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KBites: T-ara group changes revealed, new member to Core Contents upcoming 9-member group introduced

‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon reveals new member to her upcoming group NamNyeoGongHak (남녀공학).

Their agency announced on 16th July, “The new member to the group is Ryu HyoYeong, 18 years old, who had appeared on SBS Star King on 29th May introduced as Miss ChoonHyang.”

With that, Jin HyeWon and Ryu HyoYeong will be 2 of the 4 female members for the upcoming 9-member mixed group. The profile of the other members have yet been revealed.

At the same time, Core Contents Media also confirmed that Ryu HyoYeong’s twin sister Ryu HwaYeong will join T-ara as the 7th member.


Core Contents Media representatives were initially planning to announce the big announcement on the 23rd, but it was changed to the 16 instead.

The enhancement includes the existing six-members reinforced with a a new member, Ryu Hwayoung. In addition, the leader of the group has been changed from Eunjung, to Boram.

The new member appeared on a SBS TV show back on May 29th and also participated in the 2010 Gaya contest. Her and her twin sister, Ryu Hyoyoung are both seniors in high school.

As a new member, Ryu Hwayoung has already been popular over the internet, along with her sistar Ryu Hyoyoung.

The representatives told press that this is an enhancement.

On an emergency meeting on the 9th, T-ara and staff held a 5-6 hour meeting debating on this reinforced T-ara. There was a divided opinion.

Meanwhile, T-ara are busy with personal activities. Jiyeon is starring in a movie being released later this summer, “Death Bell 2”. Eunjung is currently in “Coffee House” which is being aired and Hyomin is shooting her drama, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.”

source: star news
cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem

84 Responses

  1. I LOVE T-ARA no matter what!!!

  2. eunjung was replaced because her work is overflowing. I guess she is very busy right now, then let her guide T-ara? idts she can do all of it.

    as for boram being a leader.. hmm.. WTH DO YOU ALWAYS EXCLUDE BORAM? I mean, srsly, you judge her right away. But you still don’t see her talent that much. and i guess she has no enough time for it, because Jiyeon, Hyomin and Eunjung are always showcased. That explains why Qri and Boram are always not attended. Let’s stop judging her. We’ll see how she does if the new album comes out.

    And for adding more member? oh well, I can’t say whether I like her or not. But for me, I think it would be better if she debut together with her twin – it will give the group more attention. I like 6 T-ara’s. But we’ll see if she’s good or not. Just patient ppl.
    PS: why add more member? i don’t think it’s necessary. Now I’m starting to think that Qri and Boram will NEVER BE GIVEN ANY SINGLE LINE AT ALL BECAUSE OF THIS.

    And I hope CCM would give Boram and Qri and soyeon more attention. Because every time ppl talk about T-ara, what comes to their minds are: HYOMIN, JIYEON AND Eunjung. oh well, I pity the other 3.

    PS. Can’t you see it? Lies = Hyomin. Bobeepbobeep = Jiyeon IGCBOY = Eunjung. I wonder who will be the next to be showcased well.

  3. omg she kinda looks like eunjung

  4. t ara is so cool and their mv is good and the girl was inthe video with the boy in the room is so pretty

  5. Boram, being a typical korean princess, probably complained why the heck she wasn’t leader cos of her age and threatened to leave if they didn’t give her the position. Eunjung was probably like “fuck, you can have it, i already got more fans than you”.

  6. I love Boram!!! Maybe she’ll get more fans now (: But I don’t think she has the leadership skills that Eunjung had. Well, I won’t judge until I see her as a true leader.

    As for the new kid. Her sister annoyed the hell out of me on Star King. As long as she’s not like her twin I’m fine. Oh, and she at least knows how to sing or dance. I think she’s prettier than my sister.

    I was looking forward to the new mixed group until I read this article and realized that THE GIRL was going to be in it. I love the Goo Hara look alike though. So pretty ^^

  7. woo! I’m not happy there is a new member 2 of them don’t get enough lines as it is now they just add a new member not happy i’m happy Boram is the new leader maybe she will get more attention now

  8. worst decisions ever. if the company is looking to destroy the group they are on a pretty sure path.

    i want my eunjung back as a leader. Boram? Seriously??

  9. WHAT THE F?

  10. boram as a leader..thats “kids” isn’t suite for being a leader..i have watch some t-ara vids..she only think for food..lol..why don’t their company doesn’t take that two twin two bcome a leader if they want to destroy t-ara career singer..

  11. I’m sorry but I can’t see Boram as a leader. Eunjung has that aura around her that gives off the impression she’s the leader. . . . And about the new member, I’m gonna wait and see. But honestly, what the hell is Core Contents thinking?

  12. i am very shocked that they would change the leader of the group. whats the reason for that. i dont mean to be mean but i really dont see boram doing anything for the group at all. as for the new member, im pretty dissappointed about that too cause it took them awhile to actually get each one of them known and up top…i feel like adding this new member will allow less time for each member as it is…

    Boram doesn’t look like a potential leader ahh!

  14. I’m speakless. I thought T-ARA will be a band without a new member. And… Boram doesn’t suit the ‘t-aras leader’ image…..
    i’m really against…

  15. As a new member, Ryu Hwayoung has already been popular over the internet, along with her sistar Ryu Hyoyoung.

    Sistar really?

  16. as fan I cant do nothing except wait and see how good the new member will be

  17. That girl is not even pretty. OMG. I feel bad for T-ara. Sorry, though I love EunJung Hyomin and Jiyeon, but this girl is a big no.

    • she look pretty to me. just wait n see how good she is. after all,we dont really know her except for her appearance on starking. its too early to judge her. don be a hater,its not really healthy.

  18. I thought they had a meeting for 5-6 hours and have a divided opinion!! Does that mean it’s not yet confirmed and there are some who against the idea?

    core content doesn’t seem to know how to deal with changes and how to manage their artist well.. They like to do some trial and errors just because other management did it.

    As for the change in T-ara, adding one member and changing the leadership.. Why mention it now? why not mention it later when there’s decision made and they are in formation.. At least they can justify their own decision. if like this they might have change thier mind last min all over again.. screw this man..

    • If it’s a divided opinion, then good because right now, I’m against it.

      The new maknae…no, Ji Yeon will always be the original maknae like in After School, it will always be Bekha.

      And Boram as leader, well…she’s my favourite member despite all the mean comments she gets but Eunjung does suit more as the leader.

  19. You know…. I’ve never seen this much complaints from AS fans, when Lizzy was added.

    • that cause after school concept is the graduation…changing members all the time like morning m.
      but t-ara …………it’s really a shock

  20. wow breaking news!
    Loved eunjung .. i don’t see how Boram will manage .. honestly .. Hyomin would had been a better choice since shes pretty popular already.

  21. First time ever hearing leader position being passed to another member while the prev leader is still around…
    Wonder why… Is it bcoz EunJung will be focused on acting thus will barely be in control of the members??

    • Most likely. In some of T-ara’s more recent performances, she didn’t perform with the group due to filming. Not just barely be in control of members, she won’t even be there to control them lol.


    I BET EVEN HALF of you aren’t even T-ARA fans
    A T-ARA fan would NOT act this way

    DOES it matter that Boram is now leader?! When Eunjung was leader, barley anyone knew that she was leader
    It was really hard to tell

    As for the new member, let’s see what’s she got

    • It was easy to tell Eunjung was the leader. She always took the lead. Like winning speech n all. Honestly I could feel her leadership. She always walked ahead of the members, leading them wherever they went. She also seemed to be very reliable n responsible despite being not the oldest.

      Maybe there were other considerations made by the company. Boram is the oldest right? Just my 2cents, either Eunjung will be too busy or she found difficulties in leading the older members. Coz she said it was hard to act as a leader while she has to remember the age of the 3 older members. Seniority in Korea is too much actually…

    • 100% i agree what @yahoo said.

  23. I know it’s bad to judge, but the new girl already looks obnoxious. I also think annoucing Eunjung’s demotion makes this feal like a double blow. Tara were finally getting away from their rookie title, now it feels like they’re restarting. Sigh…i just hope their album will be good, if so all of this will be overlooked. Good luck Tara!

    • The new girl REALLY does seem obnoxious. have you seen the star king (100529) episode 166 she was in? No offense, i wanted to punch her in the face for looking stupid instead of for her cuteness.

  24. why are people mad? lol what difference does it make whos leader and whos not?

    unless it seriously hurts YOUR pride… which is really strange i might add. oh, and the new member? the more the merrier.

    i, personally, just want them to work harder in terms of singing, dancing, and mcing. build up charisma and good things will come your way

    • frankly your comment look defensive too. O.O

      the leader thing is surprising, so regardless of these ppl’s reasons they will ask and wonder. i mean nothing against boram but eunjung was ok so i was a bit surprised too. leader thing is quite in the culture of kpop groups so that “does it make whos leader and whos not” won’t really cut in.

      • ^ Well, I’m sure surprised and wondering why the hell they changed leaders lol. But yeah, been to forums and ppl we’re murdering the new member and saying boram is boring as hell. Their claims not mine.

        I would understand the questions, but I don’t get why ppl would get mad at Boram and the new kid.

  25. Why are they doing this to Eunjung. She carries T-ara well so far. And why are they adding a new member, they did extremely good when they promoted as six members for their first album, which is like one of the best records in late 09 – early 10. It’s like, they’re doing noise marketing when T-ara doesn’t even need it in the first place.

    I’m looking forward to the idea of a mixed group, tho. But srsly, making cutie poses with toy phones? Nah, I want to see audio clips maybe.

    No offense, but that girl is ugly as hell. I mean, I guess, if I saw her in the street I would’ve said she was okay, but I remember seeing her on the show, and I thought she was a total betch. She said nice things but her expressions and attitude shower otherwise. Ever since then, I hated her.

    Now, I have been a fan of T-ara since Good Person and Lies. After seeing them, they immediately became my favorite girl group, even thought people criticized them for lip synching and such.

    I felt like they had more potential than other groups. I liked them even after the group changed its members, because the new members (except, perhaps, Boram) all had their special charms.

    Now that they have added this girl, I am feeling.. 😦 I have a feeling she might be rude on shows and ruin T-Ara’s image. Idk 😦

    As for Boram being the leader. Well, she does deserve more attention, but I always thought So Yeon would have been the best leader for T-Ara. She always had that mothely aura and strength.

    I don’t know why, but I feel sad about this. And even thought I don’t like the new kid, I kinda feel bad for her. She’ll be open to criticism since she’s so young and probably inexperienced. She’ll probably also feel awkward around the members, because she’s not as familiar with them as they are with each other :0

    OMG, this sucks :/

    They should’ve brought back one of T-Ara’s original members!

    • I wouldn’t call her ugly just WHAT THE HELL DO T-ARA NEED ANOTHER MEMBER FOR?

      I like them as 6. Keep them as 6. I don’t want another member.

      And Boram as leader, yeah she does need more attention as the oldest but she’s mainly mistaken for the cute magnae so I guess it would be ok to make her leader.

      But it makes sense that EunJung is the leader, I’m just glad no-one is leaving.

  27. well my guess is that since t-ara is hitting jackpot, they added new member, so the profit will be divided to more members, which means lesser money to them. seriously.

  28. Half of the girls don’t even have many lines to sing and the company adds a new member?

  29. Why did they change leaders. Well, I’m looking forward to their comeback and the new mix group debut.

  30. And the company said that the fans will not be disappointed. What a joke…Diadems boycott these changes!!

    • freal. they said it was good news. FCK u CORE CONTENTS

    • lol grow up. why boycott? their just adding a member.. its not the end of the world. you watch – this girl is probably going to blow everyone away with her vocals or her dance. she’s probably just going to help elevate the work load for the other members in the group so they can rest more instead of doing so much variety/movies/dramas/CF’s etc.

      if your a true fan, support her.

      • Adding new members doesn’t mean more resting time actually. They will still be as busy as heck. Hyomin, Eunjung n Jiyeon will be milked the most as usual. Adding new members is prob to get more jobs for the group coz there will be more people to allocate = more money for the company.

  31. LoL Boram as leader ….Good luck to t-ara in the future….
    seems like big numbers are in favor nowadays….

  32. uhhh wow too many girls in the group..i only know hyomin and eunjeung in the first place…why demote her anyway?!!?! =(!

  33. WTF thank you core contents media. Why touch T-ara??! They are fine with 6 members and I believe every T-ara fan WOULDN’T WANT an additional member! and the girl’s not pretty enough compared to the members >< Because we are T-ara fans so you think we are gonna take accept everything even if its shit? I'm against this. They better return me the old T-ara


  34. Boram as the leader?!?! Sorry but NO. Hell no. SoYeon is way more suitable. Was this change really necessary? I mean seriously…

    W/e. At least no one left.

    • agree with you.
      Boram fans don’t kill me but many ppl don’t even know who is she(no offence) its stupid to change leader.

    • I agree. Soyeon is more talented and at least not as busy as eunjung. I don’t hate Boram, but tbh I just cannot see her lead the other girls on stage. She doesnt have that much stage presence as compared to other girls, esp to EJ/hyomin.
      But at least none of the members are leaving. Phew.

      • But in my opinion, the reason why Boram’s skills are not that well-showcased, is because EJ, HM, and JY are the ones whose always seen on the stage SY, QR, and boram are not that showcased as the other girls are. I mean, srsly, we shouldn’t judge them because we still can’t see their capacity. We’ll know soon.

  35. lol another talentless member?

  36. I remember this girl on star king and her “aegyo” annoyed the *BEEP* out of me.
    demoting eunjung? wtf. ok.

    no offense but i think Boram is prettier than the new girl and the twin.

  37. t-ara is seriously confusing me. much more than what afterschool did to me. i’m heartbroken. i liked them better during their pre-official debut days…

  38. this is stupid. Thank goodness that Hyomin is still there.

  39. WTF is this???? more girls???
    first after school now t-ara? ughhhhh

    • sorry but AFTER SCHOOL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> t-ara

      • omg stop it!
        michel was only saying that it was the same thing about adding the members.
        don’t be so immature.

      • After schools are are just pretty faces who can dance ok.
        T-ara is the best korean girl group. they’re better than kara, 2ne1, etc.
        all the t-ara member CAN sing and dance.

        After School SUCKS !!

      • just SHUTUP hyomin45

      • die

      • @hyomin45
        after school cant dance????????
        are u serious?
        t-ara myb better in singing but dancing???
        after school kick ass at dancing~

      • totally agree with cynthia.aktf
        AS girls are more talented than t-ara gals.
        and sorry but their new lider, Boram, Sucks!

      • @hyomin45…T-ara can sing but full of Autotune and MR’s nahhh! why dont u watched their dance performances only few can say sing.

      • lol i feel the luv here hahahahaha

  40. a twin?! :/ weirdd
    we’re obviously going to mix up the one in the mixed group with the one on t-ara

  41. it took me way too long to process this article. i kept thinking wait is the girl in t-ara or the new group? then like 3 minutes later i realize they’re twins. i feel extra slow. lol

    i love boram and maybe this will help her gain popularity. she’s the oldest and she has the most calm personality which is the usual description of an idol group leader.

    i don’t think there’s anything wrong with eunjung’s leadership skills. she’s probably just too busy to deal with everything. hopefully the girls’ workloads are a little lighter now.

  42. I guess I’m fine with 7 members of T-ara. It’s better for their dance routines because a girl is always covered due to the even amount of members.

  43. Why do they always want to add and take out random members?! There are already too many members to begin with!….


  45. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Dani Santos, nic ;), Frances, Gregorius Brian and others. Gregorius Brian said: RT @sookyeong: KBites: T-ara group changes revealed, new member to Core Contents upcoming 9-member group introduced http://wp.me/phE2s-9Mb […]

  46. As long as she can sing and dance I’m fine with it. But if she’s just another pretty face who can’t sing for shit then wtf! T-ara’s already got 2 members who bring the overall performance down because they either can’t sing or dance. They don’t need another.

    As for the leader change…they should have debut with that in the first place. more often then not, the oldest being leader makes sense, what with Korean culture and all. Changing it now just makes Eunjung look bad.

    • Why keep adding more people? Shouldn’t they improve the talent of those already INSIDE the group???

    • I think leadership skills (which Eun Jung has) are also very important ! Ex: GD, CL
      Does anyone see Bom being the leader of 2ne1?! I don’t think so… (I love her though)
      Poor Eun Jung…

  47. they DEMOTED eunjung???? but she was my fav…

    and boy did they drop us a doozy.
    when they mean change, they really did mean BIG change.

    i don’t know how i feel about the new member. after all, i still can’t feel the chemistry between the members except from hyomin and eunjung.

    • Seriously, when they first came out.
      I already saw some division between the members.
      Its like Eunjung,Hyomin and Jiyeon then the less popular or the unnoticed one’s are being extracted.

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