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Sulli’s smile is the factor to breaking 11 years of age diff and forging close relationship with Kim HeeChul

f(x) Sulli talks about the thing which had her and Super Junior Kim HeeChul have such great brother-sister relationship.

It has been known that Sulli has been close with Kim HeeChul since she was young. Sulli had talked about her close relatioship with Kim HeeChul through a ‘Star Call’ video phonecall to fans.

She said, “Everyone knows that HeeChul seonbaenim always supports us? I’ve always been someone who smiles very often, and HeeChul seonbaenim was shocked that, ‘Ah! There is a child whom I can make her smile so much’.”

And because of this, the 2 were able to break the 11 years in age difference and continue to maintain a close relationship until now.

Sulli said, “I’m always thankful. And I want to say thank-you to him too. I hope HeeChul seonbaenim as well as Super Junior will continue to do well in the future.”


30 Responses

  1. Is it me or does Sulli kinda look like Sohee?

  2. @vs0ne sohee’s 19,.

  3. First I’d like to add that Heechul and Sulli are real God sibblings!!! Practically family just one of the reasons why they act so much like bother and sister.

    Second he is beautiful just got bless to have one of those faces that is sexy for a guy and prettier than most women. A celeb who would hide his identity dress as a girl just hold his lady’s hand. If that is sissy then me want!!!

    As for Sohee she stated after CTP in Singapore she likes someone who is funny and humourous. If you notice he suddenly dosen’t want to answer questions about who his honestly interested in unlike before. He dances around it and says stuff like this group is cute or ____ is cute. Yet if you pay attention to the small things like his ring tone (sohee part 2DT), gestures, birthday msg “I will love only one…”, his desire to keep personal life private, ideal type discription in the latest singles mag, and etc. all point to Sohee.

    • lol i prefer to think that hee has a liking for sohee that’s strictly admiring, because you know … sohee’s 17, n he’s 28?

    • yep! i think he really likes sohee sulli is like his sister is not a big deal uif you pay attention heechul do many things for soihee and he has more confidence with sulli like a sister not the way he act when sohee is near him

  4. whoa…i didn’t know that he was THAT old.

  5. Heechul is ugly.

  6. Heechul takes care of a lot of his dongsaengs. He’s actually a big softie even though he puts up a tough front<3

  7. im sooo envious of sulli..if i were a female idol under sm, i wanna haf a close relationship wif heechul 2..but, mayb i 1 more den a sister-brother kinda relationship.. =p

  8. Sulli’s smiley eyes look so natural unlike that one girl from Girls’ Day.
    Both are pretty but I prefer Sulli’s.

    • OMGGGG I TOTALLY AGREE…that girl i guess wants to be known for her eye smile just like how tiffany was super famous during ITNW days xDD… Sulli and Fanys eye smile is natural!!!

      that girl really pissed me off…theres cute and theres annoying !!

      • leave min ah alone.she n sulli just hav the same eyes.n sulli is more prettier than her. full stop

  9. uuuu~ i envy Sulli can have a very pretty and handsome oppa^^

  10. 11 years.. he’s only 27.. it’s so weird.. they’re both idols..

  11. i think if heechul wasnt 11years older they’d be dating by now. LOL

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