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After School Nana’s surprising confession, “I like Nich Khun”

After School Nana expresses her interests towards 2PM Nich Khun.

Nana was one of the guest appearances on MBC Golden Fishery show’s corner Radio Star aired on 14th July.

On the show, Nana said, “I have interests towards Nich Khun,” and she made cute expressions as presents to Nich Khun. And regarding MBLAQ Mir who had expressed interests in her, Nana said, “Thank you,” and gave a smiling expression on the show.


35 Responses

  1. Nich Khun already has Victoria and he said that he liked her before he found out she was his wife.

  2. Lol, but Nich has Victoria already =). I don’t think he will dare to make her jealous =)

    Khuntoria ❤

  3. isn’t her ideal man is Jung Yonghwa?
    he likes the husband in WGM

  4. Wowww she like nichkhun

  5. Nana belongs to me <33 haha. just kidddddding. Nickhun and Nana are great and all but nothing beats Mir & Nana ! 😀

  6. NANA & NICH <<< they will be amazing , cute coupl 🙂

  7. So do I, Na Do Yo, Nana~~~
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  8. sorry but YOU are the one who’s overreacting here =)) Everybody was just kidding, please reread their comments.

    • I was replying to “charm”, the person above me ;___;

    • yeah, me also just kidding, it’s cute and brave actually if idol said that she likes other male idol.
      i like nana, she’s so eautiful, we just say our opinion, doesnt mean i dislike her.

      she’s my fave in after school, she’s just like barbie doll.

  9. why are so many fans OVER reacting? WGM is not even real, how many couples actually dated in real life?

    She only said she LIKES him. for god’s sake.

    • yeah, nobody is calling nana a bitch or something! i’m a fan of nana like the most of the people in here! we’re just kidding about the situation.. please understand that !

    • 2 actually. JunJin and his “wife”. And Hwang Eun*something* and her “husband”

      • Hwang Jung Eum and her boyfriend have been DATING well before they shoot WGM.

        And I’m not over-reacting…just some comments make it seem like Nickhun belongs to Victory. and her only.

  10. Well, it’s not like she said she wants to be on WGM with him… she’s just saying she likes him. :]

  11. Is that a love rectangle I spy.
    Or maybe not rectangle anymore but a polygon, since some people probably have listed Mir or Nichkhun as their ideal guy before 😀

  12. woah Nana and Khun would be a really cute couple. Their both really tall. Mhm the model couple it would work.

    Though Vic and Khun is uberly cute. Nana and Khun would be HOT! 🙂

  13. Nana likes Khun and Raina is considered to be the infamous OH BANG SHIL of Jo Kwon. Seems the two After shool’s members got sth to do w/ the wives of WGM

    • Lizzy named Jung Yong Hwa as her ideal guy on radio show
      ahhahahahahahahahahahahahah this is EPIC

    • hahhaa…all orange caramel is threat for all wgm’s wife…
      be aware vic, seo hyun, and gain….kekekkee….

      3 husband is wgm is really famous, many female idol like them.

  14. She is taking by Lizzy !!!

  15. she’s pretty but he’s taken =/

  16. Nana??/what?????You have Lizzy how could you do this to maknae xD

  17. sorry sweetie but he’s taken ;D kekeke

  18. nana and khun ? that would be cute cuz they’re tall and really nice people !
    i don’t know why people say mir likes nana, it is because of idol army ? i’m envious! kekek
    nana, please show some love to Mir : )

    • Yeah bcs of Idol Army when his badn members said he has Nana as wallpaper and bcs he knows exact s Nana appears in BOY MV xD

      • oh thaaaaaaank u : )
        This is not the first time Nana said she likes khun! she said it before on a radio interview ..
        and i think she likes Jung Yong Hwa too !
        watch out victoria and Seohyun , kekek : )

  19. lolz i wonder what victoria will react to this…..

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  21. i like nana but he has victoria..sowwy

  22. lo too bad his married 😛
    but NANA is seriously gorgeous. js.

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