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Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin confirmed as final main cast for ‘Playful Kiss’

Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin has been confirmed as the main cast for upcoming MBC drama ‘Playful Kiss’.

The production group for the upcoming series announced on 16th July the final casting for the drama. With that, Kim HyunJoong will play Baek SeungJo and Jung SoMin will lay Oh HaNi in the drama.

The drama is an adaption from a Japanese manga, and it is said to be the one of the major manga-drama remakes in Asia next to ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

The drama is set for filming in mid-July, and it will take over the timeslot for ‘Road Number 1’ to be aired on MBC from September.

S: MTStarNews


31 Responses

  1. […] Ok, I think all of you know already that leader HJ is confirmed as the main male actor of upcoming drama “Playful Kiss” an adaptation from J-drama “Itazura Na Kiss”. Read the news at K Bites […]

  2. I think it was a great article

  3. Wow.. I just realized that Playfyl kiss is Itazura na kiss manga.. anyways, i am looking forwards to seeing him in the drama.. this is one male lead i hated A LOT while watchinng the t-drama and reading the manga.. BUT i am hopeful.. the girl is pretty

  4. in BOF his acting wasnt perfect, but i dont think he was that BAD, and his blank expression ? jihoo’s personality was like that, btw this is just his second drama, he’s still a newbie as an actor so i dont understand why people are already criticizing him, ayyy and @ gummy’s mv he wasnt bad either, i think keyeast will help him lot, so im looking forward for this drama too,

  5. i thought playful kiss is the korean version of the taiwanese drama it started with a kiss?

  6. oooh a reason to watch coz Jo Somin is in it. She’s like the second Yoon eunhye.. Like seriously she looks and sounded the same.. Younger version that fits the character well..

    Let’s all hope HJ is not as stiff as he is and colour his hair dark colour also.. :p

  7. triple s we gonna watch this drama no matter what,we support khj all the way! all the antis, all you have to do is don’t watch if all of you don’t like hyunjoong’s acting. that’s not a big deal for us..go to your idol’s fan page, since we too didn’t went other’s fan page..we only visit khj’s fan page nothing less

  8. I’m having hope. Srsly I’m not going bananas over KHJ being lead but I do hope that he and the lead would be able to make a fantastic chemistry together. If not, then group 8 should just fuck off getting rights to celebrated mangas and just make their own storyline next time or something.

  9. no doubt these two main lead in michievous kiss will developed their feelings towards each other,hehehe i’m just imagining the situation on this drama

  10. I’m going to give Hyun Joong a chance before commenting about his acting since he kind of okay in Gummy’s MV. I don’t know anything about the leading lady since I’m not a Kdrama person, but I think it’s better her than the underage Sulli. [no offense f(x) fans]. I hope they’ll reach the level of the Taiwanese ISWAK since I love that version. Good luck to them.

  11. i really like her in bad boy=) looking foward to this! =) loved ariel in the taiwanese one too!

  12. i am quite happy with the female lead choice, and i will give KHJ a chance before i judge. now i am curious who’s going to play the crazy guy who crushes on Oh HaNi -oh honey- luv the name

  13. Good lord, any film with HJ in it is bad.

  14. I wonder how much they’re going to change. I liked how the Japanese female lead was portrayed.

  15. Sigh. Another one of my favorite dramas is being remade. BOF was awful in comparison to Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango, so I don’t expect this remake will be any better. Still curious to see how it turns out.

  16. Currently not extremely interested in the title since like every drama critique out there -I question if HJ improved , it’s terrible to see that his fans will smack every1 whop thinks like me.

    ….But I’ll pass my judgement in the teasers.

  17. Aaaaaaah MoNe from Bad Guy. I love her 😀
    So I’m just gonna watch it for her hahaha

  18. I love this election, she is perfect
    Kim Hyun Joong is perfect for the role, he and Jung So Min make a good couple

  19. i like her! shes really cute in BAD GUY

    khj… his acting is so stiff in bof. i really hope he improved.

  20. I’m sorry, but I just cannot watch hyunjoong. BoF was a struggle to watch itself, and I can’t take his blank expressionless ‘acting.’ Nice one, producers. You just ruined one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas.

    • Oh come on!!
      shut up
      Not even started filming, please give them represents an opportunity

    • you should give Hyun Joong a chance…
      I hated his acting in BoF too but take a second and realize that it was filmed over a year ago…
      There’s a reason Hyun Joong signed with Key East and thats because he wants to take acting seriously. lets give him a chance to redeem himself before bashing him.

    • did you read the manga? do you have any idea on what hyun joongs personality is? if your answer is “yes” to both then you will agree that this role is HIM. he doesnt need to act here…he has the same personality as the character he’ll be playing.

    • his character was suppose to be dullish, but i agree it was a struggle to watch b/c of his acting. But it was his first drama and I’m sure he improved.

  21. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, nurul rahmani eliana, Stephanie Pérez, Eliana Orozco, mai彡rss and others. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin confirmed as final main cast for ‘Playful Kiss’ http://bit.ly/9wykel […]

  22. Who’s Jung Somin? Sorry I’m not that much of a Kdrama addict :\

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