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KBS Music Bank 16.07.2010 – TaeYang wins #1 with ‘I Need A Girl’

Today on KBS Music Bank, TaeYang made his 3rd win and 1st win on KChart with his comeback title song ‘I Need A Girl’.

The rest of the 5Girls members also did video message for G.NA’s Music Bank debut stage. Go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.


31 Responses

  1. i love yb handstand..everyone got shock with it!!even suju..daebak

  2. 4minute Jiyoon’s voice is gone gone gone~!!! O_O just kidding..does she have throat problems?! 😐 i hope she rests well.

    taeyang’s hand stand is daebak! ehehe~ he’s really happy winning this time! i love his stage perf in this epi!

    and G.Na’s debut is HOT! i love her voice and her stage presence is wow~! just like what song joong gi always says ehehee!

    infinite’s perf is not here, so i’ll research in yt!! ehehe~ i love watching those guys..

  3. Congrtas Taeyang!…..

    btw Did Jihoon of 4minute just lipsynch? I ddnt hear her real voice only the MR?

    • you mean jiyoon right? that’s what i thought too O:< maybe her throat wasnt good? get well soon! ^^

  4. congrats Bae. his happiness was so contagious that his dancers were all acting so hyper like him during the encore.

    by the way people, if you are truly a fan of Tae Yang, stop bringing up others and comparing them. praising him without all those comparisons to and bashing against other artists will not detract the fact that he’s always the best in our hearts and in our eyes. if you are not able to do that, i doubt very much that you’re truly a fan but just a troll trying to smear the name of Tae Yang’s fans or create unnecessary fanwars.

    • i agree with everything you said i don’t understand the need for people to make comparisons its just childish in my opinion.

      Congrats taeyang he truly deserves it.

  5. Congrats, Taeyang!!

  6. congratz Taeyang^^

    i’m starting to like G.Na xD

  7. Congrats Taeyang,so cute when he won.
    His interactions with Suju was so adorable<3333

    I LOLed so hard when Heechul and Shindong did the "click click click" part of 4minutes' I My Me Mine in their performance XD

  8. ha I love his excitement after winning these awards

  9. G.NA is soo amaaziing .. reaally lovee her .. aaand she dropped something at the beginning of her performance.. haha.

    aaand D-NA is soooo cuteee .. *.*

  10. […] the rest of today’s performances, head on to KBITES Video Credits to unknowncarrot160 Filed under CHARTS ← Shinee reveals video teaser […]

  11. how adorbs can taeyang be!? just look how happy he is winning? its great considering he said he didnt want to go on shows to win, so you can see his happiness is purely genuine. his interactions with suju were so cute. i’m so happy for him. keep going taeyang!

  12. Tae Yang looked so happy performing INAG today and was so happily hyper during the encore. love his beautiful smile.

  13. Congrats my Boo. u deserve it

  14. congrats taeyang~he deserved it~

  15. congrats

  16. I’m so happy for Taeyang! 😀 Congratulations!!! This is a good win to cap off the week!

    • just watched the interview thing and i hafta say suju and him look cute there! haha!

  17. happy for him ^^

  18. congrats Taeyang i love his handsstand i want more artist to celebrate like him again congrats Taeyang.

    • Yeah! Taeyang is the best.
      He alone is better than SUJU guys together 😀

      TaeYang #1
      YG <333333

      • Just congratulate the artist without putting others down.

        More mature fans needed around here.

      • Agree with gumm.

        Taeyang is DAEBAK. INAG is the best korean song out there (sorry suju).


        you can show your love and congratulations without putting other artists down…
        unless you feel so insecure about whether or not your artiste is supposedly the best, that you have to resort to bashing others just to convince yourself

      • It’s a fact that Taeyang is N°1
        he is the real thing. even Jay is just a joke near him.

        SOLAR is Daeback!!!!!!!!!!

      • Aish.

      • Just think, They weren’t saying this when Taeyang wasn’t getting the wins.

      • we’d still be saying this even if he didn’t win

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