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Scenes in question of plagiarism to be deleted from Son DamBi ‘Queen’ MV

It has been announced that particular scenes off Son DamBi’s new MV ‘Queen’ will be deleted amidst criticisms of plagiarism.

The MV ‘Queen’ first revealed on 8th July, was under criticisms of plagiarism by netizens after some scenes were said to look very similar to that of American drama ‘Alice’.

Following the criticisms, Son DamBi’s agency Pledis released reports on 12th July saying, “We did not know about the scenes which were of question until the criticism arose. After confirming and discussing with our MV production team, we have decided to delete off the scenes from the MV. We see the problem of misunderstanding that the scenes in question are plagiarism which arose after the criticisms and decided to delete them.”



19 Responses

  1. […] new version is released in response to the allegations of plagiarisms in the MV after it was released last […]

  2. […] it has been a smooth comeback for Son DamBi with criticisms of plagiarism for her MV scenes as well as criticisms against her vocal capabilities with the MR-removed videos of her […]

  3. […] it has been a smooth comeback for Son DamBi with criticisms of plagiarism for her MV scenes as well as criticisms against her vocal capabilities with the MR-removed videos of her performances […]

  4. So they’re gonna delete the scenes and pretending like nothing’s happen? What a smart way to get away… *sarcasm*

  5. They honestly think that by deleting the scenes everything will be ok??? This company is lucky they haven’t been sued yet either. They need and should be able to protect Son DamBi’s image better-if she’s accused of plagiarism, whose going to take the fault?? Her! (and that’s considering I’m not a fan of hers,but I think that companies need to take better care of their artists!!)

  6. Hmm, I wonder what they’re gonna replace those scenes with. Maybe more dancing scenes.

  7. yawn this wont solve anything. they better go on a flagging spree and flag all the old versions of the video. with that old version of the video out there. still they are not in the clear.

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Scenes in question of plagiarism to be deleted from Son DamBi ‘Queen’ MV http://twurl.nl/7l7uzj […]

  9. It’s time the k industry people, songwriter, mv creators and etc. to realize that this bluff ain’t working. We did not know???? Like hello. People aren’t that straight believing anymore dears. And it’s a globalized world. There’s internet. People can see lots of stuff on the internet from all over the world. Like kpop in other parts of the world and vice versa. -.-

  10. This company is really stupid 😦
    not because the issue of plagiarism, but because of comments to be published after the scandals of plagiarism
    as before with the After school !!!!!

  11. But if they delete scenes of the MV, what will replace it?

  12. how can you NOT know that the scenes are “similar”??? they look identical. it’s a blatant lie but at least they’re removing it from the MV.

    dambi is a great performer. i love her, i just wish she had a better concept for her comeback or maybe executed it better because this is a letdown.

    • Not everyone has seen that American show you know. I doubt SDB/Pledis have ever heard of it. I sure as hell haven’t.

      Anyways well done to Pledis for acting soo fast to nip the situation in the bud. I’m glad they’re doing something about it.

      • i agree that not everyone has seen that show. but for something to “coincidentally” be identical… i repeat myself, IDENTICAL, i find that highly unlikely. but that’s just me. if you feel otherwise, then good on you. i’m not forcing you to agree with me.

    • I agree 100%. If maybe the scenes were at least a little bit different you could see their side but…you have to be BLIND to not be able to see those scenes as ABSOLUTELY alike!

  13. Isn’t it admitting the plagiarism allegations… Hyori was telling her to be careful and that’s she isn’t ready to follow her footsteps yet… how ironic, she’s in the same trouble now.
    I’m really disappointed with her album and her whole concept…. Of course she can’t do anything about the plagiarism issue, it’s not her fault. But I keep thinking that she could have come with a better song. I don’t know ! I don’t want to blame her for anything because i love her… but i’m SO disappointed. Hope this won’t affect her too much anyway, because being an entertainer must be very tiring.

    • so instead of admitting that that jacked the ideas, they’re just gonna delete the scenes and act like nothin’ happened?
      someone please sue Pledis’ @ss.

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