like wg …..etc
      and atlest sdb can dance and her voice is ok not that good but ok
      not like some artist that just have the face that korean love and they cant dance or sing

  48. umm not surprising at all.. she hasn’t been able to sing ever since she debuted lol. Her voice sucks in Queen, can’t believe people actually call her flawless cause she really isn’t =_=

  49. “until you decide” are those really the words she’s singing?? i guess she sounded ok

  50. The funny thing is, i’m impressed with how good her voice sounds. The only parts she didn’t sing was the wake up parts and i didn’t need to listen to the MR removed version to know that because it was obvious in her live. She really has improved because the parts she sung were mp3 perfect.

    Just the wake up part and the dance break (which has no singing) were lipsynced. Many artist don’t sing their chorus’s i.e Rain for rainism, WG’s with Nobody…i really could go on.


    • your wrong cuz she only sang half of he song….. i guess you better check the MR verison… and if other artist dont sing their chorus it is ok for son dambi? i dont noe why the other artist dont sing their chorus but Son Dambi’s dance is very very very simple but still she doesnt sing the whole hting…

      • But i did watch the MR removed version and though her voice was surprisingly stable!! And she sung the majority of her song, just the wakeup part was skipped. Other artist don’t sing their chorus all the time and why should Dambi’s case be any different and be submitted to all this hate.

      • No. She didn’t sing the chorus. She sang everything else. The parts where the rapper rapped she obviously didn’t sing because it wasn’t her lines.

  51. LOL so no one knows this before? without the MR,no one would realize this at all? -.- she cant sing.FULLSTOP

    • lol i agree! seriously wtf where people expecting from her? she has been a bad ‘singer’ from day one. rofl u netizens..

  52. I’m curious of how the netizen get the audio 😮

    Anyway, hmm no offence I have never think of her as a good singer. Dancing: yes, singing: well, maybe not.

    • Use Free youtube to mp3 converter, I geuss. And btw, am I the only one who think she’s not THAT bad? I mean it’s not good but maybe because of the song too.

      • She sounds exactly like the song that’s released.
        It’s a bad song because of the bad way the song is sung. It’s the cutie crap that she’s doing to be like SNSD, Kara and all the other bubble gum pop.

      • Yeah, it sounds decent. Don’t get the huge deal.

  53. it’s because of the massive autotune of the song…because of that she probably didn’t give more effort to sing.

  54. Most of the time she is not singing lol.
    She is so pretty though..

    • what do people expect from her? from day one I knew she’s just another pretty face doll.

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