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Video of Nich Khun’s younger sister dancing to ‘LA chA tA’ garners great interests

A video of 2PM Nich Khun’s younger sister dancing to f(x)’s debut song ‘LA chA tA’ revealed online garners interests from fans and netizens.

The video was posted on an online video portal site recently, and in the video Nich Khun’s sister did a transformation as f(x) Krystal for the audition to ‘f(x) dance over competition’ held in Thailand.

In the video, Nich Khun’s sister was featured with short haircut and wearing black hot pants. Netizens’ comments to the video are, “She looks tall and pretty”, “So she is the youngest sibling whom Nich Khun showers much lover over? Envious”, “Good genes run in the family” etc.

S: Asiae


19 Responses

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  2. i find it kinda creepy when siblings of idols get attention like this. don’t they have a brother that debuted as a singer too? or is that another idol…

  3. she seems really stiff… the girl with jean shorts really caught my eye though she’s good!

  4. hehehe, I guess Khun’s story about her sister being a big fan of f(x) is true then!

  5. no talent just like her brother…runs in the family

  6. lol so Khun wanst lying when he said his sister was a fan lol

  7. Twitter two of them [Zherleen & Khun]
    sis: Khun bro come to Thailand and bring your honey too. i want to study NU ABO’s dance step with her.
    Khun: I think you come here is easier but good idea!

    [[sorry for the grammar]]

  8. i like the girl who cover victoria~

    she’s quite good ;PP

    ps. nichkhun’sister nane is zherleen (i can’t remember the spelling sorry)

    she’s also has twitter and tweet with nichkhun!

    i’m so envious! they’re cute!

  9. They’re only screaming For her because her bro is famous but the other dancers are better (no offense)

  10. Wow, all of them danced really good! They looked like professionals already. ^_^ They can take it to the next level maybe…

  11. awww how cute 😀
    she’s a pretty good dancer. Nice cover.
    does anyone know how old she is?

  12. wow, that was actually really well done. it seemed sloppy in the beginning but they actually have the moves down damn well!

    interesting fam connection. maybe we’ll be seeing Nichkhun’s sister doing something big soon!

  13. oh wow, she’s actually older and better than I imagined when Nickhun mentioned her in WGM. f(x) (especially Vic) must be interested seeing this.

    • khun said:
      “My sister is a big fan of f(x). She dances to La Cha Ta & Chu~ She also participates in competitions”
      – “Has she won first place in any?”
      “2nd place.. 2nd place..”

      • Where did u watch the episode? And what episode was it? Can you send me the link coz finding We Got Married episodes on youtube is really hard -.- Thx!

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