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WonderGirls HyeRim’s most recent features garner interests

WonderGirls HyeRim shows off her pretty chin line.

HyeRim posted up a photo of herself  on her Twitter on 12th July and wrote, “this was before the show in….uhm….uh….^^;;;;;;;”

In the photo, HyeRim look slimmer than she had when she first joined WonderGirls. Some of the comments from netizens on the photo include, “She looks prettier than before”, “Cute” etc.

Meanwhile, the WonderGirls made it to the Billboard charts for the 2nd time with ‘2DT’ on ‘Heatseekers Albums’ chart on 21st June.

S: TVDaily

32 Responses

  1. did she go under the knife?

  2. Her hair and makeup now makes her look beautiful now.
    It’s great to see she’s finally beginning to shine.

  3. wow, she looks prettier. Is it the bangs?

  4. she’s finally started to look like a celebrity.

  5. wah soo pretty~

  6. dang she cleaned up well nice!

  7. i saw WG live performance, she cant really sing (from all WG girls). i hope she can make effort on the future.

    • Are you for real coz i went to 2 of their recent concerts and i have to say i was blown away by how amazing their lives were (even Sohee). I was just a casual fan before but after seeing them live on stage singing soo well (despite being all sweaty and tired after the long sets) i’m a converted Wonderful.

      Also most fan accounts would disagree with you. Oh well….

    • I dont know why in Korean music show, sometime WGs live performance is not good, but when i went to their concert
      OMG It’s amazing, how good live they have
      Even So Hee sang a lot a lot better than in TV, i dont know why, i can feel their breath, their move, their emotion, i totally blown away
      THey are not only beautiful in real life but their singing and dancing skill is amazing

      • oo really they r sing better in concert, i just saw their live performance on tv.

      • Korean schedule is tough they don’t get to sleep so they don’t perform as well. American schedule they aren’t doing anything much at the moment just focusing solely on touring which is much is probably since there are some days between gigs they have a day off and go sight seeing. Which explains it. Also they don’t get to sing songs that suit their vocal rang. Sohee in Surviour was soo powerful as hell but in songs like Tell Me all high pitched and put on doesn’t sound good. Check out their performance of Love You I Do on KJE Chocolate and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Look cih, it is called a live broadcasting. In English, a live concert means u go in person to the concert. A live broadcast is not considered generally live. Many Koreans(in fact I m a Korean) who said they saw live have wrong idea.

    • FYI I can tell why their performance wasn’t good as in the US concerts. I am blaming all the entertainment programs. The moment they stepped to the Korean soil after 14 hours of flying, they were taken to the countryside by ‘Family Outing II’, bcame soaking wet with the freezing valley water. Then the program put them out to the pouring rain. Sunye got cold and sick. They still had to perform and no wonder they did not sound good. Remember WinWin(승승장구), Sunye was sick and they had to film in 3 o’clock in the morning after they performed in a television music program and a blogger said they look old. And they had to jump rope in the middle of the night.(in Kinex I think)
      where Sunye almost collapsed. In the ‘Happy Together,’ Sohee had the stuffed nose nd barely b able 2 talk. Of course b4 that, she had to perform in a music program and she was criticized being not a good singer. This is almost an abuse. Their concert schedule is tough but comparing to their domestic campaigning schedule, it is like a joke. Expect a good performance? I don’t think so.

      In my humble opinion, ppl shall start to respect the privacy and the well-being of the singers instead consuming their privacy. In the end, u got wht u deserve.

      • @Yohan: Aw aw.. i think you are right. they have so many schedule in korea, should attend many variety show,etc.

        i saw other article, Hangeng (sujus member), he fell sick, but his Manager told him he should attend awards ceremony . oww.. i realize, its not easy as a singer in korea. during training and after training both are difficult 😦 .

  8. She looks really pretty. I think it is her teeth that distracts people from her beauty.

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo. Eileen Teo said: WonderGirls HyeRim's most recent features garner interests http://wp.me/phE2s-9KN […]

  10. She lost some weight…her face bcame V-shape,no longer round shape:D

  11. a+ on the hair and makeup, THIS is how lim should be looking the other girls. GORGEOUS!

  12. She’s so cute 🙂 she and Yeeun are/were on a diet so it’s no surprise she looks slimmer.

  13. Really cute

  14. Love her!

  15. I dont see her being in MIss A.
    thank god shes in WG.

  16. so cute

  17. nice who ever did her makeup is did a awesome job on her this the first time she look beautiful for me.

  18. i like this picture of her because of her hairstyle. it really brings out her youth.

  19. she’s like Bom? who’s actually slim BUT look chubby on screen. I know how it feels as i’ve been on tv before. Since then, i’m on diet. LOL…

    • yeah, heard television adds like 5 lbs to your look

      • more like adds 10+ pounds!

        i’ve seen the wonder girls in person, and they’re STICK SKINNY! to the point that their heads look pretty big for their body. (not to be mean! i love them!!) i was shocked because they look pretty okay on screen (compared to YoonA of snsd who looks REALLY skinny on screen too. makes me wonder how skinny she is in person..)

      • i saw them in person too! i was a Fantastic

        “to the point that their heads look pretty big for their body” dude i thought that too!! they look like life-size dolls. skin, although was plastered with makeup, looked white as snow too. oh, they were MUCH taller than i expected. even with heels, they looked tall and very slender

  20. wg jjang

  21. 1st! nice!

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