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C.N Blue Jung YongHwa, “I’m not good looking in person”

Band C.N Blue leader Jung YongHwa reveals that he is actually not good looking in person.

The first guest appearances for fanmeeting show cable channel ‘Hits On Live’ to be aired on 15th July is C.N Blue. 20 fans were chosen at the chance of 1 against every 200 fans to attend this online fanmeeting with the band.

Jung YongHwa had revealed on the show, “I look only alright in person, and look better on TV. That is why I like this job.” This had the other members and fans flustered since Jung YongHwa is known for his good looks before his singer debut and was even given the nickname of ‘ski resort hot guy’.



25 Responses

  1. i think besides that he’s being loved because of him acting in YB, it’s also the talent that he has.
    i like him being humble to everybody, but although to many he’s just average-looking, i think to me he looks good.
    but i agree that jonghyun and jungshin is the face of CN Blue. minhyuk is a cutie. look at him at the pic! the smiling eyes!! XD as if his eyes were gone. ^^

  2. I think he said this because
    1:) Most actresses fall for him on “You’re beautiful” days and when they get to see him in person, they usually said “Oh, he’s better looking in TV”… This has been mentioned a lot in variety shows… But WG Sunye thinks he is better looking in person. =)

    2.) They don’t have mirror in their dorms? Am not sure, but this was kinda mentioned in interviews… And they only get to see their faces when being make-up.

    3.) They don’t have cellphones so they don’t know girls are falling for them and waiting for their numbers to tell them how attractive and cutie they are. It has been mentioned many times that fans even Jung Joori would certainly give them handyphones/celphones. But then, I think they made a pact, they will only get phones after 1 year from debut, so that will be next year… =) This is kinda impossible right? They have celphones during pre-debut days but when they move to Japan, they stop using it due to international communication fees. I think they have celphones even now, but they must have not been using it? Or they just borrowed their manager’s celphone a lot.

  3. MODESTY(and honesty) is the BEST policy!

  4. everybody says that about them self. It’s normal.

  5. I kind of agree too. I think he is more good looking in pictures than video. (Don’t know about in person cuz I’ve never seen him, lol) But still, I prefer his looks than those pretty boy looks. And besides, if he says this kind of thing, then there will be less disappointment(?) from fans when they see him in person. But yeah, Lee JongHyun is really hot.

  6. can i say that i have to agree~ and he is like trying to be modest.

  7. to tell the truth i am a fan of you ! & hello. you are handsome and cute. each of us got their own beauty so yoong have more confidence in yourself! ^^ you are such a hottie and your voice is awesome! your voice is everything oppa ❤

  8. Looks is relative, depends upon an individual’s preference.

    As far as CNBlue is concerned, Jungshin & Junghyun are the lookers, the latter can even pass for their poster boy, and the former is just oozing with sex appeal.

    Yonghwa does not look bad, but his looks is just average. Minhyuk is such a cutie.

  9. errr…that actually makes him sound dumb.

  10. to be honest, i really don’t find him handsome nor attractive at all..

    Lee JongHyun is what i call “HANDSOME”..look at him on that photo! it speaks a lot right? 😀

  11. I have to say, I got to see him when I was in Korea and he was good looking so don’t know what he’s saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. get a mirror dude. and you will understand why tons of girls go crazy about you. i’m a straight man. and i think he is goodlooking. he is a handsome man, not that kind of pretty boy.

  13. yeah right what ever you say dude.

  14. why his nickname is sky resort hot guy?

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: C.N Blue Jung YongHwa, “I’m not good looking in person” http://bit.ly/aIFblx […]

  16. i suppose it’s better he’s being humble (whether it’s fake or not) than saying “oh yeahhh im SO hot ;D ”

  17. *waits for the downpouring of “No, oppa!! What are you talking about!! You’re good-looking!! You’re so good-looking!” comfort comments*

  18. don’t kid yourself

    such a hypocrite

    • I think it’s because people keep saying he looks better on TV..
      He’s not really good looking but he gets attractive the more you look at him..

  19. i like the Son Dambi banner 8D
    tsktsk. yoong, please have more confidence.
    if you want to say it this way, then i guess i’ve to hide in a hole forever. LOL
    though i’ve never seen yoong in person, i bet he looks as good as he is on tv. and what’s more, his talents are more important!!

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