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Isak speaks up to SNSD Tiffany’s plastic surgery criticisms, “She didn’t get work done”

VJ, as well as musical actress, Isak posts up a post online explaining and speaking up to recent criticisms of plastic surgery of close friend So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany.

Isak wrote on her Twitter recently, “OH! and btw! steph DIDN’T get work done!!!! So fany and I r ripping our hair out waiting for BREAKING DAWN!!! we both said ‘I can’t wait till next year!!!’ lol~~~!”

Isak and Tiffany are known to be very close friends since they were trainees in SM Entertainment. Isak also used to be in female group IsakNJiYeon in SM Entertainment.


42 Responses

  1. even if tiffany didn’t get work done, she needs work done on her nose

    as for the message- how do we know she was referring to tiffany’s plastic surgery? and how do we even know that steph and fany are the same people. i mean, when you call your friend, do you call them by two different nicknames in the same sentence?

  2. lols… she did her nose done and that’s that. It obvious she did plastic surgery. Then someone should tweet about hyoyeon then. I’m sure ISAK will say she didnt do either. lols….You can’t trust her. Photos are proof.

  3. Wow… most people here are way more civilized than AKP. keke~~
    Agree or disagree, as long as u deliver ur comment nicely. Comments would be very pleasant to read.

    I personally think that recently she didn’t do anything. Dunno about pre-debut.
    I believe in ISAK. She wouldn’t say anything if it’s true.

    Plus rhynoplasty she was accused of can be recovered in 3-6 weeks while the tip of it takes months.
    The swollen part is supposed to be the nose area not her jaw. Her jaw was swollen bcoz she had her wisdom tooth removed.

    I’m not in denial that some members of SNSD had minor cosmetic surgery but this one just doesn’t make sense.
    With cameras on her 24/7, less than 3 weeks break that she spent in US, there’s no way her nose can recover that fast. Unless there’s an evident that she’s a wonder woman.

  4. Twilight Saga movies ?!! Ewwwwwwww !!
    even them love this stupid movie =__=
    outtttttttt xD

  5. I personally think that she and some girls in snsd had some small alterations done on their faces but nothing really major. That’s just my impression, aside from the fact that constant make-up and change of hairstyle are also big factors on them looking prettier each time.

  6. I’m sone if she had all that,dont speak behind her.if you can you speak with her ok.

  7. Yep…
    Plastic surgery is just waaay too common in Korea.
    There are even researches on this too.

    So, I don’t care wheter they admit it or not.
    However, IMO, she and many other artists in Korea had.

  8. she has her wisdom teeth removed even hyo was bloated aroung the cheek area…. and ive seen my fren took a pic when she was swollen after wisdom teeth removal… she looked like a chipmunk…

    plastic no plastic i really dont care… shes awesome as she already is 🙂

  9. doesn’t really matter…
    she’s not hurting anybody, everybody wants to look good..
    nobody knows what it’s like to be in her place..
    Isak shouldn’t have speak at all..i know she’s just being a friend to her but the issue is already subsiding until she twitted..

    • Isak spoked about it, because someone asked her about it on her twitter.

      • she can ignore her just like what tiffany is doing..
        sometimes silence is the best defense..

  10. ^ As an unbiased individual, I think she had something done from pre-debut to now. Just my opinion. I don’t really care if they admit it or not because plastic surgery is soooo common in Korea.

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: Isak speaks up to SNSD Tiffany’s plastic surgery criticisms, “She didn’t get work done” http://twurl.nl/u8cv2m […]

  12. ^ LOL. As a un biased individual to the matter, it does appear (to me) that she had got something done.

  13. i know her personally.
    she got stuff done.
    but who cares?
    they all do -_-

  14. I’m not even a fan (I used to be an anti but now I could really care less about either side) but I doubt she got surgery. I saw the before and after pictures on allkpop and she looked no different. Maybe it’s because I don’t look at her as often as her fans do but some people need to lay off.

  15. that’s all i gotta say. from the beginning honeys.

  16. her nose is a little thinner

  17. people (non-fans) WANT to believe that she got work done. doesn’t matter if Isak or perhaps even Fany’s parents claim she didn’t have plastic surgery. Sad but true.

    I personally don’t think she had anything done…but I wouldn’t think less of her if ever she did.

    • I’m her fan and I don’t think she did surgery.
      BUT she looks different now. Can’t deny that. It just that I don’t think it’s because of surgery.

      Maybe weight loss, maybe hairstyle..idk.

      What the heck, I still like her no matter what.

    • hmm so sone’s really believe snsd are natural. really hard to believe.

  18. no plastic surgery.

    thats what i think. some people gain weight and at the same time, those same people lose weight.

    have people heard of this “freshmen 15”? gain 15 lbs first year in college and when you come back home during summer, they look awfully different. not because of surgery, just surgery. plus, it wouldnt even be that noticeable for tiffany. keep in mind we’re looking at photographs and screencaps. in person, i bet you’d hardly see a diff

    • Tiffany looks the same from her childhood days until now. I don’t really see the different. As she grows older, she gets prettier.

      But on the recent Music Core, I did notice something different on her face. People told me she was sick, but it’s been like 2-3 weeks now.
      Plastic surgery? I don’t know but I doubt so… She’s way to pretty to go under the knife. Her face is already perfect.

  19. who the fuck is steph

    • Tiffany’s real English name is Stephanie, not Tiffany. I think SM made her stage name Tiffany because there’s already a Stephanie in CSJH The Grace.

  20. @lalalala

    yah, u ppl always biased from day 1 so it doesn’t matter what source it is from. no big deal is she really done plastic surgery, anonymous cowards who like to scold n hate behind the computer.

  21. Puh lease as if Isak is a trustworthy source….

  22. If you were a celeb., you wouldn’t want to say that u had work done either…we will never know the truth about these celebs cuz they are always in the pulic eye.

  23. Isak is a close friend of Tiffany. I think we can trust her because she wouldn’t comment on the issue if it was true.

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