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YG Family members gather to congratulate TaeYang on first win with ‘I Need A Girl’

YG Entertainment family comes together for a cause.

And it is for a party to congratulate TaeYang for winning #1 with the title song ‘I need a girl’ off his solo 1st full length album.

The photos of the party were revealed through a blog, and many YG artistes like 2NE1 Sandara Park and Gong MinJi as well as Big Bang SeungRi were seen in the photos. There was also a placard with the words ‘#1 as soon as you’re back, Dong YongBaeโ™ก’ written on it.

Meanwhile, TaeYang won the first #1 for his comeback title song ‘I Need A Girl’ on 8th July on Mnet M!Countdown, just 1 week after his comeback.


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  1. i see Ji Hye there. the boys are really close to their dancers. is that Min Ji sitting next to Bae?

    by the way, maknae looks so handsome in that solo pic of his.

  2. People place so much faith on online charts. Super Junior did badly on them but pulled through because of their amazing album sales.
    Last time I checked all of the online charts, Taeyang was still on the Top 10 for most of them; Soribada, Melon, Cyworld and Dosirak and his album sales are doing pretty well. So I think he has a strong chance of winning this week. Even if he doesn’t, he’s already achieved so much on a worldwide chart and his albums sales are going strong so yeah. It’s all good whether he wins or not ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Funny ,because i’ve read that I need a girl is not doing well on the charts…Are they trying to make people believe that’s a big hit and so, the people will be interested ? Anyway ,good luck to him !

    • ^^ well, he did have his first win for MCD that day. online charts isn’t the only factor for winning on music shows, he have good album sales too. anyway, based on what YB and SR are wearing, this was probably shot the same day as their Strong Heart recording. so this must be around the same time SR was sent to the hospital for his appendicitis.

    • Who cares about the online charts when his album sales are doing good. Suju didn’t even do good in charts with their new songs but it doesn’t mean its not a hit, cuz it is.

    • they don’t have to make people believe it’s a big hit because it is a big hit. otherwise it wouldn’t have topped itunes international r&b charts for a few days. just cuz it’s not a big hit with the largest target audience doesn’t mean it isn’t big hit with other people cuz believe me it is.

  4. i thought this gathering was for the real sound show..
    but yes, congrats to tae yang โค

  5. Sweet! The YG family is so cute. I love Papa YG, ha.

    Congrats Taeyang! I’m wishing you many more successes.

  6. Yeahh congrats to YB (:

  7. oh is this BB’s house?
    wow nice
    hope he will wins on other show too

  8. thats sweet of them now I hope he wins the other two music bank and inkigayo cuz we all know m countdown gives that shit to everyone

    • True that. Even SIY won it, didn’t she? Hm but I think it’ll be hard to win on other shows cuz of SuJu and NO OTHER. But let’s hope his regular album sales are doing well. then maybe!

  9. congrats,dude on ur first win..Wishin more sucess ahead..If only top had promoted de song ‘turn it up’..Den,dat wld b wild..de song ‘i need a girl’ is well-suited wif taeyang’s style..i’m addicted 2 de song alry.. =p

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