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miss A surpasses veteran singers to be #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart

Newcomer girlgroup miss A has risen to the #1 spot on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 2nd week of July (5th~11th July).

The group’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 just 2 weeks after it entered the chart at #16. It has moved up 15 rankings really fast to be at #1.

This is great results for the newcomer considering that they have surpassed other veteran singers like Baek JiYoung, Son DamBi and Narsha to be at #1. MC Mong’s latest song ‘Sick Enough To Die’ which was #1 last week slipped one rank to be at #2. And Baek JiYoung’s song ‘Over Time’ which was #2 last week slipped 2 rankings to be at #4 this week.

The rest of the chart results:

  1. miss A ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’
  2. MC Mong ‘Sick Enough To Die’
  3. Jo Kwon ‘Day For Confession’
  4. Baek JiYoung ‘Over Time’
  5. TaeYang ‘I Need A Girl’
  6. Son DamBi ‘Can’t You See’, up 15 rankings
  7. 2AM SeulOng + IU ‘Nagging’
  8. Narsha ‘I’m In Love’
  9. Gan MiYeon ‘Going Crazy’
  10. Supreme Team ‘Because Of You’

The contents team leader for Monkey3 commented, “The dance songs which goes well with the summer and autumn season are popular at the moment. And we see that idol group miss A will continue to do well up on the top 10 rankings.”


50 Responses

  1. wow i thought th girl on th far right was taec XD

  2. Lol they are #1 in one chart and their fans are already becoming cocky. Their album aren’t even selling well -__- not even the 1/10 of suju album sales tsssk…

    • You didn’t expect them to sell more albums than SuJu, did you?

      They aren’t #1 in one chart, theypretty much dominated all the charts last week. Melon, Monkey3, Bugs, Cyworld, etc.

  3. miss A is amazing. I love every member especially Suzy. Min too, but I don’t like her face when she’s singing haha XD

    I stalked miss A or SISTAR before their debut. I just know, that miss A will debut in America, after they’re famous like Wonder Girls in Asia. 😀

  4. i love the group but not their song..
    at the end of the day it’s still JYP’s ballgame..their career will not depend on how good they are or how big their fanbase are, it’s in JYP’s freakin hands..remember what he did to some of his artists..
    i just hope Miss A will win rookie awards not just in Korea but also in China (i heard they will also go there)..

  5. the song aint even good to begin with sorry

  6. @121 I AGREE. The main reason i like Miss A is because they didn’t have be in the news papers 1 year before their debut or have multiple teasers before their single was released (i mean i loved teasers but sometimes they become boring and the anticipation could leave you disappointed). I had no prejudgments about miss A before they debute and now love them. Great tactic by JYP (hope it teaches YG a lesson).

    • I’m sorry, but I’m sick of ppl calling out YGE because of its marketing strategies, especially when almost every company out there hype their talents at certain points.

      • hyon is just a YG hater he/she always give a negative post about YG.

      • Ignore her/him.
        Don’t take the comment srsly, she’s the one who thinks SDB can sing afterall.

    • So? If you don’t like multiple teasers, why do you care about it.. even mentioning it in unrelated article..

      I have no problem with Miss A.. the song is kind of addicted.. and the lyric could somehow be a motivation for people to not judge a book by a cover, of course.. you have to ignore the part where they sing about a type of boy they want..

      I don’t know if JYP composed the song.. but I think it’s quiet different.. if only the autotune is done less.. it would be much better..

      I hope they succeed in this brutal KPop world.. stay strong ladies..

    • sorry dear, i don’t think YG needs to learn anything from JYP…they’re both great companies in their own way…no need to hate one another…

    • Miss A once was Sisters anyway-you know the Chinese WonderGirls, the 2nd WG etc
      but after Sunmi left Hylim joined WG, 2 other members left that is why we have Miss A today
      but at the end of the day 2 of the members now was once known as the members of Chinese Wonder Girls, and Min known as the next asian singer to be debut in US
      so at the end of the day everyone have their own marketing strategy
      what YG did clearly help 2ne1 to shoot to stardom so what do you mean by teaches YG a lesson?

      so whether the group success or not is about having the right song
      and JYP and YG clearly did that

      • Thank you this troll must be new to kpop jyp hyped min up for years as the next best thing and who can forget about the Chinese wg who was out for a year lol.

    • HHAHAHA!
      YGE has the best promotion strategies,
      EVERYONE ( whether or not they admit it ) Was interested in 2NE1

  7. I think the main reason why everyone is so amazed about Miss A is b/c they were not overhyped before their debut JYPE did not do like what other agencies usually do so when they debut everyone was surprised by their talent and nobody expected they will be that good I feel these girls will sure be one of kpop top artist

    • i think next year maybe they will surpass Kara and t-ara but not SNSD,Wonder Girls and 2NE1 they have solid fans base compare to other girl group.

      • idk with soooo many girlgroups going overseas (mainly to Japan – Kara, SNSD, 4 Minute, T-ARA, BEG and possibly 2NE1 in the near future) I think that these girls may be on top. IF JYP does not do a Wonder Girls and pull them out at their height of success.

      • Don’t think it matters, their are SOOO many girl groups that I’m even starting to get annoyed and boring and I’ve been listening to K-Pop for 3 years now.

        I think they should stop debuting trainees and getting more trainees, instead put more money into improving them for more than 2 years.

      • Trust me u will never know last year when 2NE1 first debut nobody thought they win against SNSD but they did and nobody thought that SNSD will do amazing job and become korea top female group after what happened to them in 2008 dream concert .. Miss A is a group that is doing an amazing job despite all the strong competition that they are facing they managed to top many of the online charts and the number of their fancafe is increasing so far they have more than 6000 members in their daum cafe and lets not forget they are under JYPE and we all know that JYP is the master when it comes in creating hit songs

  8. I hope they win best new girl group at this years mkmf/mama awards. Just like WG did 🙂 That would make JYP so proud!

    • hope so but i think C.N.Blue will win they sold more albums than them and there digital download is the same.

      • They separate the male and female groups for that award. So CN Blue may possibly win best male rookie group but that won’t affect Miss A 🙂

      • CN Blue is a male group and Miss is a female group so both groups can for sure win rookie awards beside Miss A just debut and Im sure by the end of this year they will release another song that will be a hit

    • I do hope they win. Better than SISTAR for a fact.

      • Ditto at least Miss A has good vocals and sings live other than SISTAR which debut song has Autotune all over it xD

  9. SNSD/f(x)/Miss A are now my favorite girl groups !

    • u mean snsd whichbdebuted long time ago is equal with miss a? nice 😉

      • Hum no I don’t, I just mean that I really like them and it’s just my opinion. 🙂

  10. I find nothing special about their song. Heck, I feel all the songs so far this year were weak and underwhelming compare to last year and a year before that.
    I hope BB, Shinee, Boa, Se7en, and 2ne1 will bring their A game.

    • I dont think their song is weak or not special I dont know if u read the lyrics but the song is about how people must not judge other biased in how they look etc at first was not that crazy about BGGG but when I read the lyrics I really liked it

      • Same here. I liked the song before but loved it after reading the lyrics. It has a good message.

    • yeah well, Miss A’s song is not catchy, I’m so sorry. I don’t get the hype at all. I listened to the song 3 times in a row hoping it would sink in me.. but no, it’s just not my cup of tea. hence, to each his own.

      • well everyone has their own tastes and i respect that xD we can’t just force you to like it =)

  11. Miss A is so amazing and I’m so happy Korea also see their talent. I love them so much and I hope they could stay on the top for a while ! I also want them to win an award lol.

  12. i like this group they remind me 2NE1 who last year dominate veteran singers to now i hope there next song will be even more successful there only problem is there album don’t sell even 2PM and Wondergirls can’t sell there album but there digital downloads is good.

    • Yeah I think JYP just produces the same sounding song for each album that isn’t just worth buying…. not diverse enough probs…

      • I don’t think so. miss A’s style seems different to Wonder Girls or 2NE1. I don’t think this single is that popular but I do know it has a pretty strong feel to it.

      • @misu….Not really. It’s more that JYP fans are not as hardcore as SM fans for some reason. I’ve notice most JYP group fans are casual fans.

      • lol true…JYPE has that style… that same style of songs. i actually had that thought about WG song… if u see tell me, so hot, nobody… but then again…its catchy :p

  13. Because they are awesome kekeke

  14. Wah DAEBAK!
    For a rookie group who just debuted, MISS A IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME! ❤
    Min is a really sick dancer and Suzy is just the cutest maknae ever! Plus, their vocals and choreography are perfect!

    "You don't know me, so shut up boy!" 😀

    JYPE family ftw!
    Miss A hwaiting! ❤

    • Yeah! miss A is the best..the girls’re so talented and they are even better than TaeYang (his ‘I Need A Girl’ is really boring)

      btw, its sad how Super Junior song isnt in top10.

      • I’m proud of miss A.
        Love how these girls win against BB Taeyang and SuJu.

        Miss A >>>>>>>>>>> Taeyang + super junior

        Good Girl Bad Girl is AWESOME !!!

      • Totally agree with you. Miss A is jjang !!! ^^

        Is amazing how our girls pwns groups like SJ, who’re really popular and have a huge fanbase,and taeyang.

        Miss A #1, baby <333333333

      • OK come on no need to be harsh against other artists. You can have your opinion but some others might like that song you consider “boring”.

    • dumbass. does it need to compare their songs to other singers. cocky New miss a fans.

    • For me missA is BEST Rookie group of 2010.
      sorry cnblue LOL

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