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Park MyungSoo and Nicole to sing the new version of ‘NaengMyeon (Cold Noodles)’

A new version of song ‘NaengMyeon (Cold Noodles)’, which took the Korean music scene by storm last Summer, will be released. The first version of the song was sang by So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Park MyungSoo, and for this new version KARA Nicole and Park MyungSoo will be singing it.

An official announced on 13th July, “Park MyungSoo and Nicole did recordings for the new version of song ‘NaengMyeon’ on 14th July. Rather than calling it the followup song to ‘NaengMyeon’, this is a new version and a lighthearted song ideal for summer.”

The first version released last year was written by ETribe. And this time ETribe is ropped in for the new version of the song. The song is also set for reveal on 20th July. It will not have any relation to MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ like the previous version did last year.


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  1. Dig de 1st ver of naengmyeon..It was a fun n catchy song..Im sure im sooo gonna luv de new ver s well..Hapi 2 knw dat both ver include 2 of my most fave female idols eva-jessica n nicole.. =p

  2. dam Park Myung Soo is lucky .. First Jessica now Nicole ..

  3. Interresting ! Yeah for Nicole !

  4. Oh how cool i can’t wait the first NaengMyeon (Cold Noodles)’ song was very catchy hope this one is to ^_^

  5. Park MyungSoo getting another idol to sing with him i think this is the only way for him to make a successful song.

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