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Jay Park reveals video for ‘Count On Me (Nothin’ On You)’

A video was posted up on Jay Park’s Youtube Channel on 12th July and had seemed like a MV to his Korean version of the song ‘Count On me (Nothin’ On You)’.

The video was a pleasant surprise for fans, and amidst speculations that Jay may be having his singer comeback in Korea.

Love it or not?

Thanks to tingle_tingle for the headsup!


44 Responses

  1. this just the beginning for Jay!!
    OMG, i can’t wait for his songs in the future and his projects!

  2. His singing may not be exceptionally good but at least he sings better than everyone in 2PM except Junsu. And he dances BETTER than everyone in 2PM.

  3. Ddar Mr. Jay,

    I have a suggestion. Why don’t you try singing the song with 100% Korean lyric. I love the songs.. but your chorus and intro make me wish that I could delete your and mash up the rest o the song with the original… I don’t know why. but I like the baby part on other part of the songs but not in the intro.. it seriously annoy me….. But… I love your original part.. it really nice..

    This is the first time I’m requesting the full song to be really different than what I have heard from the above video..

    Please try to consider my suggestion…

    Truly interested if my suggestion could be accepted.


  4. Jay is simply EXQUISITE and BEAUTIFUL! Yeah!

  5. Love this version but i don’t like the mv but i am still happy to hear jay singing in korean again.

  6. He doesn’t exactly sing well…

    I don’t know, I’m just hating here, but I really can’t understand the hype about Jay. He’s pretty talented at dancing – I’ll give him that – but his voice is, at best, borderline acceptable.

    With everyone going crazy about him, you would expect more… but oh well, I’ll just go back to listening to Clazziquai or something :/

    • omg. agree!!
      i honestly don’t get the hype. his singing is so mediocre and i don’t think he can stand alone as a soloist. i’m sure his fans will make sure he succeeds, but his voice just really hurts my ears 😦
      to me, jay park is so overrated. i’m really not trying to hate or offend his fans. he is just not someone i can like.

      and before fans start saying that i shouldn’t read articles about him or leave comments and/or listen to him, don’t worry. i usually don’t. my curiosity got the better of me on this one. not gonna happen again. *fades into the background*

    • I have to agree…he really doesn’t sing well and to me honestly when he sings live his expressions aren’t good either….it also seems like he’s struggling but he does kinda have the stage presence…at times he seems like he’s cocky too…His dancing is sick though…but other than that he’s kinda overrated…but I do enjoy seeing him succeed though cuz he’s gone through so much…

  7. oohh I thought they were gonna use his english rap! his own rap was awesome! i didn’t know it would be korean lol oh well, jay park fighting!

  8. oh ya Jesus is back 🙂

  9. ❤ 🙂

  10. I like it. =]
    but sometimes jay, in my opinion, seems a little cocky… Maybe its just me.

  11. lol the move at 30secs was directly out of again and again at the beginning part of the dance

    the moveset prior to that looks familiar too but i cant pinpoint exactly where.

    yeah, the video looks low budgeted but its still good. as constructive criticism, i would’ve had something like yb’s i need a girl dance mv. white background, perhaps mirrored floor (you can use editing too for reflection effect) and zoomed out abit and let jay dance and do his thing. that and with the occasional closeups like they did with this video. sounds the same as what jay did, but i would’ve not used two jay parks on screen at one time, like remove the close up jay just staring at the screen. jays a good dancer, let him show it

  12. oh and those who said it looks cheaply made first of all he doesn’t have a big ass company backing him at the time this video was made to pay for a big budget video so yeah think before you speak

  13. No homo…but I love you Jay lol. oh yeah and Chrissy u mad?? Is it because Lebron chose to play for the Heat??? Cmon on now don’t take it out on Jay because of Lebron James he can’t help what team he wants to play for

  14. Chrissy u mad?

  15. Or, maybe, he could have an actual Original song and not a cover.

  16. i love it 🙂

  17. sounds pretty good in korean.

    i personally like the korean parts more than the english parts. maybe he should have changed the whole song into korean. hahaha.

  18. mmm.. nothing special.
    NEXT !!!!

  19. I like the part when he starts singing in Korean..hangul. The mv looks like it doesn’t have production value but I guess that’s coz he’s just starting out.When the dude makes his million then he can shoot at exotic locations and add lots of cg.. but in the meantime the mv is alright and the song is catchy

  20. yeah the baby part also annoyed me but what annoyed me the most was how nasal his voice sounded, its a turn off.

  21. i love this video!!! Jay fighting!!!

  22. nowadays jaypark news is everywhere in korea articles. Not 1 day, 2 days everyday…hiaz

  23. He looks amazingggg and happy.

    I like the original version, but this is nice too!

  24. he’s so great. i love the song~ ^O^~

  25. omg this vid brought a smile to my face ^^

  26. the video looks cheaply made. maybe when the full version is out….

    • maybe it’s cheaply made but it’s good and original i think!

      • How is it original? Not being mean but personally I dont really like is style, just my opinion. I really think he left cuz he Wanted to be solo. Maybe he’ll have better stuff (his own stuff/ not a cover song) later on.

  27. seriously i’m so happy! it was so cool! and the music too!!

  28. totally love it ^^
    jayisback 😀

  29. YAY! I hope so!!! Comeback please! (:
    Show off that talent, Jay.
    Congrats on him and Sidus HQ as well!

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  31. >:D
    i like everything
    except the baby part ><;;
    im so used to it being babe
    but everything else is ❤
    i like how the song changed

    • Thank you i was saying the saying the same thing when he said baby it threw me off but i think the rest good

        idk. i realllly liked babe but this i think i could get used to baby……?

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