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ZE:A KwangHee comes clean, “I’ve got my nose done”

Rookie band ZE:A member Hwang KwangHee comes clean for having undergone plastic surgery.

In a recent interview with Newsen, KwangHee said, “I confessed about having undergone plastic surgery on MBC SaeBaGwi recently.”

He said, “Everytime when I appear on variety shows, I felt embarrassed when my nose made weird noses. And everytime that happens, I would confess honestly about having undergone plastic surgery. But now that I have come clean about it on a variety show, I feel good inside.”

He added, “4Minute HyunA who was present was shocked to hear that. Even Park MiSeon seonbaenim also said ‘Can you say such stuff’. Seon WooYoungNyeon seonbaenim also said ‘It is better to end it now lest it gets more tough later’.”

KwangHee added, “This is the generation when you should be honest about it. I want honesty to be my charms on variety show. Luckily the plastic surgery turned out well.”

The other ZE:A members also added, “We saw KwangHee’s past photos and he looks better now. But it didn’t looked like KwangHee had plastic surgery.”



56 Responses

  1. as long as he is staying true to his fans and to all the kpop people, he’s good. few artists are open in saying the truth about them having plastic surgery.

    i give props really. ^^

  2. Well, in Korea it’s not only the celebs.
    Almost everyone (Have to put pressure here that not everyone, but most of todays generation) want a plastic surgery.
    Not only for business, but for confidence and love reason as well.
    Looking good will make them look more attractive.
    They don’t feel confident when they don’t look pretty of handsome.
    And actually, Koreans preferences on beauty has changed a lot that they obsessed so much on double eye-lids, pointed nose, higher cheekbones, smaller chin, etc. Far from the Korean average look.
    Even young/teenagers already want to have one.
    If they can’t afford the high cost, they even give up foods to save up money.
    Plastic surgery give them confidence.
    And that’s what makes them happy.

    That’s the fact.
    There’s scientific research made on this.

    So, I can’t blame these celebs.
    It’s just already waaay too common.
    For me, as long as I can still enjoy their works, I’m fine.
    Not that I agree to plastic surgery, but I don’t hate those who have it as well since it’s their life and their preference.

  3. finally someone is honest like Narsha

    • where do you live ? there’s many others who confessed too. Solbi, the girl from T-ara,etc

    • To add, so did Goo Hara and After School’s UEE.
      They’ve admitted.

  4. damn he looks so much like honki in that picture o_o

  5. Pish for a male idol it’s okay if he had surgery. If it was a girl who admitted netizens will be sharpening their pitch forks.

  6. No shit Sherlock.

  7. I applaud him 4 his honesty..I mean there r not that many celebs out there who would admit getting any part of their face done..Esp a male idol..If he did’nt admit he had a nose job,i wouldn’t haf noticed..It’s nt that obvious,i guess..his plastic surgeon did a wonderful job in gettin his nose fixed without fault.. πŸ™‚

  8. “Luckily the plastic surgery turned out well”..hehe..Dat makes him 1 satisfied client,i guess..plastic surgery on guys esp male idols is nothing new..Besides,it’s like a random thing nowadays..Gd looks is a must if u wanna survive de tough n competitive ent industry..As long s it makes him look and feel gd bout himself,i don’t c y it should b made into a huge fuss..Besides,a nose job is soo common now,it’s nt like he altered his whole face..den dat wld b weird..

  9. why are ppl so obsessed with plastic surgery?

  10. Uwah,I thought it was weird that his nose was so pointy and perfect. I’m glad he confessed. It just brings him closer to the public. He looked great and looks great so, kudos to Kwanghee… just don’t get anymore!

  11. wow he is desperate for attention

    • that was really unnecessary…. there was another article mentioning that he once left the group because they wanted him to fix his face.. at least he felt bad about it and confessed that he got his nose done… if you feel bad about something and come clean about it just to make yourself feel better, it doesn’t mean you’re desperate for attention

  12. he’s my favour member in ZE:A! it’s common to have surgery done now especially celebrities. Good thing is that it look natural ^^

  13. At least he was honest about it. And it is nothing drastic either. KwangHee came clean about it, unlike others.

  14. […] S:NewsenSource of translation: K-Bites  […]

  15. so? it’s not like it made him look better T_T if you’re gonna get something done, make sure it’ll actually help you. oh and every kpop celeb had or will have surgery because of the ridiculous “demand” for beauty without talent.

    • just cuz he’s not attractive to your preference, doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive. if his surgery boosted his confidence then it helped him.

  16. If no one asks you if you’ve gotten work done or not you have the right to say no, but if someone does or rumours go around it’s best to straight up tell people the truth because if you deny it people won’t believe you either way.

  17. Even the guys also have surgery in korea? This is just wowed. Anymore idols? coz I am not aware of guys surgery.

    • jaejoong has gotten surgery.

      • Don’t think Jaejoong got surgery, but I know Kyuhyun had double eyelid surgery.

      • @above: jaejoong got surgery. it’s obvious. but he looks pretty now so…success!

      • uhhh, jaejoong has gotten surgery. jang geunsuk has had a nosejob. in fact, many male idols have had something done to their face. either a double eyelid or a nose job. minor fixups aren’t a big deal anymore.

      • LOL … when ever some one is accused of having surgery even with no real proof ( just pics they think make everything obvious~ ) he\she have that as something that come with their name .

  18. i’m just wondering why his nose makes weird noises…after the surgery. Doesn’t that show that the surgeon didn’t do a good job???

  19. Am I the only one who think that it’s no longer a shocking thing to hear confession from kpop celebs about them having anything done?
    it’s kind of a normal thing there…

    • The thing is, not every Kpop celebs will openly admit and confess.

      But it’s good that KwangHee confessed about it though I feel that a nose job is not really that big deal compared to others who had did more drastic plastic surgeries.

    • It’s no surprise for me as well.
      Almost all of these celebs had.
      And it’s true.

  20. I wonder what sounds his nose makes? Hm, well, just cuz he had nose surgery doesn’t make him mr. Plastic… =.= At least he’ll admit it. Props to that. Unlike others who vehemently deny any surgery even though it’s blatantly obvious…

  21. of course hyuna is shocked since she also had her nose done but won’t admit it.

    bravo for his honesty!

  22. Love his honesty~ ^^

  23. Great that he’s confessed all the thing that he had done.^^good btw level up is really wonderful song.it’s such as game song for me.fighting.

  24. honesty is the best policy. kekeke ^^,

  25. clap clap clap

  26. i give him props. true better now than later. but i dont mind nose surgery or anything no more. Just don’t do tooooo much surgery in one place and don’t do a drastic change. Then thats when its a problem.

    • plastic surgery is meant to enhance your features not change them. the problem starts when you look nothing like you had before. i agree. i give him props for that.

  27. mister plastic.

  28. kinda shocked but i guess its good to come out w/ it now then saying no and then later revealing that you did

      • @haruharu: u must know Daesung is plastic too.

      • lol how is Daesung plastic? LMAO. what a retard. the dude is known for not being the usual handsome idol so why would he be plastic? you’re fucking retarded.

      • That’s true.
        DBSK members did have suregery.
        JJ on his eyes and nose, Changmin on nose, Yunho on teeth. I’m not sure bout the other two.
        Even so, I still love them.
        To add, love them sooo much.

        Daesung also did have surgery after the car accident.
        SuJu members, Iteuk and Kyu did too.
        But so what?!? I don’t really about that since surgery is just too common in Korea.
        I still love their works.
        That’s enough for me.

    • serisously you little mother fucking ELF should STFU….. haruharu might not be bigbang’s fans you noe and so what if she/he is you dont need to bash BB>.. and daesung plastic??? that is the biggest joke i’ve ever heard.. and if your talking about what he did wit hhis face after the car accident i dont htink any thing changed abotu him he still looks the same to me… and we alll noe that jj got plastic surgery but s owhat i still like him?…

      • Daesung did technically get plastic surgery on his nose, but it wasn’t because he wanted to get a lift or anything… he broke his nose and they had to fix it.

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