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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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2NE1TV is back with 2nd season, preview video revealed!

2NE1 fans can rejoice!

The 2nd season to their 2NE1TV is back! A preview to the new season after the well-received 1st season was released on 14th July. The season premieres on July 27th at 6PM.


37 Responses

  1. OMFG , so excited !
    -fangirlness pours out-
    2NE1 is soo amazing,
    looking foward to the 2nd season
    and their comeback!!
    YAY !!
    2NE1, nolja ~

  2. Yaaay 2NE1TV! Awesome show with awesome girls releasing awesome music! Now that’s a winner!

  3. Bom is funny with “omo omo omo omo” love that.

  4. Yay, they filmed this in LA. So, it’s like 2 months or 1 month ago. So now they might be getting ready for their comeback 🙂

    • They are! I believe they come back next month or sometime after Se7en.

    • What!!! BB is suppose to come out after Se7en. Are my boys ever coming back?

      I’m a Blackjack too so I’m very excited for 2NE1 but dame it I want my boys back.

      • toozdae, i thought you knew?? the plan was always like that wasn’t it?? in order of comebacks, it was Gummy, YB, se7en, and then 2NE1/BB. i don’t think YG ever revealed whether 2NE1 or BB will come back first, but looks like he’s decided it should be 2NE1.

        p/s: btw, are you the toozdae from BB’s soompi?? haha^^ if you are, i’m hayakatsu. if you see me around say hi, kay? altho i lurk a lot. but still… haha^^

      • ^As a fan, I’m kinda torn with which comeback sked would be the best (positively speaking haha). I mean It’s been a while since BB had a comeback and I want to see them like, right after seven and then end with 2ne1, but then again, 2ne1 coming back first thrills me the same amount like bb because i’m dying to see how much they’ve become a year later and i’ve felt like bb being the last would truly make YG fam’s comebacks end with a bang. Gahd. never been this torn over comeback schedules. Either way, I’m just overwhelmed that they’re all gonna come out and just blow the fans away!

        lol sorry for butting in, i just can’t keep my excitement any longer haha.

  5. ^________^ love 2ne1TV, the girls are so hilarious

  6. I can’t wait for it ^^

  7. oh what a happy day!!
    sooo excited

  8. omaigatttt~!!! CAN’T WAIT~!!!! ^^

  9. […] 2NE1 fans can rejoice! The 2nd season to their 2NE1TV is back! A preview to the new season after the well-received 1st season was released on 14th July. The season premieres on July 27th at 6PM. … Read More […]

  10. so ready and happy.. can’t wait~

  11. OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSS! PPL HERE ARE LOOKING ME LIKE I’M SOME CRAZY FANTARD. hahahahahaha! I missed missed the girls terribly and thank goodness, some new light about them! 2ne1tv season 2 jjang!!!! Can’t wait for some new kick ass episodes!!!!!!!!

  12. it’s time for 2ne1 to shine again!

  13. OMG!!!!! I’m completely spazzing right now!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  14. My fab chicas are back!
    lol I can imagine them doing their own version of sex in the city XD

  15. Wohoooo….. love this show! cant wait for eng sub 😛

  16. wow! the girls are coming back.. its a good news to all blackjacks!! i hope tommorow is July 27 already. hehe i miss the girls..

  17. 2! N! E! 1!
    Whooooo, I am excited. I loveeeeeeeeddddd 2NE1TV (Season 1), actually all the YG-TV.

  18. yay~good news for me~let’s go party with 2ne1 starting this 27th july,yay~

  19. weheeeeee!!!!!!!!
    \(^o^)/ i’m so glad that YGTV will be back!!!!
    i just CANT WAIT!!!!
    really looking forward to watch Bommie unnie :’eh??’
    aigoooo,i miss 2NE1 girls very much

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and others. Eileen Teo said: 2NE1TV is back with 2nd season, preview video revealed! http://wp.me/phE2s-9KT […]

  21. Here is the subbed version

    • Thanks^^

    • wow BJs are really fast. Video just come out 2day and aldy subbed.
      Not like VIPz, even new articles, and jap interviews, noone cares to translate sigh 😦
      I want my BB boys back

      • too bad we have to wait a little longer cause 2ne1’s comeback comes first then Big Bang will follow..*sigh*

        Big Bang has been losing a lot of fans lately..that’s the ugly truth! *sigh*

        anyways, good to see 2ne1 tv back!!! i miss these girls!

      • ^ yeah I know right many VIPz become BJs. They including some of my friends are more excited about 2NE1 comeback than BB. Some of them are more active in 2NE1 activities. It makes me sad T.T

      • Don’t worry as soon as BB makes their comeback, VIPs will be swormingggg. =]

      • ^ plus the new fans 😀

        but hey we should be proud to be loyal to them since the beginning =)

  22. yessss … this is quite a surprise. i thought there would be no more 2NE1TV. now, Papa YG …. can we have another surprise? you know … in the form of BBTV??


  24. Two-two-toAnyone TV is here!!!
    I miss them!


  26. yayaayayaa! I miss my girls 😀

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