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G.NA reveals full MV to ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’

New comer singer G.NA’s debut title song ‘I’ll Back Off So You Can Live’ MV has been revealed on 14th July.

The MV also stars BEAST member Yoon DooJoon. Love it or not?


19 Responses

  1. DOO JOON is so Damn Hot and Cool here…………………. Personally i dont like the girl but nice vocals though…..Jun Hyung was also good………

    My heart is already shattered why on earth whould DOO JOON be so intimate with that girl…huhuhuhuhu..(sad Face here with matching tears)..heheheh….im so jealous…………

    B2st is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The song its attractive.. this song really caught my ears after the song with Bi. This sure got the talent but as everyone said the blonde and the coloured contact doest fits her.. Maybe that’s just part of the concept so it fits to the charismatic performance and such.. Does anyone thinks her voice sounded familiar? I know she sound like who but i won’t say anything :p

    At first i thot she’s a jype hahaha it turns out to be cube ent. I’ll get confuse at time who’s in who when it comes to jype and thier subsidiary or ex-subsidiary.. i mean Miss-A is under different label in the future they could be no longer under jype.. same as 2AM with Big Hit ent.. confusion…

  3. wow. i really like her voice.
    and i also think this dance is goood (even though they show some parts of it only)

  4. i love the song, she sounds good but the blonde hair and the color contact lens got to go…she looks old for her age…doojoon is hot!! but something is off with the MV, i hate the rap part…they should just leave the rap out ..for me, it ruined the would be good MV, what the heck! i got an unpleasant surprise by the black eyes rapper suddenly popped out in the middle of the song…he reminds me of a zombie…no offense…overall…i’m loving the song, she’s good…

  5. She sings pretty well, don’t like her blonde hair much! Fighting Gina…

  6. Oooooooh daamn .. Sheee’s amazing .. and she’s soooooo pretty .. *.*

  7. Don’t forget that BEAST’s Jun Hyung is in there, too!! He’s still rapping…. If everyone notices, he’s really sexy in the MV!! Check it again!~ 🙂

  8. one word: awesome. she’ll definitely change something in kpop. cube ent. is the best! 4minute, beast and now G.Na. daebak!

  9. ArgH MY DOOJOON! Imaging the girl it’s me.. i’m having lots of pain too. LOL. I think G.NA needs thicker eye makeup for her strong image. otherwise average looking girl.

  10. can i say she is the female version of taeyang? esp starting from 0.54… got this taeyang aura. lol

  11. I love this song!!!I didn’t know she could sing…G.NA’s great yo…

  12. Even though it kills me (big time!!!!) because she’s with DooJoon and even if there’s too much intimacy in this video, which kills me more (hahahaha XD), and even if I’m bitter (lol), my feelings set aside, I can say that I love love the song 🙂 I love jun hyung’s rapping. I love G.NA’s voice, very nice 🙂 I love doo joon’s face hahaha! ❤ Even if she's not a great dancer, I love the effort 🙂 All in all, the song rocks 🙂 The video..well…can they ban it? It kills me, really! Too much pain hahahahahaha XD Kidding! ^_^ Go G.NA! 🙂

  13. Loving the song and the video. She has a great voice. But I do agree that the blond hair plus pale makeup (especially the lips) isn’t a good look for her (or for anyone really). With better make up the blond might work a little better.

  14. great voice..the song’s good too.. but not digging the jacko style and too much makeup on junghyun

  15. looks like she had done a plastic surgery… “big nose”
    though she has voice.

  16. Her voice is amazing! She’s so damn good!

    She’s beautiful, but the blonde hair does not match her..

  17. I agree the blonde look isn’t for her, and although I’m boiling with jealousy that she got to film with Doojoon, they look pretty good together. I like the song. She’s a newcomer that can sing and has a powerful voice.

  18. She’s good 🙂 I love the song!

  19. She’s not pretty as a blonde, but girl can sing and looks good with DooJoon.

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