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Park JaeBum comes back strong with ‘Count On Me’ on album and music charts

Park JaeBum comes out strong with the sales of his new album.

According to HanTeo chart, JaeBum’s new minialbum ‘Count On Me’ released on 13th July went up to #1 on the daily album sales on the same day selling 21,989 copies just for that day. This also place JaeBum on the #12 position in terms of album sales on a single day for this year.

So far for this year, Super Junior stands #1, #4 and #5 with the 4th album A version, B version and repackaged version, while So Nyeo Shi Dae stands at #2 and #3 with their 2nd album and repackaged version for the top album sales on a single day.

JaeBum’s new minialbum is up #1 on HanTeo’s real time chart at 5pm on 14th July, and it is expected that the album will bring in better results on music and album charts.

Already, the title song ‘Count On Me’ is up #1, and said to be all-kill, on various music charts.



141 Responses

  1. Why is it in this world people have to bash others when they are just doing their thing. Jay sings better then some singers and their are some singers that sing better then Jay. It just the way talent is. He was popular outside of USA WAYYY before the controversy. Everyone liked his easy going attitude and that was why he was on alot of variety shows. He has some singing talent but what really makes him popular is his goofy attitude that he shows on all those korea shows and of course his abs lol.

    I like Jay because he seems goofy and funny and even through all those negative comments 2pm was getting he still supported them on his youtube account and never said anything bad about them. Nowadays people are too bitter and always have to bash someone. What is wrong with just saying I don’t like it and moving on. Also people need to chill, if someone doesn’t like your idol just brush them off… if you like them that is all that matters. Honestly people who have celebrity status are always gonna have haters. I like taeyang and jay they are totally on different levels and i like them because they both have a different style. But Rain is my ultimate favorite ( after this comment I wonder if someone gonna start bashing rain).

    Lastly… People who comment here and leave hate remarks and bash other people idols and who can’t take criticism well about their idols (like in this article)… GROW UP. Really all this bashing is elementary stuff and I know some are you aren’t 10 year old (I could be wrong lol). Gosh just let the man do his thing. Sheesh K-pop has some talented singers. Just like the states… we got talented singers here and we have those who aren’t talented. It isn’t only k-pop that is overrated… I generally think all celebrities are overrated and the only reason they are is we go around talking about them and buying their shit =p

  2. I like the song! πŸ™‚

  3. WTH happened to K bites!?! like srsly… this used to be the only kpop site were ppl would respect other ppl opinions and a place lame fan wars were nonexistent . but it’s just turned into another allkpop, which i stopped reading bcos of that!

    people seriously need to grow up and stop being so lame. don’t u realize the ppl who troll on here are just looking for a response and a reaction?!? and u gladly give it to them evertime. if u saying nothing and just ignore it, then they’ll just find some other place to troll!

    AND…to all those who think swearing is gonna make ppl believe in your statement more,need to go back to school and learn some more vocabulary or pick a book, cos u sound like a inarticulate moron, who can’t explain urself without the need to swear…just so u know.

  4. I’m happy to see Jay doing so well.

    If Jay is overrated, there are many artists who don’t even deserve to be in the Entertainment business. I won’t bash anyone because that is not how a Jaywalker or any fan should roll.

    The comments are hilarious, but why compare artists? They aren’t the same, they don’t promote the same things. You shouldn’t compare Seungri or Taeyang with Jay or the other way round. I find them all to be very good, just with slightly different talents. There’s no ups and downs in the level.

    People should stop hating or attacking others. I can agree that Jay might be overrated, but in general KPOP is overrated.

  5. wtf yall so mad about…damn I notice that every Yoona, Taeyang and Jay article gets so much hate…why do some of you guys hate them so much I don’t get it.

  6. why can’t we get along..?!
    let us not compare and say who’s better and who’s not..don’t even say that he’s talentless or whatever, because there is talent even before he joined 2pm..that’s why he got into the group right?! sheesh!

    love and respect always guys!

    oh, and congrats to Jay! this is only the beginning. ^^

  7. it’s good for Jay, i hope that he’s really happy about it!

    i have “Count on me” on repeat since the release ^^

    can’t wait to receive my copy of the single ❀

  8. I am really curious of what was the reason for him not caming back to his group hmmmm??????

    • why would he ?
      anywayz it’s official that he wouldn’t come back.
      and i think it’s a lot better if he can produce his own music =)

    • are you serious they kicked him out….damn how many times this gotta be explained.

    • Who would wanna come back to a company that’s bound to go bankrupt because JYP think his artists are soooo great and spend all the money trying to promote them in the US but FAILED.

  9. Wow, I’m seriously surprised. Despite being good or not at singing (I never follow him, just not my cup of tea ^^) at the very least he manages to stand out as solo artist. And that’s something to be proud of.
    Not many kpop idols can do that. The album selling is fantastic to be honest.
    But yeah why all the comments are full of hatred??
    They provide good articles (better than allkpop ones) but the comments are too harsh sometimes. In allkpop the thumbs down comments are kind of annoying, but most of the thumbed ones are destructive comments.
    Just stating my opinion though

  10. Peace and love everyone, if you don’t like the song/Jay himself then simply don’t comment on this article. As for the Jaywalkers, don’t respond to the trolls. It just makes things worse, true fans wouldn’t spark a fanwar/comparison with another artist. All idols have fans who view them as the best, there’s no use in arguing as it only creates more tension between fans.

    Taeyang and Jay are great but they are different in terms of style, please stop all the hating.

  11. this thread is lol.

  12. this is only the start, jay!!! πŸ˜€

  13. jaywalkers, let’s try to be bigger than the trolls who decided to voluntarily click on a jay article and talk trash about fans who are fangirling. we knew that as soon as jay had something positive in his career, there would be haters. let’s concentrate on supporting him, ignoring the haters and continue to cheer jay and other jaywalkers on!! this cover was great. can’t wait for the full mv to be out πŸ™‚

  14. Oh my gawd kpop, in general, is overrated. Fans fighting over this are typical one-sided fans of certain kpop group or individual. Geez. Jay can sing and dance. Just because he has so many fans doesn’t mean he is overrated. He is well-loved especially after the 2PM fiasco.

    • And no don’t give me the “he cannot sing and dance” or “he is not a good singer” bullcrap Great dancer, and he may not sing like MJ but he CAN sing. Real talk? Stop hating πŸ™‚

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Jaywalkers Malaysia, Regina Ng, Adinda Laksmitasari, Luanna Mayara and others. Luanna Mayara said: RT @sookyeong: Park JaeBum comes back strong with β€˜Count On Me’ on album and music charts http://twurl.nl/tbbr02 […]

  16. Don’t worry haters! Jay and Taeyang will not be in the same league

    YOU know WHAT STINKY FART ya’re!!!!!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  18. Damn! 88 comments half of them are trolls gosh why can’t people be Normal :\

  19. reading all these comments is just pure entertainment :$ LOOOl too funny

  20. I am seriously happy for jay. I hope that we can see him performing on music shows. Seriously i don’t understand why so many 2pm fans are bashing jay on his articles on different sites.

    • Lol dumbass stop generalizing.

    • 2pm fans ? where did you saw that ? omg you guys.. how old are u…

    • Not everyone who’s disliking Jay is a 2PM fan…. Stop blaming hottest for all the bashing Jay gets… The music industry rolls like this… Your famous you’ll get antis,, not just one group of people will hate you but a bunch………

  21. lol some ppl here are just blindly believing in those who claim to be “Jaywalkers” and start to generalize the whole fandom? what if they are trolls and want to start some mess in here? stop saying Jaywalkers are this and that! go and tell those hottests on allkpop to stfo on Jay!

  22. Why do the haters come in here and attack Jay ??? What is your benefit…dont be mad just because Lebron James chose the Heat we all know thats y you mad…chill Lebron is happy where he went for real..don’t take our your anger for Lebron to Jay

    • LOL WTF does all of this have to do with Lebron??
      silly jaywalkers

      • LOL I was just trying to fuck with the haters thats all ahahaha because they seem so mad about something

  23. Anonymous: “Is the B.o.B feat. Jay Park ver. comin’ out too?
    If so, when?

    I wonder if they just copy-pasted B.o.B’s part of the song or re-record the song with him again..>.<?

    I'm very curious to hear B.o.B.'ll say in the very end part about him letting the song ride. Mentioning his name and Bruno Mars's. If he mentions jay's name, it means they re-recorded the song with him…xD"

    Hmm…you have a point there..*researches*
    Hopefully someone will get to give u a good reply…
    well whoever u are..:)

    i have some thing to tell you everybody ……

    1- for all Jay’s haters … what anything you guys/girls said & do
    Jay is still for ever the real star & no 1 πŸ™‚

    2- for all Jay’s fans …. dont be angry because of this stupid guys/girls , just ignore them , dont talk with them or about what they say because this post is the answer to their empty words

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Congratulations JAY PARK πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. I dont like him for some reason…actually cuz of his fans because they seem to be real bitchy.

    NOW nOW Im not saying all, Im sure there are nice ones, but I think a majority.

  26. He’s short and sounds like a girl when he sings.

    • what does being short have anything to do with singing? Taeyang, GD, Junho, Jonghyun and I can keep on going forever are not exactly what u call tall but are all amazingly talents. And for the record he doesnt sing like a girl.

    • what you so mad about?

  27. You know what, i feel like slowly Kbites is becoming just as bad as Allkpop. Actually at least in Allkpop most of the comments are positive towards the artist (whist the articles are not thaat great). Here the articles are FANTASTIC but it seems like every other commenter is trying to put the artist ( whoever is mentioned in the article) down. Is it becuase of jealousy? or becuase you want to act like keyboard warriors to boost your internet ego?I have no idea but some international kpop fans have absolutely NO RESPECT! Disgusting.

    • yup actually in fact i think allkpop is improving pretty fast cuz nowdays all the articles have mostly positive comments and all the little negetive comments are being thumberd down.. i wish k bites would have some options to thumb down comments or just hide it to avoid peopel seeing it…

      • Man allkpop with its system has brainwashed people, i mean even if you make a constructive comment by explaining for example this idol or this idol is a little bit too much on the spot, immedialtely the groopies or fangirls are going to thumb down. I mean kbites is a good kpop blog, in the past when the blog was unkwon the comments were very good and constructive no trollers or anything but think that trollers and all are a part of the success of a blog (allkpop the first). It should be the visitors who must mature for some and not instaure some “formating opinions system”, i mean i know a lot of fansite where people take time to explain and don’t get frustatred when some criticize their idols even when some trollers bash their idols, they stay calm. To resume if there are trollers just ignore, why kbites should hides some comments like allkpop i mean there is a certain freedom of expression, because a little criticism toward an artist will be considered as bashing by the fangirls and not for others (YES even troller have the right to troll it’s just a biased opinion that e should respect and if you don”t like it just ignore it). Its up to the visitors to be more mature, i mean we are a minimum intelligent to avoid fanwars, peace & love~~~~

    • @+1 kbites yeah it is true in allkpop comments that are not positive will get 12324539658729397 thumbs down and i’m not kidding ….it is like you dont have the rights to say what you want to express… even if u did millions will start replying you and and will thumb you down like theres no tomorrow…

    • Don’t compare kbites to lowclass allkpop. Because of allkpop’s nasty and very rude “professional” writing I haven’t stepped into their stupid site in over a year. They even have the nerve to call themselves “professional writers.” Ha!

  28. wat!! JAY IS NOT OVERRATED!!! jay is UNDERRATED!!! because jay is so fuckign talented!! HE can sing,dance,rap,MC,andmany other stuff!!!! he deserves more tha nwhat he earns right now!!! PLUS THE cover that he did was even better than the orginnal!!!! hahaha !!! BOB should be honor that our JAY would even do a cover for him!!!! JAY IS NOT OVERRATED!!!! JAYWALKERS ! DONT LET THEHATERS BRING US DOWN! LETS SUPPORT JAY FOREVER AND EVER!!!

    • B.o.B should be honor?! Lol gtfo. Jaywalkers are getting cocky fast huh.
      Btw, he can’t rap n his singing is just average.
      What’s the other stuff he’s good at? creating controversy I suppose?

      • Yeah BOB shouldnt honor Jay but Nothing on You did get popular in Korea AFTER jay covered the song. Jay may not have the best rapping and singing talent in the world. But he is an amazing dancer and bboy he can also sing and rap. Not many other idols are talented in so many aspects as Jay. Jay was hands down the most talented member in 2pm.

    • Your comment just PROVES that Jay is wayyy overrated…he’s overrated because of stupid fangirls like you.

  29. Is he even allowed to sell it and make profit considering it’s just a cover???

    • His company got the copyright to the song.
      Just like Brian did with Jason Derulo’s “In My Head’
      and Shinee did with Juliette etc.

      • Julietter was a cover of what? i never knew that..O>O

      • @12345 Juliette was a cover of “Deal with it” by Corbin Bleu. Genie and Mirotic are covers too

      • SAY WHAT?! Genie and Mirotic too??? O.O

      • Genie is not a cover. And Mirotic is not a cover either. SM bought the rights to the song just like the other singer did. DBSK recorded the song before the other singer did. But she released it first.

    • @Ash oh thank u for clearing it up cuz i never thought that mirotics/genie was cover.. i only remembered some other people that covered genie but not the otherway around..

  30. i dont think its a matter of jae being overrated. i think the korean public just misses him and want to show their support and gratitude. some probably realized they messed up really bad and this is just one of the ways to show they’re sorry

    • some ppl don’t get that apparently. his fans miss him alot. i mean, his leave from kpop was abrupt… to put it simply. let the boy have this. geez.

      still, jaywalkers (some of you at least) don’t need to get all cocky and defensive and then start bringin down other ppl to prove your point. sheesh. =__=”

  31. Is the B.o.B feat. Jay Park ver. comin’ out too?
    If so, when?

    I wonder if they just copy-pasted B.o.B’s part of the song or re-record the song with him again..>.<?

    I'm very curious to hear B.o.B.'ll say in the very end part about him letting the song ride. Mentioning his name and Bruno Mars's. If he mentions jay's name, it means they re-recorded the song with him…xD

    • yeah i thought he be singing a new song not another remake. but congrats to him now after the whole poor Jay die down let see what going to happen to him. if he still be successful he so lucky that the scandal happen to him he should thank JYP for cutting him and not paying composition for terminating his contract.

  32. What’s wrong with all you people who said he’s overrated, terrible singer and all that?

    As far as I know, most k-pop idols are overrated and can’t sing yet fans still worship them and buy their album.
    Heechul, Yoona, SoHee, TaecYeon, Micky, Hara, Seungri, Dara <<< overrated and can't sing. Without their group they can't even survive. At least Jay is going solo and I applaud him for that.

    • Uhm…sorry this is Kpop World hello? Idols are not all about singing but with other talents as well too. They may not sound that great for your ears doesn’t mean they can’t sing and overrated.

    • “At least Jay is going solo and I applaud him for that.” it’s not like he had another choice.

      • LOL true dat

      • No she means that he got back up on his feet all with the strength of his fans. He has the courage to go back up on stage and prove to the world whats up!

    • seungri should not even be in your stupid list. he’s grown over the years and his vocals have improved. if he can hold his own in a medly with freakin daesung and still sound awesome then i would think he has grown a lot. his musicals helped him practice his vocals and his acting is grreat. dara is more stable and sounds better live than bommie even though bommie has better range and a more powerful voice.

      i dunno abt the others on your list because i don’t follow them as much, but i definitely know these 2 don’t belong in the overrated category. how can they be overrated when they’re barely on any shows and have been gone for the most part of the whole year? and 2 years for seungri cuz BB’s in a hiatus. and they definitely can sing. so fail list is FAIL.

      btw, talking smack when you dunno stuff. seungri has gone solo. and he is successful with that. strong baby did awesome last i checked. he definitely survived and loads of other ppl applauded that.

      so we can’t call jay overrated and can’t sing while you can call everyone else overrated??? nice.

      p/s: btw, congrats jay. keep on keepin on.

    • how the fuck did Micky and Seungr get on there… you jaywalkers are a little overboard just because yor JAY was called overrated you dont need to act all that.. damn jaywalkers must be one of the most anoying fanclub ever.. i really dont noe what singign means to you cuz ovisously micky and seungr can sing better than you fuckin JAY damn… get over it JAY IS OVERRATED>_<………

      • Micky is ugly and can’t sing, Seungri can’t dance or sing AT ALL (despite being really good at it before debut). NO ONE CAN DENY THIS.

        Jay’s name is everywhere and it does get kinda annoying but i forgive him because at least he can sing. If it was Chansung who got kicked outta 2pm and tried to go solo…that would be a whole other issue.

      • serisously i getting sick of you hyon can you just shut up for atleast once!! just once plzz !! “NO ONE CAN DENY THIS” you made me laugh serisously …i have millions of video that can prove you wrong and kick your motherfuckign ass but because your shithead is just full of anti ing people i would make my self look stupid argueing with someone like you………..

      • First of all stop generalizing Jaywalkers they dont all bash idols. And bashing Jay is not making Micky nor Seung Ri look any good. Alsom bashing Seung Ri and Micky is not making Jay look any better.

        Personally, Jay can out sing and dance Micky and Seung Ri any day. It all deals with taste and dont try to shove your taste down other peoples throats. You dont have to like Jay but dont outright go bash him.

      • how is it that despite seungri not being able to sing at all, he’s still able to get great reviews in his musicals?? srsly, can you please fucking explain that to me??? seriously fucking explain this to me. if he really did SUCK at singing, as all y’all haters like to keep sayin, then how is it that he’s gotten casted for 2 freaking musicals, BOTH of which has ended in success. srsly.

        seungri can’t outsing jay?? WTH??? I AM DENYING THAT RIGHT FREAKING NOW. he can definitely outsing jay and whether he can outdance jay is yet to be determined because that needs to be seen and not be words comin outta asses. he can still freakin dance before debut AND now. i mean, WTF are you smoking?? stale weed?? how would you freaking know whether he can still dance or not?? he pulls off his choreography perfectly even now. and dance-wise, he picks up choreography better than even taeyang. seungri can’t BBOY like jay can, cuz baby boy got srsbzns skills, but give em both the same choreography, a stage and then we’ll talk.

        fuck. srsly i am a huge jay supporter. love him to bits! i’m also a huge 2pm fan, but i support jay with heart and soul, too. i’m not a jaywalker, nor am i a hottest but i love my boys regardless of whatever the heck has happened in the past. I’VE MOVED ON. but jaywalkers don’t need to be frontin for jay.

        stop saying stuff like “truthfully jay can outsing seungri any day. NO ONE CAN DENY THIS” and all that mother mini cooper shit.

        right now, from the song he’s released, seungri is still kickin his ass. in terms of stability, pitch and overall technique in singing, seungri still kicks jay’s ass. you can prefer whoever’s voice you want but don’t talk smack abt outsinging and stuff when in an objective point of view, seungri >>> jay. truth.

        btw, there’s a difference between personal taste and proper technique. not many will prefer seungri’s slightly nasally voice but he definitely has the better technique and while jay’s voice is like honey on buttered toast, his technique is pretty much iffy.


      • naninoona, thank you ❀

    • such a DumbAss Jay fan.

      • Jay can out sing Micky and Seungri? Seriously?

        I don’t know what koolaid you guys have been drinking but whatever it is got you guys tripping. Jay can probably outdance Micky and Seungri but that’s not the issue. You guys should educate yourselves before you start comparing him to other and better artist.

        You guys are delusional. If Korean Jaywalkers are as cocky as some of you guys are then I feel sorry for Jay, his fans are going to get him some haters.

      • @toozdae…excuse me!! is ur reply for me…coz I only have 5 words on my comment yet ur mouth is full of fire on me. Did I write comparing Jay to Micky and Seungri!?
        DumbAss! I was referring my comment to Ahoy who she/he compares or rather say Overrated to Micky SeungRi and others. It Isnt unecessary why would others get involve to.

        WTF!!! FYI!!! Im Not a Jay Fan. DumBass!

      • pace13, obivously toozdae was replying to Ash. chill.

    • Ok, I know your just butt hurt from all the Jay bashing, but seriously… Seungri? You seriously put Seungri on the same level as Jay? Shit the Seungri’s voice can easily beat Jay’s ass like level 1 super mario and then shit on his body.

      • Oh and Micky too, the fuck? You’re a disgrace putting Micky and Seungri on that shit. Maybe you should take your head out of your ass long enough to actually listen to those 2 rather than just writing out what others might say

      • wow were all just here wanting to have constructive discussion. I maybe a Jaywalker but Im not going to deny their are many areas Jay needs improvement on no doubt. You know what forget it cause quite frankly all you know how to do is put people down and curse. wash your mouth with some soap. Really discussing anything with people like you is pointless cause all ur gonna do is curse and bash…like wth

      • ^ lol you’re not better. seriously.

  33. he’s actually one of the very few idols who has all the skills to go solo: singing, dancing, rapping, stage presence (or x-factor). so i’m not really surprised he’s doing great.

    • yup jay kinda reminds me of taeyang too…

      • If i see the name Taeyang again in this article…i think imma slap a hoe.

        And dang jay sure got a lot of haters now, the guy is just trying to get by, get off his chest.

      • LOLZ i’m just saying no need to get all butthurt about it…. just because you antiing YG doesnt mea nyou can stop people from mentionging YB…

      • @hyon: isn’t that what you’ve been doing in Tae Yang’s thread lately? bringing up other artists? it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. tsk tsk …

      • thank you @lay. i think imma smack any hoe that tries to downput any other artists in a non-related article. bitch be trippin abt her fav idol but doesn’t realize she’s doin the exact same thing. pssssshhhh…..

    • and his lucky because of the scandal with out that i don’t think he be a successful as a solo artist.

  34. seriously. jay’s cool and all.. glad he’s back. but he can’t sing ppl!! this song is overrated and no offense to all you other bias fangirls but there are a lot more better covers on youtube.

    • yeah but who are we to dictate who gets our love and support? Everyone is always better than someone out there but does that justify that Jay don’t deserve a shot for his dreams as well. He made it happen for himself with the help of his fans to get back up. His skills is debateable but to say he should sit back. If that’s the mentality you have I feel sorry for you going into a job interview because there will always be someone more qualified for the job than you but you should you not try and go for it? Think about it

  35. wow and it is just a cover…. well the korean fans sure miss him…

  36. congrats jay. πŸ™‚

    • wait a minute candygirl89>???! arent you that stupid troll that i see in almost every post?… or maybe your another person…. O.O

      • hehehe CandyGirl89 and Jay are overrrated LOL jk jk

      • and heee your just a pre pubescence troll trying to feel cool by using a word you don’t even know how too hehehe….

      • yup … she’s the one. i think she should take her own advice when she goes trolling on other artists’ threads.

      • thanks haters. it is all about jay. πŸ™‚ proud jaywalker πŸ™‚

  37. seriously? ppl bought this? im mean geezzz -_- its like 3 versions of a same song that was already sung by someone else… sigh .. fangirls …

    • stop hating

    • so what? is it your money? you would do the same shit for your idols so dont even start …u mad????

    • seriously am sick of these kind of butthurt fan + not fan. geez. if u’re not dumb then u should know its almost the same as those artist that came out with repackage album with only additional 1 song. still its up to their fans to buy/support their beloved artist or not. sigh. pathetic.

  38. I’m happy 4 him , i knew he’ll be back πŸ™‚
    is he gonna to perform in music shows and make
    a comeback on stage ?!
    my only wish for him not to get overrated like any other
    idol or artist when he reaches the summit ..
    Jay good luck in your life ^_^

    • he’s already overrated.

      • How?! tell me how?!

      • agree…

      • @Sara first of all i think you need to check the dictionary of overrrated because how in the world is Jay is NOT overrrated…one : the song was a cover and it kinda sucks too but 21,989 jayworshippers are still willing to spend 13 dollars on it(it only comes with 2 posters and that cover…) ……. two: his singing/rapping is just decent nothing really special about him but after th whole myspace controversy his popularites starts to rise…. then he starts making cover of other USA songs on youtube and it gained millions of views when the cover was just decent/Okish if that is not overrated then plzz tell me meaning of overrated…

      • so, who cares.

      • @LOLZ
        Can i ask you question ?!
        who’s overrated ?! Jay?! or his fans?!
        he’s just sign on youtube like any other one people
        who live in this world and uploading his videos
        like most of you then his fans you & I are watching what
        he’s doing and day by day every single little thing what
        happening to him we see it on headlines!! why?? because of his fans and netizens ..
        and if he really overrated in your opinion then i think
        2PM and especially Taecyeon more overrated than him
        i’m not disagree you but i’d like to point out my point
        of view only ^_^

        sorry for my bad eng !!

      • @LOLZ the same goes for 2Pwho too. After Jay’s departure from the group 2Pwho’s popularity shot up => CFs, winnings, blah blah blah…..

      • @lolz if Jay Park is overrated than all other Korean idols are overrated. Jay may not be the best singer in the world. But their is no one KPOP IDOL thats talented in so many areas ( Rapping, Singing, Dancing and BBOYING) like Jay.

        oh and btw Khun and Jay were the most popular 2PM members to begin with. So he just didnt get instant fame from the myspace controversy. He was already popular.

        Jay is not overrated if their is anyone thats overrated its 2PM especially Taek. Taek is not even as half as talented as Jay and hes still everywhere.

        Oh and Jaywalkers worship the ground Jay walks on whats wrong with that? Just like Cassies worship DBSK, ELF’s worships SuJu, VIPs worship Big Bang. Jaywalkers worship Jay get over it.

      • @Sara to answer your question it is both……i’m not hating on Jay but it is true that Jay is overrated i mean almost every popular kpop stars are overratted and that is how kpop is… i was just saying that he is overrrated for the fact the Ep was a okish COVER but his fans are still willing to buy it …. imean it is a cover afterall i really dont think it is thast speacial.. @:) yes i noe both 2pm and Jay got popualr after that controversy … that’s why i’m saying almost ever popular kpop stars over overrated.. becasue it is kpop afteral..

      • umm@Ash i think what LOLZ meant as like jay’s popularties starts to rise even more after the controversy

      • @Ash um about the jayworshipper thing i was just a little bit surprise about how jaywalkers react to the pics of Jay and Min from Miss A… they acted like jay is like their GOD or something like nobody can touch himm….so yeha i’m sorry if i offended any of you.. well it is your opinons anyways i’m not a fan of jay but from my view i think Jay is overrated …..

      • @LOLZ no you didnt offend me at all lol everyone has their own opinion.

        A lot of fangirls are like that they think think that all idols are untouchable. Not just Jay’s. It’s fangirls in general.

      • @… is pathetic. ignore this loser. damn

  39. congratz Jay!! Love him <3!

  40. Dang that’s a lot. I don’t like the song and I don’t know if it’s worth it but I’m definitely happy for Jay.

    He gives a run for you-know-who’s money.

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