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Goo Hara’s middle school days photo revealed garners interests

Girlgroup KARA member Goo Hara’s schooldays photo revealed!

The photos were posted up by a netizen on an internet portal site recently. The photo was revealed by Goo Hara personally on a cable TV programme previously, and in the photo was her features when she was in middle school 3rd year.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “She looks the same as she is now”, “She is always so cute”, “Born a goddess” etc.



34 Responses

  1. I find she hasn’t really changed…still looks the same but older.
    Hara just re-touched some little things and please so many people and children have brace !
    And why do people are so obsess about plastic surgery ? It’s not a crime to do it…do you prefer people to stay ugly and unhappy for the rest of their life ?

  2. I think a little fix here n there transform goo hara 2 goddess goo hara.. =) i think itz no biggie 2 enhance ur features..i mean goin frm plain pretty 2 good lookin goddess iz wat most gals desire..

  3. She was pretty before and now is gorgeous. I don’t consider Hara’s surgery a big deal becuase it’s all really subtle changes and her face doesn’t look too plastic to me.

  4. She’s still cute. The small alterations she had didn’t really change her face anyway.

  5. She is very pretty now, and she was pretty then too ! She has admitted to surgery, and besides the braces, I really don’t think she needed it. (:

  6. braces are considered COSMETIC surgery not plastic.
    and anyway, better to look prett(ier) than people bashing her for being ugly. so disgusting.

    • Agree. I really dunno what people want. When someone is ugly, they will diss her like some kind of disgusting creature. But when they’re pretty with or without surgery, they will be dissed as plastic. Everyone expects people to look like a carbon copy of their baby pics. Like seriously, they need to learn about puberty n growing up.

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Goo Hara’s middle school days photo revealed garners interests http://bit.ly/aybXvh […]

  8. Botox shot on the nose
    A re-touch on her double eye lids that she already had.

    Those are facts.

    She is pretty before and after.

    That is a fact too 😀

    and seriously not so much change.
    I don’t look the same from when i was 15 to now… Growing up is an important factor .


  9. she’s cute and all in both old pics and current,
    but wth is wrong with netizens? she’s said herself that she’s had some slight PS done, so how could she be so called same, and plus you can barely see anything in the photo >_>,
    but who cares her personality is 10x more pretty :]

  10. i agree with loveholic. it’s amazing how misinformed people are and how they keep posting misleading information as though they were facts. the comedian on strong heart made a joke about hara’s comments and it became a news article headline to get readers attention. the only real procedure was a minor correction on her natural double eyelids. hara looks the same, just grown up and much prettier now. i think her middle school picture looks cute. hara is attractive not just because she is pretty, but because she is a sweet and funny girl.

    fyi – most middle school kids in america have had braces, no way in hell is that plastic surgery.

    • so true. people are often misinformed.

      braces…plastic surgery? hahaha thats a long process hahaha seriously, plastic surgery actually requires “surgery” otherwise it should just be called plastic treatment or plastic correction hahaha

      ok for the super OC…putting on braces might actually require surgery. like in cases of impacted tooth, etc.

  11. “She looks the same as she is now”
    what photo is she looking at? o_O

    goo hara is really pretty now but she obviously doesnt look the same as in the past. i’m actually surprised she revealed these photos herself. well at least she was honest.

  12. She said she had her eyes, nose, mouth and teeth fixed, but whatever, she’s so pretty now!

  13. WTF she looks like my sister.

  14. oh my gosh…she admitted she had plastic surgery on her whole face! she look completely different

    • Get your facts right. She admitted to getting her eyes fixed slightly, which were already double-lidded, she has a botox shot in her nose, which isn’t plastic, and braces.

      • LOL that’s her whole face!

      • braces isn’t considered plastic surgery, because no needles are involved.

      • botox on the nose IS plastic surgery. And she got her double eyelids made more prominent which involves shifting the crease higher up on the lids…which is also considered plastic surgery. Eyes and nose. That’s more than enough to say she isn’t natural.

      • @anne I think it’s more of cosmetic surgery. As far as I know plastic surgery is more of a major change while cosmetic surgery is just to enhance the beauty so it’s minor change.
        And about u saying natural beauty n all. She looked pretty in that pic. If someone is so ugly no matter what they fix they will still look so so or even scary. Just watch The Swan then it’s the definition of PS plus most of them looked scary.
        *rolleyes* not even a fan of Hara but she was cute n is pretty.

    • oh please, she just got deeper double eyelids and got a botox shot in her nose. She doesn’t look “completely different,” and she didn’t get surgery on her “whole face.”

    • @jane
      no, it’s not
      so..you’re saying, on your face, you only have eyes, a nose, and (lol) teeth? haha because that’s what you referred to as a person’s “whole face.” there is a metaphorical CRATE full of other locations cosmetic surgeons will target.
      all you fangirls get it through your head and quit hating on your fellow female — it requires good bone structure (ie. you don’t have to “touch” too many areas on your face) for a completely satisfactory result at the end of plastic surgery..meaning a desired and (also just as important) natural appearance.
      i LOL @ you

  15. she looks like a normal korean girl.

  16. cute eyes =)

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