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Super Junior KyuHyun, “I only had 20% chance of survival in the car accident 3 years ago”

Super Junior KyuHyun talks about the car accident he got in 3 years ago and tears as he expresses his gratitude to his father for protecting his dream to be a singer.

KyuHyun was on SBS Strong Heart on 13th July when he said, “I got into a car accident 3 years ago on my way home after work. The car really overturned and I was lying on the ground.” The car accident happened in April 2007.

He said, “Back then I thought that I am going to die. I was in coma for 4 days. The doctor said that I had only 20% chance of survival with my rib bones crushed into my lungs.”

KyuHyun added, “My father told the doctor not to take away my vocal codes in a bypass surgery I have to undergo as I am a child who sings. So the surgery was done bypassing the flank. After that, when I know the truth I cried. It because my dad had always objected me being a singer and yet he had protected my dreams to be a singer.”

KyuHyun took 5 months to recover from the accident, “I feel like I am living a new life.”

S: Newsen

21 Responses

  1. I love his father ❤ so thoughtful.

  2. i can’t watch video it says private. tell me the way to watch it

  3. God, he’s in coma for 4 DAYS?!?! God is really good! He gave a 2nd life and a 2nd chance to kyuhyun. and such a great dad he has…one of the reasons to thank parents for. 🙂

  4. i cried…… glade he is still living ~~~

  5. 20% of living 😦
    i remember this T.T i remember always crying whenever i watch the video where he got into the accident TT.TT
    Kyu oppa’s dad is the best! knowing that his sons dream was to be a singer, so he helped to continue his dream THANK GOD!
    Kyuhyun oppa DAD/appa thank you very much *bows*

  6. this is probably the best story on strong heart yet! i didnt know that he was in such a bad condition at that time. super junior really had to go through a lot… 😦

  7. ooo god! i am crying right now! T______T

  8. 😦 20% chance survival? im glad he is here today , alive and well. I only gotten to like suju late last year so never knew how serious his accident was. His story about his dad is very touching too

  9. touching.

  10. This was a horrible accident…but thank GOD he’s alive…

  11. I remember this. So heartwrenching. I’m so thankful to the doctors for saving Kyu baby’s life and to his father for fighting for his son’s dream.

    Love you Kyu baby<333

  12. I cry everytime this accident is brought up too…
    so sad..

  13. This is so touching. His dad didn’t even want him to be a singer yet he still protected Kyuhyun’s dream. I cry everytime this accident is brought up. I am so glad Kyuhyun made it through, amazing…a 20% survival rate…it’s a miracle.

  14. I tear up every time I read/see anything about the accident!! I’m so glad that Kyuhyun made it. Even better that his dad protected his son’s dream to be a singer! This is really touching. :]

  15. I still rmb this.

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  17. T________________T
    saw the clip of that accident in “a walk to remember”.. it’s so sad.. glad that he’s alive..

  18. what his dad did for him is really touching.

  19. almost cry when i read this article.. ;____:

  20. What a heartwarming story, would’ve been a horrible loss for such a great singer had his vocal codes been removed.

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