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‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon to debut in mixed 9-member group in September

Another member to Core Contents upcoming 9-member group has been revealed.

Earlier, ‘Goo Hara alooklike’ Jin HyeWon from the upcoming mixed 9-member group from Core Contents was revealed, which garnered much interests from fans and netizens. And according to Core Contents, the group will be made up of 4 female members with an average height of 180cm and 5 male members.

There has been rumours and speculations of Jin HyeWon replacing a member in T-ara, but after images of Jin HyeWon with upcoming group members JungWoo, KwangHaeng and InOh were revealed, the speculations and rumours were proven groundless.

The group is set for debut in September.


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  1. I personally think that she’s actually prettier than Hara. AND I LOVE MIX GROUPS!!!! Thank you! I’m sick of some of these girl groups who don’t have talent >< And I'm pretty sure this group will have talented peoppe because CCM produces a lot of groups who rock at singing (: I'm cheering this group on. ❤

  2. Please stop core media. You just made a lot of people hate a probably nice girl by trying, yet again, to rip off kara. As far as i remember, hara got famous on making a ridiculously adorable mistake and then for being ridiculously beautiful as well. So shut up about her being hara and debut the creature already. It’ll be too late though,,, because you’ve made us hate her already

    • @GaRa how the heck is Core Media ripping off Kara? You guys have the idiotic thinking ever, as far as I know Kara is a girl group of 5 and Jin HyeWon is debuting in a group of Mix of Boys and Girls of 9?? Not to mention all of you guys and girls are getting mad at Core Content in which they had nothing to do with giving Jin the name aka “little Goo Hara” THOSE are people opinions and news company write up of what they heard from other people so get mad at THOSE people

  3. lol, i thought the boys were girls, haha. but it’ll be nice to have a mixed group like boys and girls together.

  4. mixed member group? this is the first since their debuting as idols instead of group like 8eight…will be looking forward.

    i was scared that she might be a new member to t-ara but i guess that wasn’t the big change

    and i think her nickname “little Goo Hara” is from her company…its kinda like how the company called jiyeon “little Kim Taehee” before she debuted and got criticized…but jiyeon then later on said that her boss started that and apologized

  5. Oh please stop calling her ‘Little Goo Hara’.

    Hara is super duper cute, this girl is just average looking. She looks nothing like Hara.

    • TOTALLY agree!!! She looks nothing like Goo Hara and everytime I see her photos I get the shivers.

    • CCM needs to stop using Hara’s name for publicity. It’s starting to piss me off.

      • @hottestime FYI CCM are not using Hara’s name for publicity you can blame the people that writes this news articles and their opinions >>

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: ‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon to debut in mixed 9-member group in September http://twurl.nl/otvcpl […]

  7. i dont care if she (or try to) looks like goohara. she’s pretty. sure the boys in that pics are cute. but it will be better if they have TALENT. can sing and dance well. so this group isnt consist of people that have ONLY face.

    • @vira if you know that Core Content Artist are known for their vocally talented singers let me phrase ‘TALENT’ meaning SINGING (seeya, davichi, black pearl, tiara)

  8. finally a MIX GROUP!!
    and not just temporary mix group…
    and that Guy..hoo another eye candy..

  9. More like ‘The Ring’ lookalike.

  10. A mix group ? I was thinking about which company would be the first to produce that lol.

  11. WTF another big group???? no thanks.
    BB, all the way !!!!

  12. They’re trying to cater to the female n male fans in order to gain more support with single promotion.
    If they divide the group into 1 boyband n 1 girlband, that will cost them more…lol

    Btw, i’m afraid that majority of Koreans will end up in the tough entertainment circle. With more young people debuting, don’t u get the feeling that the country starts to lose young generation with interests in medical, science, economy etc??

  13. mixed group is interesting but I doubt fanatic fangirls will like the idea of having their oppas spending all night all day with the female groupmates… LOL

  14. Mixed group, oh yeah!!!! I like this…I’m sick of only girl/only boy groups.

  15. This is interesting… 🙂

  16. the guy in grey shirt is HOT^^

  17. Darn too much names to remember
    but a mix 9 group is very interesting to see
    I just hate that the group is so big
    what happen to just 5 people???

    • i think the company wants to pay them less i think.

      • haha good one. since koreans are so into entertainment plus there are too many trainees so its one of the most effective way to get them debut straight away. 🙂

  18. The guy in the first pic looks hot and the guy to her right is pretty cute too ^^

    but 9 members? seriously? i’m sick of all these new big groups debuting -___-”

    SNSD, ZE:A and now them? the number 9 ain’t special to SNSD anymore i guess.

    • Goo Hara alooklike SUCKS !!!
      the reall hara is pretty and talented.

    • the best in kara? please “^^ I love hara, but even in kara (that isn’t known for their great voices) she really is not good at singing “^^

      she can dance, she’s pretty but she sucks at singing… it’s a fact that doesn’t mean you can’t love her (I do love her) you need everything in a group…

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