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Last SHINee’s comeback concept photo featuring Key revealed!

The last concept photo to SHINee’s comeback 2nd album featuring member Key has been revealed.

The photo was released on 12th July and is the last concept photo revealed for the group’s upcoming comeback.

Meanwhile, the boys are set for comeback this month.



60 Responses

  1. Whoa. I didn’t really expect THAT from them. I hoped they would go for something like the RDD-look, but this is just taken to the next 100 levels above that. I must say I’m quite shocked, I never thought SHINee would aim for something so Lady Gaga/Rihanna like. xD Nevertheless, I promise I’ll support them, because I love them. They’re still the same super-cool boys inside, and that’s what really matters! ^^ I hope they won’t have weird music though, to match these teasers to a 100%.

    Hey guys, there’s no need to say that they’re gay. Sure, they wear makeup and weird clothes that “normal” guys wouldn’t wear. But they’re celebrities/stars. If they aren’t original, nobody would notice them. Just think about the attention you’re giving them right now, that’s exactly what they want! To be noticed. Sure, not everyone respond nicely to this, but it’s nevertheless attention.

    I say we should keep supporting them! And who knows, maybe these teasers’ look will tone down a bit after a while. They didn’t keep their Ring ding dong-look all fierce and cool 24/7, they did have “normal” clothes a lot of times after the debut. Maybe it’s just a temporary thing they’re going through or something. But, anyways, as I said, we should keep supporting them! It’s still our wonderful SHINee boys, even if their looks have changed a bit.

  2. what did SM do-

  3. I swear, everyone bashing the boys on here is just stupidly f-ed up. There’s no reason to already be judging them just because of some teaser pictures. Gosh you are the stupidest, silliest and most immature people I’ve ever came across. Don’t be so cruel and demanding wanting them to have your perfect image of a comeback look.
    Well, I must say to be quite hoenst, I was really looking forward to the comeback and I still am. However, I’m not really liking the new style but can’t you just see that they’re sporting a new look for once. Gosh, open your stupid dang eyes. Who wants to look the same everytime they comeback, no one.
    Don’t be posting rude comments if you can’t take some little teaser pictures. And if you really knew SHINee, which none of you stupid heads don’t by the way you’re judging them, you would know that they would be able to pull this off.

  4. OMG x_X imma kill the stylists or whoever came up with this concept for making the cute and hot and handsome boys look like this.. and shaving key’s hair? goodness gracious no!

  5. *cough cough* hello ppl!!?!?
    this is wayyyy different than any other concept they have ever done. I don’t think you shuld judge their new concept just because it looks weird. You don’t expect them to have the same original face everytime they have new concept so pls respect them. SM probbaly had a good reason for doing all this! ><

  6. WTF?! What did SM did to Key’s hair!! T_T

  7. Seriously what so gay about the pics? They don’t even look gay, you guys are just biased, nuff said. So just STFU and don’t leave anymore “gay” comments for god sake -.- .

  8. Mmmm… IDK.
    People keep saying that they look like Gay.
    I don’t get it.. How is actually GAYs look like?

    IMO, he does look like a troubled-teenage.

  9. They always do this shit to Key!! Gosh he’s lucky he’s so charismatic and can always come back from horrendous haircuts like these.

  10. wtf are you guys talkin’ about …
    okay, you need to get used to and they’ve kinda completely changed, but, honestly, what’s so gay about the pics?! It’s just their new concept, you do not even know what it is .. so shut the fuck up and don’t leave such ridiculous comments, seriously. -.-

  11. Prayin dat their comebck song wil b s daebak s ring ding dong..de concept pics left mi speechless..de concept photos takes de cake s 1 of de worst ever..i’m wonderin y sm doesn’t haf a simple n worthy concept 4 shinee like they haf 4 suju 4 bonamana..but i still luv shinee even though de concept photos don’t go well wif my taste.. jonghyun n key wil alwayz b my faves no matter what.. =)

  12. I dont know even what to say but he looks like a freak

  13. wtf is this???? Sorry Shinee but your comeback will be fail if your looks are like this

    • Sheesh, making immature judgement like this before they even come back is FAILED.
      Not trying to mean to you but . . . ^^

    • wtf is this???? Sorry Shinee but your comeback will be fail if your looks are like this <– Hmmm??

      Woah you can predict the future?? YOU seriously FAILED =D

    • Wow, you’re so judgmental for saying that, judging their comeback just by a few teaser photos.
      This kind of stuff pisses me off.

  14. *MUST BREATHE* Key. </3

  15. -___- Im a shawol but this… Is…. aahhhh! 😐 I hope the songs are good. What did they do to these 5 precious boys? :/ are they like angry or anything? First of all, Min ho looks weird with that thing on his head, Taemin, Omona, taeminnie, what happened to all the aegyo? Onew….Dubu ~ 😦 What did they do to you?? Jonghyun no changes, i think, just the skirt and KEY. OMONA KEY OPPA! :(( But nevertheless, They’re still SHINee.

    And I’m sure this is not their choice or whatsoever, So instead of telling them that they LOOK GAY, I would just support them all the way. They’re just people doing the best they can for their career. They have to make sacrifices. And i think that’s what being a Shawol is all about. So instead of cringing at the site of these pics, Lets just hope that SHINee’s comeback would be great πŸ™‚

  16. god!! it would all be so easier on us all if SM just freaking revealed the inspiration for this. i mean, this is just killing me! and ring ding dong had such an awesome concept. damn.

  17. im sure they cried in the bathroom after the photoshoot. oh that just make it much gay-er.

  18. Damn, SHINee!
    You guys are so G A Y !

  19. This would be okay for a photo shoot. But I hope that they wont look too crazy ontstage. We’ll just have to wait and see i guess. And Key’s hair looks pretty freakin awesome but im not sure how well it’ll look in a normal pic and in person lol

  20. *cries*

    What did they do to Key?!

    At least… Jonghyun is okay. ;_;

  21. Is SM taking out thier DBSK/Super Junior induced anger on these boys??

    Tsk, tsk.

    Hopefully the song will be good.

  22. I have no idea what to think of this and I’m trying to be VERY open-minded. Oh my.

  23. honestly if some girls find this concept hot, I think they have issues.
    shinee really need to look manlier.

    shinee’s new concept SUCKS !!!!

    • lol you should go to allkpop and the soompi thread all the shinee fans say this is so hot there so manly i say WTF?

      • Allkpop is controlled by butthurt fans and their power to thumb down the TRUTH.

        Yes, Jonghyun is wearing a skirt. Yes, Taemin looks like a tree frog. Yes, Onew looks like he’s about to do Flashdance. Yes… Key looks… beyond weird.

      • omg “allkpop” their readers are a bunch of new teeny crazy kpop fans well some olds too. that’s why u rarely cant see any negative comments of their F* beloved idols. who seem very blind not yet grown up.
        and some are just totally annoying who cant appreciate other kpop aritst works and decisons.

      • @duhhh!: “and some are just totally annoying who cant appreciate other kpop aritst works and decisons.”

        you’re one to talk.

  24. LOL WTF
    i thought they couldnt get any gay-er. guess i was wrong.

  25. O _ – GAY, SHMAY, WHO CARES? Let them do what thet want to, if they FALL FLAT ON THEIR FACES with this, it’s their and their production company’s FAULT and NOBODY ELSES’!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  26. These photos just keep getting creepier and creepier by the day..

  27. I still think Onew looks normal more so than the other boys.

    • agree… Onew always looks the most normal one ever since debut.
      No hideous hairstyles or outfits.
      Even in Juliette, he looks the best. N to me he’s the manliest…^^

  28. Hm, well, honestly, their concept photos are always weirder than their actual comeback and performance wear, right? So it’s probably not going to be THIS weird, I HOPE….

  29. omg….i’m speechless…..

  30. the gayest thing in all the year.. o_o

  31. if Minho wear that thing on his head on there comeback stage i think SM hate them or something.

  32. SHINee’s concept is so ughh.. honestly these ‘boys’ look GAY.
    esp. Taemin.

    • I agree that they look really gay like boys who want to attract old pedofiles, All of them look very gayish except maybe for Key

  33. hmmm.. all i can say is.. i dont get the concept xD
    they all look like really awkward ‘i can explain’-esque selca pictures..

  34. hehe they should clean his mouth first he look like his doing drugs with that white powder on his mouth.

  35. LOL key looks hella gay πŸ˜€

  36. Jap? lol weird πŸ˜€

  37. ewwww WTF o_O

  38. the concept is really weird
    but i still cant wait for their comeback

    personally i think key made the most drastic change, esp to the hair, but im not surprise, he always changes his hair the most during their comeback

    im very very satisfied with his photo!

  39. Now face paint ?
    Is he wearing it on stage… ?

    WTF it the concept ? !

    • i’ve seen a lot of ugly in kpop but this one just takes the cake….. is this a kpop boy band or a drag show?

      i know it’s a novel idea but why don’t we let boys look like…..you know… boys?! so disturbing.

      • Agree 100%.
        I usually like really weird art…but this just looks stupid.
        Maybe whoever came up with this idea is a gay pedophile! lol even though they’re not really THAT young. lmao

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