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Mnet M!Countdown 200th episode special – TaeYang wins #1 with ‘I Need A Girl’

Today for the 200th episode special on Mnet M!Countdown, fans get to enjoy a galore of special stages put up by the idol singers.

In addition, TaeYang won #1 with the song ‘I Need A Girl’ for the 2nd time on the show after the first win last week. Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.



miss A


C.N Blue







14 Responses

  1. Taeyang, congrats! So happy for him.

    I love MBLAQ’s covers of all three (big) boybands!
    And CNBlue’s covers were cute too! They seemed especially happy when they did ‘I Don’t Care.’

    Gina’s performance could’ve been better, nerves set aside, it was good.

  2. ‘GRATS YB~~~ You deserve it! <333

    All the performances were great 'tho. 🙂 But the covers made by CNBlue were awesome! I really liked their version of Only Look At Me and I Don't Care.

  3. yay,congrats taeyang~he deserved it~

  4. cnblue’s cover for look only at me was the best special stage of the night.. damn they sound great.
    i get that the other groups had to dance.. but none of them even sang a line for those the special stages.. can’t really call them covers..

    and of course the 2am ballads.. omg ❤
    gna is goood.. she can't dance, but who cares when you can sing that well

    congrats to tae yang ~

  5. a lot of yg covers. i thoroughly enjoyed them all 🙂
    and congrats to yb for the 2nd win. hopefully he can win some on the other shows as well.

  6. congrats bae-by! 😉 and cnblue’s covers were the best. =)))

  7. Even if i don’t like Miss A, i have to admit that they are talented .
    4minute girls, girls,girls,girls,girls

  8. I love how most of it was YG songs 😀 hehe, not to b bias or anything.

  9. youngbae congrats!! (=

  10. Loved g.nas perfomance!! Lol, there was a very loud scream during missa bad girl good girl. Sori didn’t do well, I hope she’s okay. Also congrats mcountdown!!

  11. congrats on G.NA’s debut. but hope u sing full live next time =)

  12. yay congratz YB for 2nd win

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