• Featured: JYJ ‘The…’

    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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34 Responses

  1. tablo is an awesome guy! haters should back off 😦


  3. that’s so sad =(
    idk what to say… but Tablo, stay strong !

  4. Tablo Shi- please keep fighting! I knew you were right all this time (never doubted) =D. Please don’t forget about your fans who still believe in you!! I know it’s tough, but at the end of the tunnel there is always the light-this event will just stay in the past while you should forward towards the future! Please also think about your daughter as well.

    We your fans support you!! We appreciate the work you have done for us. BE STRONG! YOU CAN OVERCOME THIS!!!! >=D

  5. no wonder he’s so quiet on twitter :/
    tablo…..cheer up! smile for you baby daughter!

    I swear….tablo…don’t ever think about taking your life…not now….NEVER!

    • OMG, so true. he’s so quiet in twitter. i miss his blonotes, his encouragement statements and such!

      tablo, take care of yourself. please do not even think of attempting suicid because it’ll just worsen the situation.
      to think that your birthday is next week. i hope it’ll be a happy birthday. tablo fighting!

  6. The guy who accused Tablo of faking his Stanford degree is a total moron. The accuser claimed that he couldn’t find Tablo in the Stanford Alumni site. Well, Tablo has always been in the Stanford Registry and in the Stanford Alumni site. It takes just one click to find him. The fact that the accuser claims that he couldn’t find Tablo in there shows that he is a total idiot.

  7. TABLO SHI PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!!!! My sister and I were just talking about him yesterday and were wondering how he was doing, and to come to kbites today and read this???? Those nitzens need to pay for spreading such terrible, don’t they realize that they can cause the deaths of innocent celebrities like that??? Its like what my mom once told me, “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t speak at all”

  8. NO noose is GOOD news!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  9. :/

  10. This is the first time I read an article here and ALL the comments are nice!! Hahaha just being honest!
    And all the best for tablo! Don’t let those people disturb you! There are still many sane people, who appreciate you from your work!!
    Stay strong together with your family!!

    • i agree with you..i noticed that too..tablo, be strongm shrug it off and move forward, you have your wife and kid to divert your attention to.

  11. wtf.why his education has anything to do with those fuckers?i really feel so bad for tablo. i hope he won’t do anything stupid. cheer up tablo,the good days will come again. tablo hwaiting

  12. Poor guy.

    This is why people shouldn’t be spreading rumors or bash anybody.

    Be strong Tablo, for you and your family.

  13. oh uh. Tablo, if u can’t take it, fly back to the us. I’ld rather u do that!!!!

  14. oh no… tablo cheer up 🙂

  15. he’s honestly the one person in kpop that so be safe from netizen accusations.. him and sean..
    talented, smart, sincere, hard work, doesn’t rely on looks, great family.. what else do they want?
    this is ridiculous.

  16. I remember from his CNN interview that he has been struggling with depression for many years and that it hasn’t gone away, he’s just been able to deal with it day by day. This issue has just resurfaced those bad feelings again.
    I hope he gets through it and I hope it doesn’t affect his wife and child.

  17. NO!!! 😦
    Tablo fighting!!!<3

  18. Tablo is one of my favourite rapper.

  19. tablo be strong

    its proven already by lots of witnesses that you didn’t lie.

    don’t let antifans affect your life and family.

  20. This is just so wrong…

    I hope his company and other great buddies could spare more time for him.. Tablo & his family had suffered too much over this allegations..

    Please assure him that the issue has been cleared up and he has international supporters… Not everyone believed those stupid rumours since day 1..

    Tablo hwaiting!!

  21. Poor tablo
    stupid netizen

  22. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, ❥OPW [패문] and others. ❥OPW [패문] said: i just thought of @blobyblo last night because I havent seen him on twitter. and then came this news:( http://bit.ly/9GJCRQ […]

  23. I hope he won’t do anything stupid. Those haters are just disgusting… XP

  24. retarded netizens.. really no idea why his education has anything to do with them, or anything to do with the outside world =.=

  25. i feel so bad for tablo. i hope that guy who started this mess wakes up and realizes what his false accusations did to one man and his family.

  26. stupid haters..

  27. Geezus… The netizens who are involved in this case should totally pay for this.

  28. sigh…just forget about it and move on with life. What is there to be so depressed about. Be strong.

  29. omg no…he has family already. Please leave him alone. Depression is one step close to suicide. Don’t do this to him.

  30. stupid netizens who have nothing better to do
    why dont you go jump off a cliff and die
    if we see another suicide of a celibrity
    its going to be a sad day for his wife and kids
    hope he gets the necessary tmt to keep his spirits up
    coming form a guy who has been thru that road

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