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Khun disappoints Victoria and relationship becomes awkward on We Got Married

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria will go on a ‘deviation trip’, where they will be traveling to a place nobody lives in.

This coming 17th at 5PM on WGM, an episode of Nichkhun and Victoria’s deviation trip is set to air. As this trip was their second time meeting as Nickhun had schedules in America for 3 weeks, the meet was all the more special.

The couple was nervous as they got on the train due to it being their ‘first trip’ together, but it was not long until their relationship started to go downhill. Victoria had been counting down till their first trip together and had even stayed up all night to prepare a lunchbox, but Nichkhun could not even keep their ‘special promise’ they made together.

Victoria tried to hide this sadness the best she could, but the disappointment towards her husband was written all over her face, and from then on the atmosphere between the two became delicate.

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71 Responses

  1. When I read this article, I was like, “oh, that’s too bad.”

    But I saw the episode today and I CRIED O_o, even though there wasn’t any sad music playing. I just felt so sorry for Victoria! Like, when she took out that adorable booklet she made, I thought, ‘wow, this isn’t just some shitty journal. This takes time!’

    I was beyond touched cuz she actually gives an effort.

    LOL DAMN, I still can believe I cried -_-

  2. could be scripted so at the end of the day, all this buzz abt it may just be for naught. In fact, maybe they wanted to you know, create *something* to happen, instead of smooth flowing that can be boring.

    Ant couple was explosive and hence very entertaining.

  3. whats the special promise?

    • ask heechul

      • @DODO
        What the hell is your problem?
        Stop typing broken english here, this is something which can be viewed worldwide unlike your home-written diary.
        “Laugh jiu laugh dun nid roll of floor lol” = ?
        Huh? Could you please translate it to full english or any language that’s possible for HUMANS to read, NOT an ALIEN-LIKE language mixing english with an I-don’t-know-what-language.
        Any, any language please — French, italian, spanish, japanese or anything in the world you can think of BUT — Don’t. Mix. Two. Languages. Thank you.

      • *The previous message was for DODO*
        And you, “lol” — Why should he/she ask Heechul? Illogical. L-O-L fits you well. 🙂

  4. WGM is about simulating how a married couple goes through their daily lives. It also means that the PDs are showing a various range of possibilities of how the husband and wife are. Even in reality we wouldn’t know the other person’s characteristics and personality until we actually spend time with them for some time, right?

    Since the first episode I find Nichkhun and Vitoria couple a big “rushed”! If you get what I mean. It’s like Khun is taking the relationship into a higher level altogether without passing through the “getting to know” stage.

    Kwon-Gain who knew each other beforehand but still started out simple until we see on WGM what others now dub as a real couple. YongHwa-Seohyun, who weren’t acquaintances before, also started with the awkward stage but Yong did make advances to lessen the gap between them and Seohyun is showing a positive response.

    • True. Khun wanna set off the hurdle even without the warming-up stage. He definitely isn’t able to “jump over the hurdle” without the “warming-up”. Maybe he should let nature take it course but also add in little things in the start, allowing Vic to know he is not the sort who’d rush into everything but slowly proceeding up over a period of time. He certainly isn’t the best husband and neither is Khun-Vic an ideal couple in WGM (there are tons with better chemistry) but there are always different kind of couples in life (e.g male giving in to the female, female giving in to the male). Sometime it’s only one side doing all the “sacrificing(s)” thus we are always seeing couples on the verge of separating. If WGM really portrayed couples who are “always-so-loving”, “having the best chemistry ever” and “totally no arguments”, then I guess we’d have already sensed by now that WGM is scripted. But it is not. That’s why we love watching it coz it’s an impromptu thing.

      • If I recall correctly, ShinAe and Alex hardly ever (or never..) argued. It was still quite entertaining to watch, since on the other hand you have the bickering Ant couple balancing things out.


    • Do you think ‘tired’ is a good excuse?
      If ‘tired’ is a good excuse, tell your homeroom teacher that you are ‘tired’ and you did not do any of your homework. Lol

    • every korean idol out there is TIRED.

    • Hahaa
      So is victoria, being a Newbie foreigner! She has to work hard for her image and is in IY. I’m sure she’s tired too.

      & @ Wae;
      well said 😉

    • @wae @onew1 @whhhee : agreed 100%

      If anyones tired it’s victoria

  6. maybe vic have been watching lots of Yonghwa & Seohyun’s WGM episodes, especially being in the same SM family with Seohyun, they must have shared opinions about husbands and such and she must have expected Khun to do better/take more initiative like Yonghwa does. so i guess it’s natural for her to feel this way.

    • Yup.. Poor Vic.. She’s such a sweet girl. Khun has disappointed me coz I thought he’s a gentleman that can treat girls nicely. But he lied many times already to Vic…ckckck….
      In my opinion, lies is the beginning of fallen relationship.

      • I completely agree…

        It makes me sad to see Victoria making so much effort in the relationship while khun is like that :S

        Hopefully he’ll improve

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 2OneDay Philippines, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Khun disappoints Victoria and relationship becomes awkward on We Got Married http://bit.ly/b5ZU80 […]

  8. My poor Vicky! D: *hugs*

    *glares at nichkhun*

    • poor victoria too baddd Nichkhun is a massive FAIL !!!! i never liked himmm boo hisss >:E

  9. everybody needs to take a chill pill, there not even really married

  10. I sure hope this is not the show trying to put “foreigners” in a bad light.

    • hahahaaa.. LOL!
      maybe u’re the one who brings up ‘foreigner’ here.
      but, I guess, yeah~
      I wish it dont.

  11. i don’t know why you take it serious coz this news is just publicized by mbc to gain attention from viewer each week so i think it’s just a kind of script. And the episode hasn’t aired yet why some people already jump to a conclusion….

  12. Don’t worry guys and Victoria!
    Nickhun will definitely find some sort of way to make it up to her

  13. I still like this couple. :]

    You all talk as if you don’t have your own faults…

  14. What’s the “special promise?” I don’t remember. Haha. Can someone tell me, please? :]

  15. But in the PV they seemed happy………..

  16. cuz Victoria ” had even stayed up all night to prepare a lunchbox ” she must be really disapointed =(

  17. people keep saying ‘it’s a show.. don’t take it seriously’ .. but since it’s a show.. i would’ve expected the producers to have gone out of their way to make him seem more like a perfect devoted guy.. u know.. ratings and all.

    i don’t watch this show.. but it’s just dumb on khun’s part to not keep a promise, when it’s made in front of all the viewers of a show..

  18. Poor Victoria. ): I’d be disapointed as well if I were her. D:

  19. wait…what was again the ‘special promise’ he couldn’t keep?
    that he was clubbing in the us?
    lol I’m kinda slow today.
    anyway I still support khuntoria.

    • I think he promised to take photos in his American trip and show them to her.. 🙂

  20. ever since i started watching this couple, i’ve thought that something’s fishy about khun.
    whenever someone says something “bad” about him, he defends himself like no other to protect his angel-like image…like the club thing. He kept saying he didn’t go, but in the end he admitted that he does go.
    I don’t know about all of you, but khun seems kind of like a deceiving person. I also feel like he acts that way with all girls. meh..

    • I agree with u .. i feel something weird about Khun… he just keep good image but we all realize something bad behind that. lol .. he is too sweet, it is not good.

    • Yes. I’m glad it’s not just me.. I’m quite sad actually.
      I have been sensing something for a while now. I’m not bashing him, I’m just trying to explain how I see him.. In some ways, he IS like an angel. But I guess, there’s this other side to him that’s… mysterious! And quite scary. I remember reading something about him cursing when he’s mad.
      But anyways, he can’t be perfect. That’s cool (’cause no one is) and I can be love with someone else more “perfect” in my eyes anyway. Hehe.^^

      BTW: I thought this couple was a bit lacking.. Maybe they were too awkward? Hope that goes away soon! And bring some excitement to the show except your pretty faces! ^^

      • Same here…
        He isn’t all that like his perfect image. 😦
        In addition to the club thing, khun also sorta lied when he said “I prepared this for you” to Victoria about the singing trio on the bus…
        I’m nt sure if he should of done that, even if it was for variety etc.

        And I agree, unlike the other idol couples, the girl, Victoria, carries most of the weight and spends the most effort in this “relationship”

        I wish she got paired with someone just as hardworking, like Kwon or yonghwa or something :S

  21. this’s a show, pple.. u can’t expect him to be so serious in her right? and there’s no need for comparison.. i mean with another couple…

  22. @CNbluetori42
    maybe you don’t have to show your biasness and how much are fan are you of C.N.Blue till the extent of writing their name as your nick to criticize all the others except your one and only dear C.N.Blue. *shrugs*

  23. khun is a jerk?? he is just a sweet talker, i suppose..or maybe he’s gay?lol

    • ‘Jerk’ is not the word, maybe ain’t as romantic as some other guys, but still, check up on the definition of ‘jerk’ first.

      • it isn’t? I though it is, slang, though. Anyway, I still don’t get the article. SO WHAT EXACTLY DID HE DO THAT DISAPPOINTED VIC??? Explanation please, people.

    • hey, thats a bit harsh. ><
      like Jol said, not as romantic as others does not make him a jerk.
      he made a mistake. its not like he did it on purpose.

      but of coz, being a girl, i understand victoria's disappointment. =P

  24. this is dissapointing (and my friends told me he is perfect and all)

    • Maybe what your friends mean is look-wise.
      Everyone knows how cute he is and all, plus his hot bod so I guess your friends are not an exception.

    • be ready to be more disappointed cause the purpose of this wgm is to give a more human image to the khun on a pedestal that we’ve known. usually, mistakes and disappointing a girl would never be used in the same sentence as nichkhun

    • Nichkhun is just a sweet talker.

  25. “but Nichkhun could not even keep their ‘special promise’ they made together.”
    honestly I’m dissapointed too.

    • Definitely. He could be a much better guy in WGM.
      Yes I know, WGM is just a show afterall, and you can fake your emotions depending on how you want the public to view you;, a devoted guy or a couldn’t care less punk.
      But he still could at least do something in return, be it “faking” it for the program or sincerely means it. (Though we all know. 0.1% will the latter happen).

      • what do you mean by being a better guy? it wasn,t the first time?
        sorry i don’t watch WGM =(

  26. Oh, is it the pictures thing? Well, you never know, guys. Maybe he is just holding out so that he can surprise her in the end? And if not, gosh… let’s give him a break! He was working, and maybe he just didn’t have that much leisure to do the special promise.

  27. ughhh nichkhun, please be more like yonghwa.

    • no need to bring yonghwa here…both khun and yong are good guys…and they are humans..and so they make mistakes too..gosh, can’t wait for WGM to air!

      • sorry but yonghwa is a better husband.
        it looks like nichkhun is not only a lier..

  28. yes thankyou
    nichkhun is also human people

  29. Nichkhun, do your part!
    We know you are tired after tight schedules in America for 3 weeks, but the very least you could do is at least preparing something in return.

    • *shrugs*

      i will be in the minority and say it doesn’t seem like a big deal. if WGM was trying to stage a “relationship problem,” i guess this is plausible. but overall seems pretty weak. by the next episode, this would be a gloss over point anyhow.

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