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Jay Park and miss A Min funny trainee photos garner interests

Funny photos taken of Jay Park and miss A member Min revealed online garner interests.

The photos were posted up on an online community site on 12th July. The photos were taken when the 2 were still trainees under JYP Entertainment.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “I didn’t know they were this close”, “I wonder if the 2 still keep in contact now”, “I didn’t know who she was in the beginning” etc.

Meanwhile, Jay Park released his first solo album ‘Count On Me’ on 13th July.



66 Responses

  1. Jay lookz soo young bck den..He looks skinny.. Nw,he’s gt such a bangin bod..Wish him success wif his solo career.. jaywalkers wil b behind ya, 100%,always.. =)

  2. It’s so funny how those pictures caused fanwars..
    i know Min even before 2pm’s debut (because of WG) and i’ve seen the pictures even before 2pm releases their 2nd mini album so i don’t think Miss A is using Jay..Min also have pictures with WG and she’s pretty close with Sohee..
    i don’t understand why Newsen made this a news..
    i hate JYPE but i love Jay and i like Miss A..i hope people would stop bashing them..especially on how they look..

    • im with u…
      can we just support all the artists…
      like i said before,it’s not miss a’s fault that the pics are now widely circulating on the net..and to those who follow jype trainees since 2008,will all know that we know min years before she debuted..and she is not a whore


  3. Jay is so FUNNY and CUTE!!!!! Yeah!

  4. Min looks gorgeous with a tan. Her and Jay seem like close friends. I swear, i also view Min as a Korean American haha.

  5. I think it cool that they hang out together. I love miss A song and i love jay.

  6. well Min & Jay plus Taec & khun..were pretty much the only ones who knows English back then in JYPE so im not that shocked that their hanging out..

  7. i love how there are some people here pretending to be jay’s fans to make jaywalkers look bad. REAL MATURE, fo sho -_-

  8. I wonder why these pics are beang revealed, )#(*@)(#*@) JYPE, still use him as a marketing tool 😐
    But you got nothing on him babe =;, let him alone 😐

    • You stupid bitch! These pictures were up million decades ago and ofcourse miss A are new to the industry thats why netizens are still investigating them. Pre-debut pictures should not be surprising by now well unless you’re new to Kpop.

      • rhee!, u r a crazy bitch just like this Min girl.

      • aww I’m just like Min? I’ll take that as a compliment brahh. Atleast I’m not like YOU who thinks she has a chance to even hang out with jay like min. poor girl!

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, PanDa. PanDa said: AHAHAHAH JAY YOUR FACE DAEBAK !! <333 RT @sookyeong Jay Park and miss A Min funny trainee photos garner interests http://twurl.nl/7fizgx […]

  10. Totally agree. she is not just fugly, her cleavage is disgusting.

    • ahaha. obviously from your screenname “jayGF” you’re jealous. no need to bring someone else down when they’re just friends taking some pictures.

  11. Min and Jay are obviously just hanging out so those of you guys who are like “min looks like a cheap whore blah blah blah,” are you sure it’s not just you getting jealous? Come on now, they’re just having fun and taking a few pictures, last time I checked there wasn’t anything illegal about that. And about “using popularity” this was taken a long time ago, BEFORE 2pm even came out or was even formed, so how is that using popularity?

  12. LOL to some of the comments her Just LOL
    how old is Min btw ?

  13. What the hell is happening here???
    Jay ’s haters go to hell , OK
    and leave the boy alone

    • Maybe if jay fans doesn’t act like jealous bitches then maybe no one wouldve bash jay.

  14. Friendship is nice. :]

  15. Jay looks like a typical Korean guy here LOL

  16. Jay looks like Bi Rain here. I think he should let his hair grow like this again – it looks really good on him!

  17. shut up!!!

  18. Omg paranoid much. Geez. They are baseless rumours.

  19. hey jaywalkers, behave urselfs don’t make jay be upset about us, those are really old pics, we already seen them hundred of times, why is it that now that u know it’s min, everybody’s angry? u shouldn’t and she’s beautifull and hella good dancer, she shouldn’t be called any names just because she knew jay and was a freind!!!! this pics don’t mean anything but I, been a jaywalkers only hope for jay’s happiness what ever he does.

  20. i know, right? It’s not like they have a chance to him. LOL
    Poor bitches!

  21. ROFL! Jay with that hairstyle resembles Lee joon so much!!! LOL XDDD too cute!

    • and i will say that girl looks anything but attractive here but then again all idols look like that on their debut photos.

  22. Jay loves their fans. so GTFO!

    Jaywalkers are the BEST !!!!

  23. WTF?!! That has got to be the dumbest comment ever! SNSD had some pictures with DBSK and Suju before they debut and was just noticed after SNSD’s debut so does that mean they used DBSK and SUJU to be on top right now? 2PM and 2AM had some pre-debut pics too with the WG, so that means they used WG to gain popularity? oh gosh! Get over yourself bitches coz no matter how hard you try, you’re still gonna be unknown for JAy!

    • agree…agree with u….the netizens dig n upload those photos…blame them…

      and plus…is it wrong to upload a pic with min + jay together?i dun see anything wrong with that.they’ve trained together for so many years.

  24. jaebum was

    hella skinny

    and had too much hair, haha

  25. i don’t think they’re using these photos to gain popularity.. These photo was all over internet since Jay debut not because miss A debut then these photo were posted up.. Just b’cos now miss A debut with Min then netizen posted up again these photo.. I think most of Jay fans who follow him since his debut know these photo.. I saw these photo on daum since last year..

  26. as I said these pics were in the net years before Miss A debut and u can find a videos in youtube showing all trainees together JYPE

  27. lol these pics were out even before Miss A debut

  28. lol all idols are close to other idols…
    is it so wrong for them to be close to their jype family and take some pictures?

  29. people say Min dated with a lot of JYP trainees.
    she’s such a easy girl.

  30. LOL
    ive seen these pictures so many times
    its not really new
    but i guess its “new” since everyone now knows who the girl and boy is

  31. wow, min looks much better with make up on. she almost doesnt has eyebrow lol

  32. coincidentally at the moment he releases his mv teaser, the photo is leaked… seriously let him be!
    jay fighting!

    • no. these photos were seen earlier. It’s not a coincident that it happened like this.

      • JYPE and ‘sister” companies still manages to use him as a marketing tool. these are old photos that have been circulating even before 2PM debut. puh-lease.

      • Then blame the fucking bored netizens that made these photos a hot topic in Korea. Gosh!

      • this ISN’T a hot topic in Korea. the journo who wrote this may have been drunk while writing this. that or there may have been an under-the-table transaction from JYPE.
        FYI, MissA Korean fans are asking for help from Korean Hottests (who are largely anti-Jay) to help them in music rankings as Jay is beating MissA. if they’re doing that, what makes you think fans/netizens would associate both?

      • It sure caught a lot of attention in Korea and puh-lease pre-debut like this always garner a lot of attention especially if a group is new.

  33. omo why she’s so close with jay?

    It looks like missA are ‘close’ with every JYP male trainee, eh?

    • Of course miss A (minus Suzy) so close with Jay n JYP male trainee,, They trained together b4 2AM n 2PM debut..

    • well min is a ‘friendly’ girl πŸ˜‰
      esp. with jay.

    • ughhh I dont like Min.

      she looks like an easy girl.

      Jay fighting <33333

  34. if jay got a girlfriend, i wonder if all those fans will show this massive support to him as he will debut as a singer not an idol

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