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‘Prince of tears’ Super Junior DongHae talks about how he cries easily

Introducing himself as ‘The prince of tears’, Super Junior DongHae confesses that he had cried a lot due to the other members.

DongHae had revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart on 13th July, “There is a saying that guys only cry on 3 occasions, but I cry a lot. After debut, I have cried a lot because of the other members. ”

DongHae went on to explain, “We were travelling to an event in the countryside, and ShinDong and EunHyuk were sitting behind me in the car. It had been about 4 hours when ShinDong said ‘So the hyung sits at the back and the dongsaeng sits in front’.”

Back then, DongHae’s popularity was on the rise. And Kim HeeChul commented, “It is like that when you are popular,” and Lee Teuk came in to help. DongHae then stood up wanting to change seats, but another comment came, “Just stand put. Things have been like that anyway.”

DongHae said, “For about one hour, the car continues to travel on the road, and I could not get out of the car. I lean against the window and looked outside, and thought the moon was really pretty. And then I teared.”

Kang HoDong then asked, “Is it very inconvenient to cry easily?” DongHae answered, “I want to appear strong but in the end I always end up crying.”


23 Responses

  1. How cute <333333333

  2. all the more reason to love this guy.
    i think donghae is not that sensitive. he’s just really caring to others and emotional, which goes to show that he’s really showing his true self and is a man!

    i always thought that he’s one of the underrated members when it comes to the korean fans…but really, donghae is one cute man! hehe~

  3. How cute *_*

  4. aww oppa soo cute… i cry easily too (but i’m a girl, but get mistaken for a boy)

  5. That’s sooooo cute =P

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  7. >__> … sissy.

  8. awwww my donghae has a sensitive + emotional side to him. i love you for having a soft heart. 🙂

  9. Haha… sensitive guy. xD He’s really cute like a puppy dog though! I can see why he has so many fans. :]

  10. I love you donghae but that’s a little ..mmm.. pathetic.

  11. Awww, ilovethis guy! He’s just like me.

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