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Jung YongHwa, “I’ve been sent to the police station when I was performing by the road in Japan”

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa reveals an episode where he had to enter lockup.

Jung YongHwas was one of the guest appearances on KBS late night variety show Night Star aired on 11th July when he was asked, “Have you been to the police station?”

And his answer was, “I’ve been to jail cell once when I was in Japan. I was performing by the road and was caught by police there and locked up. This was the first time I’ve been into jail.”

He also added, “I have wanted to be a police since I was young. I thought that when one wears the police uniform, one will be able to do anything and is not scared of anything.”



13 Responses

  1. that really shows how passionate u are about your MUSIC!!

  2. I dont think its fair to say that he doesnt have any more stories to tell. The first time he mentioned this I believe was in CN Blue Making the artist or Bluetory, the only reason why he mentioned it again was because he was asked, so its actually the mcs fault for making him tell the story again.

  3. this “news” is old, he said the same thing in others shows.

    • From how the article was written, it seems he was asked about it so, I think it would be rude not to answer the question. 😛

    • rigth….sam with SJ who keeps telling the same stories whenever they guest on any shows a bit Lame.

    • agree with J0kwon.

      It seems like he doesn’t has more stories to tell.

    • Yup he did say the story already on one of the shows where CN Blue was featured….but if he was asked by the MCs what was he suppose to say?….”I’ve already told this story and so I don’t want to answer anymore?’ Wouldn’t that be too rude? He was asked and so he answered the question…..

      • Exactly. I’ve heard idols tell the same stories over and over again because MCs keep asking them the same questions. PDs also like to milk those stores for all they’re worth. They might be tiring to hear, but it’s no big deal. He was asked the question, he answered it.

  4. Lol. This is crap!
    I’ve never heard that you could be in a lock-up for performing, be it legally or illegally — I don’t think it’s a crime.
    Maybe that’s their country’s “law” but it’s just nonsense.

    • Not really. Even in here where I live, you need a license to perform on the street. So if you don’t have a license, you might get a fine or something. But with them, it was further a problem because they were foreigners and they didn’t have their passports with them at the time.

      • Yeah, maybe a report or statement and off you go, but a lock-up? That surely makes you seems like a criminal when actually what you did harms no one, in fact bringing entertainment to them.

    • Where I’m from we have the similar laws. If you don’t have a licence when busking/street performing, you’re technically operating a kind of ‘business’ because you receive money for your performance. All businesses need to be licenced etc, so if you don’t have one, you’re breaching the law.

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