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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Se7en reveals teaser video with sneak peek to ‘Better Together’ on 14th July

Ahead of his singer comeback after 3 years, an unique teaser video and part of Se7en’s upcoming title song are revealed.

A teaser video showing Se7en’s face and hands was revealed by YG Entertainment on 14th July. There is a cybotic feel to the video. In the 25-seconds long teaser video is also a sneak peek into Se7en’s upcoming new title song ‘Better Together’.

Ahead of this, Se7en has also revealed the teaser to the song ‘Digital Bounce’ featuring Big Bang TOP.

Se7en’s new minialbum is set to be released on 21st July.

S: MTStarNews

Still waiting for the teaser video to be upped on Youtube

44 Responses

  1. best sexy lips

  2. I was waiting so hard for se7en to make a comeback ..
    but after i listened to this teasres i felt disappointed
    coz it’s all Auto, where’s his real voice ? ..
    sorry to say that .. 😦

  3. Can’t WAIT ! Only Se7en days left till he drops the album =D The first teaser kinda reminded me of Justin Timberlake’s MV ‘Lovestoned/I Think She Knows’, i don’t care tho. It suits Se7en ^^, I just hope he isn’t going to be accused of anything when his mini-album is going to be released. YG has been accused of too many things already, i’m just hoping it’ll be different for Se7en =) As for the Auto-Tune i agree with Pace13, it may be auto-tuned on his cd, but this is Se7en were talking about. I believe he’ll sing it live =)

  4. YG is killing the fans srsly. Like slow kind of death lol.

    But I’m loving it! 😀

    some of you guys should know when and where to complain about autotune, srsly.

  5. This is the first album i heard for Seven,
    Since i am beginning interest of Kpop nearly two years ago
    and i really love this style of music 🙂

  6. i thought it was xiah junsu’s intoxication hehe

    with the gold color and the hands lol

  7. OMG!!! SEVEN is Finally coming BAck!!!

    the teaser looks like a “cyber” or maybe thats his concept…I dunno he’s freaking Looks HOT on that Pic.
    anyway the song sounds so club dance….S*** after not commenting bout his comeback this makes me more hyper with the release video.

    i dont mind the autotune as people say..im sure when he sings onstage he’ll sing it Live. Fighting!!!!!

  8. Teaser = nice
    pics = eh

    but w/e as long as the song is awesome!

  9. the photo editing is SUPER weird. i don’t remember him being THAT tanned.

    and i reeeeaaallyyy don’t mind the freaking auto-tune. it’s a dance number and it sure as hell fits the song. srsly i’m getting tired of ppl complaining abt auto-tune when it really isn’t THAT bad on some songs and especially on this song. you won’t know if it’s auto-tune overloaded or not so hold off on the verdict for now. srsly.

    can’t wait for the comeback.

    • that last photo? his skin looks as smooth as butter.

      oh, and i think its just contrast that makes him look darker

  10. i am so not digging his current skin colour.


  12. he looks so bronzed out in those pictures. not sure if want.
    the teaser, on the other hand, is pretty cool imo.
    still trying to keep an open mind about se7en’s album, even though i’m not very into any of the teasers so far.

  13. The best singer of kpop
    please Oppa make a comeback rapidly

  14. is Dr dre beat is good? I wanted to buy it but many people said the solo beats crack easily.

    • The solo version is a joke. It’s like any other headphones. Go w/ the studio. Expensive as shiet, so don’t toss it around and it wont crack.

  15. Ohhh, I love the YG Feeling!

  16. is that a real tattoo? and ugh i hear autotune… WHYYYY?! his voice is perfect the way it is!

    i love the month of july! YB comeback and now SE7EN?! yeeaahh ❤

  17. Auto-tone? Better Together is the title track right?
    Teddy did it AGAIN sigh <_<
    Se7en looks hot btw

  18. wow the hands…..the man looks sexy despite the heavy make up but still not loving it..

  19. My heart skipped a million beats when I saw this post. Ughhh, I can’t wait until he comes back!

  20. sorry se7en i was so excited yesterday but these photos are a turn off. well idc as long as the music & mv are good, but still this concept. idk how im feeling


  22. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and others. Eileen Teo said: Se7en reveals teaser video with sneak peek to 'Better Together' on 14th July http://wp.me/phE2s-9KB […]

  23. How many Dr. Dre headphones they got.

    • they must’ve ordered a whole bunch of em. i remember one on GD’s heartbreaker, one for CL on 2NE1’s fire space version, another one for GD on shouting of the reds and now se7en’s got a pair.

      i don’t blame em tho. those are some cool pair of headphones. i’d order one customized set for myself if i had the money.

      • all the Big Bang members have them, i’m sure.
        and all the 2NE1 members have them too, they all wear them in the Fire Space Version MV.

    • YG makes me want Dr. Dre headphones but there’s no point.

    • but i’m getting tired of them posing with the headphones. stop it already!!

      the artists are all good looking ppl, so it’s a good opportunity to go even more artsy and creative in their shoots. but instead, there’s always a pic of them with headphone

    • all BB members have the black normal eds
      + GD ordered a customized one so GD has 2
      all 2NE1 members have custom colored dre
      and then se7en has one…

      but of course there could be more

  24. Damn thats a lot of make-up in the second pic but my oh my he looks sexy. I’m excited *jumps up and down*

  25. that’s HOT.

  26. PS: sookyeong damn your your pretty fast at this news cuz it is not up yet in other kpop website..

  27. MY FUCKIN GOD!!!!! MOTHER FUCKINg SE7EN IS BACK !!!!!! lolz sorry for my **** langauge….. i’m just so fckin excited now !!!!!

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