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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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SHINee’s comeback date confirmed as 23rd July!

The date for SHINee’s comeback has been set as 23rd July.

According to SM Entertainment on 15th July, “SHINee who will be releasing their 2nd album on 19th July will be having their comeback stage on 23rd July on KBS Music Bank.”

Initially the boys are set for comeback on 16th July, but member MinHo has injured himself during a filming on 8th July, and the comeback was pushed back.

This will be the group’s comeback after 9 months. Meanwhile, a medley of the 9 songs highlights from the boys’ upcoming album will be released on 15th July.


39 Responses

  1. i’m really hoping this new album can top off ring ding dong…since rdd was the one that got me hooked…but shinee is a really great group…i believe in them…:)they haven’t diappointed me yet…:D

  2. Gd timing 4 their comebck..1 dae aft my bdae..countin down 2 de dae of their comebck alry..so lookin 4wrd 2 seeing my faves jonghyun n key new image..hope jonghyun wil haf a rockin hairstyle like in ring ding dong..im positive dat their comeback stage will b daebak.. =)

  3. All the anti’s can shut up and all the people calling SHINee gay. ¬_¬

    SHINee’s comeback will definitely be amazing, I cannot wait.

  4. Taemin looks pretty hot! At least, no more the “looking-soft” one like before. 🙂

  5. also, minho, put a dam shirt on.

  6. Is Taemin the one with the ponytail? Other than the ponytail Taemin has, I love this picture LOL no offense I love Taemin (:(:


    SHINee's comeback, can't wait! 😀

  8. the knee protector fashion. cool? 🙂 guess they are going to do ‘slide on stage’ or lets play rollerblade etc concept

  9. shinee my loves… i don’t understand your concept.. poor studio artists? play date in the abandoned props factory?

  10. For sum reason they look like they’re going to save the world…lol it’s like they have powers 0.0

  11. hope this helps!

    from left to right: taemin, jonghyun, minho, key, onew

    much better than solo shoots!!
    can’t wait!!
    SHINee hwaiting!!

  12. At least the group photo’s way nicer than the individual shoots 🙂
    But goodness gracious.. Key & Taemin’s hair.. Still can’t get over it T_T

  13. honestly Shinee guys look gay :/

  14. Hm, this is better than the individual teaser pics.

    I hope those trolls take their word back after SHINee rocks on the charts with album and the song.

  15. so either key or taemin has long hair. judging from the individual photos, i’m guessing maknae. but this group shot is leagues and tenfolds better than their individual shots. my faith in them is renewed. sorta. crossing my fingers real tight cuz so far, SHINee’s songs never disappointed me yet.

  16. i dont know who is who uwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaa

  17. Wow it’s mini album or full album ?i like it.

  18. Wow i really can’t wait to see their comeback! Jonghyun oppa is so cool! Shinee hwaiting!

  19. skinny pants and knee pads hmmm.

  20. yes it’s taemin! can’t wait for their album!

  21. I hope their new album will be just as good as their first.

  22. i love the photo! it’s better than their individual photos concept!

  23. That was fast, thank you! 🙂

    • great….just what taemin needed….to look even MORE like a girl….a ponytail…really? -_-“

      • actually from my point of view, it looks pretty hot maybe its because of the angle the photo was taken but i like it

    • LOL!! is that a ponytail?

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