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Caught On Camera! YoonA on holiday in Italy, “fan photos are like photoshoot”

Photos of So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA on a vacation in Italy with her family revealed!

The photos were taken by fans who caught YoonA and her family touring around in Italy, and they were posted on a community portal site recently.

Netizens’ comments on the photos are, “Are you sure this is not a photoshoot? How can this be just a photo taken on the street”, “She is pretty like a goddess” etc.

Meanwhile, YoonA is taking a rest with her show ‘Family Outing 2’ coming to an end.


40 Responses

  1. she looks pissed in the 2nd picture.. hmm

  2. wowwww…italy is so pretty O.O

  3. yoong so pretty…^^

  4. Her jaws are disturbing in the 2 picture.

  5. she and i went out for some gelato ❤

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Caught On Camera! YoonA on holiday in Italy, “fan photos are like photoshoot” http://bit.ly/azdVIL […]

  7. yoona’s lucky to get extremely great skin~ love those shades on her.

  8. this is the first time i ever see pictures with her family
    is she an only child?

  9. Just have to go to Paris or cross the frontier to see a SNSD girl ?

  10. honestly yoona looks beautiful in those photos.

  11. so ‘Taeyeon was recently spotted in Singapore and there’s reports that Tiffany is in Los Angeles. In addition, Sooyoung was spotted in New York and YoonA was reportedly spotted eating lunch at a cafe in Paris. ‘ was not a roumor..

  12. Yoona is such a beautiful lady. I really like her pics.

  13. WOW that girl is hella pretty :O
    Love Italy

  14. she’s gorgeouss! i’m so jealous of her perfect skin!!

  15. YoonA is really cute! ❤

  16. damn she’s pretty.

  17. Whatever you say, she IS pretty — At every angles.
    Lack of talent of whatever shit it is — She is a natural-born beauty, like a goddess — Just look at the pictures above, you’d have a misconception that it’s a photoshoot titled “random”.

    • uhm you forget plastic surgery

      • No she didn’t, check her before debut pics before jumping into conclusion.

    • nobody said anything about her before in this post.. your just being sensitive…

      • It’s not necessary that someone has to say that before for me to point that out. There are countless bashing of YoonA and I’m just saying how bad (talent-wise) people put her out to be, you can’t deny she’s one perfect beauty.

      • oh sorry hyeonju i guess i misunderstood you…

    • yoona is one of the few girls in snsd who didn’t get plastic, jsyk.

      • Why are you telling me that? Did I even say she did? ‘JSYK’, reply something logical. 🙂

      • actually, i beg to differ.
        i know from a reliable source that she has.
        & it’s also pretty evident in some of her pre-debut pictures. i’m a soshi fan too, but some fans are just too sensitive about accepting the truth.

      • @asdhoi lol it’s not that Sones are not accepting the truth because that trutg your saying is not even confirmed. Let’s put it like this, you take out your photo when you were 13 or something and compare it to a picture of you when you’re a grown up, you see how u’ve changed in those 2 pics so does it mean you had ps? and please no reliable source is reliable because it’s no Yoona and it doesn’t know if she did or not. Just saying

      • @yawns
        actually i’m a friend of one of the soshi members…. so i know for SURE of the things they’ve done. it’s cool if you don’t believe it, but i’m just saying i heard from one of them directly…
        & yes sometimes comparing 13 year old pictures to now is ridiculous — because we grow up, yes. & some pictures are taken on not good days … but there are some features that aren’t going to change that drastically from aging or losing weight.

    • you’re just asking for it. overbearing fans like you are annoying.

      • People who makes unnecessary comments are unwanted to back off hun. ❤

  18. Stalkers!! Jk

    • italian stakers hihihi

      but wait “YoonA and her family touring around in Italy”
      I didn’t know she was in europe TT__TT

      • Yoona-Paris
        Taeyeon- Singapore and also Indonesia
        Hyoyeon- rumors say Bali
        Sooyoung- New York and New Jersey
        Fany- LA
        Sunny- Kuwait to see her father

      • Sunny in Kuwait??? WOA, she was here o_o

      • Wait! ‘Sooyoung- New York and New Jersey’

        really?? I want to see her pics in NY n NJ.

      • @sone-lima: What taeyon ever went to indonesia?! omo omo.. i never heard that T_T

        hmm btw sunny’s dad is from kuwait? :s

  19. O.O

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