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August is the month of Japanese debuts! Brown Eyed Girls to have Japanese debut in August

It seems that August is the month for Korean girlgroups to have their Japanese debut.

Following groups like 4Minute, KARA and So Nyeo Shi Dae, Brown Eyed Girls will also be having their Japanese debut. Early August, the group will be having their showcase and if fast enough, they will also be releasing the Japanese version of their hit song ‘Abracadabra’ in mid-August.

An official told Newsen on 13th July, “Brown Eyed Girls will have their Japanese debut in August. They have currently finished recording the Japanese version of their songs. They will start their Japanese promotional activities with the holding of their showcase.”

August is the month of Japanese debut for Korean girlgroups. Mid-August KARA will be debuting with the debut single ‘Mister’, and end-August So Nyeo Shi Dae will also be holding a large scale showcase. 4Minute is also looking into releasing their 2nd single in Japan end-July.

A music industry expert commented, “There has been great interests on Korean girlgroups in Japan. We believe that idol groups gave a strong selling point in the Japanese music market. And we see that they will be achieving good results there.”



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  1. ugh, why are all these girl groups debuting in Japan at the same time? it’s much smarter to stay in Korea and make a GREAT comeback while most of the bigger names are trying to make it to Japan.

    • One word: MONEY.
      Japan makes you more MONEY. Even with declining sales recently, you still make more money in Japan than Korea. Period.

    • Mhmm or even China… the deveoping market their will be skyrocketting soon I don’t understand why Korean groups are not promoting there…

      • Because even if you sell more CDs in China, the CDs are cheaper so it doesn’t bring much money.

  2. I don’t think it’s a gd idea 2 promote 3 korean girl groups @ de same tyme..It’s like beg’s company doesn’t 1 beg 2 lose out 2 younger girl groups like kara n snsd..I think it wld b better if beg japan promo activities b pushed bck 2 de end of de yr or early next yr n focused on de k-pop music industry while snsd n kara r busy wif their japan promotions..

  3. where did you hear that SME didn’t want SNSD to join AVEX because they do poor promotions?
    with AVEX selling all their SME shares, cutting all their ties with SME, basically means AVEX doesn’t want anything to do with them. This most likely angered SME which is why they decided to look for other agencies. This is the only reasonable explanation for me.

    Although what dsdadad is also possible. Though I don’t think debuting their own girl group would affect their decision on accepting SNSD or KARA. It’s not like they’re going to debut at the same time. I’m sure they have enough staff to share the load.

    On the other hand, I wish all these groups would just stay in Korea and work on saving the Korean Industry rather than moving to Japan.

    • “On the other hand, I wish all these groups would just stay in Korea and work on saving the Korean Industry rather than moving to Japan.”

      +1 Million

    • dude AVEX SUCKS with girl groups.
      Look at Tenjochiki , The Grace CSJH, they were awesome in korea but in japan… -______________-

      • Avex is about starting from the bottom up. They train you, package you and expect you to make your own popularity from your own merits. Even Morning Musume’s company helloproject makes the girls work hard to deserve their debuts. One group had to gather several thousand fans petitions before they were allowed to debut. In Korea they jsut shove teasers in your face and expect you to lap it up.

      • well it’s not like SME are promoting them either so…lol

  4. I kinda wish they did a showcase or two, but not reworking everything for the japanese market.

  5. That expert is delluded.
    It’s going to be mega tough for any of those girl groups to make a splash on the j music scene.
    They aren’t bringing anything original to table be it songs or style. Japan already has fierce, sexy and cute female groups and very successful soloists. Plus none of these groups are under an influential label in Japan. If only SM hadn’t stuffed up their relationship with Avex, I think SNSD would have had the best chance.
    I wish them all the best of luck though and they’re definately going to need it….

    • I agree with u I think the biggest mistake that SME did is destroying their relationship with Avex ….Avex and JE are like the 2 most powerful agencies in Japan and since SME did not respect their contract with avex and forced avex to stop toho group activities etc sadly snsd might face many problems like to band from appearing in big tv shows or music shows etc

      • From what i heard, the reason why SME doesn’t allow SNSD to be in AVEX is because AVEX doesn’t promote newly debut foreign group well. Example: DBSK. Their promotion was cheap in the beginning and they went to low ratings music shows. Plus i heard AVEX only pick TALENTED singers who can speak japanese well and sing well too.

        SME wants SNSd to be well promoted in Japan thats why he pick universal Japan.

      • the reason why Avex didn’t accept SNSD and KARA (DSP was also in negotiation with them) is because AVEX is releasing their OWN IDOL GIRL GROUP this year.

      • @ tiss and dsdadad lol according to the article that I read from this site AVEX terminated their contract with SME not the other way round and lol for sure not b/c of avex dont promote their artists that well as I said SME did not respect their contract with Avex and forced Avex to stop toho activities this is why avex no longer want to have anything to do with SME


        @tiss the reason why toho were not promoted very well during their debut year is b/c they were band from appearing in many tv shows and music shows like music station and some said it was b/c of JE also I read that many did not accept Toho b/c they are Korean male group ….beside I don’t think when it comes to promotion universal Japan is better than Avex b/c if Im not wrong avex is more powerful and their artists are more successful than Universal Japan plus look at Big Bang they are under universal Japan but they were not well promoted the boys did not appear in many shows so I don’t get how universal Japan is better than Avex when it comes to promotion

      • @tiss : you read that on STAND, this is not a reliable source of information.

      is a Japanese girl group created by AVEX, which is their first in seven years.
      The group is composed of five teenage girls.

      The group is expected to release two singles in May, their debut single “Kirari” on May 5, 2010 and their second single “Onnaji Kimochi” on May 19, 2010.’

  6. Tbh with all these girl groups invading the Japanese market at once I can’t help to think it’ll cause resentement and hate to the Hallyu Wave. The Japanese are very patriotic and on Japanese Message Boards right now there are loads of antis attacking Kara and SNSD because they are said to be copying Namie Amuro or Morning Musume. Debuting at the same time will only ruin each of their chances for success in my opinion. 4 Minute is lucky they debuted earlier than the rest.

    • yeah that’s what im afraid of will happen if they all going to Japan at the same time.

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: August is the month of Japanese debuts! Brown Eyed Girls to have Japanese debut in August http://wp.me/phE2s-9K4 […]

  8. I’m not really a fan of Jpop but in August, AK48 will also release a new single so It will hard to shine lol. AKB48 last single sold more then 300K on the first !

    I understand the reasons why korean groups want to debut in Japan but except for KARA, they all rush too fast their decision. OK…SNSD and KARA have chance to make it because they are already quite known but I don’t know for Brown Eyed Girls. As for 4minute, their first single was a fail and I don’t think they could do better this time again….sorry for their fans !

  9. Never underestimate Japanese girl groups, that’s all I say. Or Jpop for that matter.

    • second this

    • There’s enough room for all of them.

      • yeah sure.

        enough room but it’s so obvious who’s gonna get the bigger and biggest ones. sadly it’s not for these kpop girl groups, at least not now. not to burst your bubble.

      • Nothing happens by magic in Japan. You can be new and still sell well. It just depends on your music, not your fanbase like in Korea.


  11. not everyone is a dbsk story in the making!!!

    honestly MAYBE MAYBE 4minute or KARA have a chance…
    good luck to all of them though

    • KARA and SNSD have the highest chances in my opinion. 4Minute’s songs has not been really well received so far.

    • they got no chance making it big in Japan only way to be popular in Japan is to follow AKB48 strategy make them wear bikinis look innocent and blink your eyes a lot.

  12. Why is everyone translating their songs ? That’s just lazy. You’re not going to be successful in Japan like that.

  13. to many Korean group debuting at the same time i don’t think this is good but good luck to them all.

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