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Guess who #70

Guess which female idol’s childhood photos this is?

Go under the cut for the answer.

She’s KARA Han SeungYeon!

Her childhood photos were revealed on SBS HaHaMongShow on 11th July. MCs HaHa and MC Mong had paid a visit to KARA’s dormitory on the show. And looking around in Han SeungYeon’s neatly tidied room, the MCs discovered her baby photos.

Did you guess it right?


34 Responses

  1. […] Credits: Kbites […]

  2. cute Seo *w*


  4. Knew it from her huge eyes. Hammy <333

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Guess who #70 http://bit.ly/dcWPrH […]

  6. lol baby seungyeon kinda looks like lily in modern family.

  7. 아ㅏㅏㅏ……귀업워ㅓㅓㅓ!!^^

  8. She hasn’t really change much !
    Seungyeon is so cute since she was a baby lol.

  9. I SO TOTALLY KNEW IT! SHE IS SO CUTE! SeungYeon Hwaiting! ❤ ~

  10. Wat a natural cutie~~ I guessed it right away!

  11. WOOHOO..
    i guess it right..
    her eyes look the same..

  12. YES, I was right! So cute!

  13. Hahaha, I knew straight away that it was Seungyeon! And I’m not even a huge fan of KARA.

    It’s her eyes that gave it away. :]

  14. The eyes gave it away.
    She is a natural beauty! I love it!

  15. it looked so familiar but i couldnt get it. damn she looks exactly the same! o_O haha so cute^^

  16. natural beauty right there
    her eyes are big

  17. O.O whoa her eyes were huge!

  18. totally knew it!! her eyes were a total giveaway! so big and prettyyyy~!!


  19. Seungyeon is so freaking hot and cute


  21. I knew it coz of her eyes. So cute!

  22. Knew it too! From her nose and mouth.

  23. Naaw so cute, I love SeungYeons eyes 😀 ❤

  24. I used to look just like her when i was a child, but i’m not asian and i don’t have eye-smile keke
    SeungYeon is really adorable..

  25. this one was really easy

  26. yay i guessed right. Remember reading something saying she revealed her childhood photos. But she’s adorable. =D

  27. What ??
    that is mean i am the only one who did not guess it right !!!!

  28. haha i knew it was her, its the first photo i guessed right! Lol. Out of all the the 69 ones >___< The lips and nose kinda looked familiar.

  29. Yay..i gt it right..De eyes gave mi a clue on who it was.. =p

  30. Haha. I knew it. She’s so cute.

  31. Knew it.

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